Brandon Ogden and also a fan from Japan in ~ the 2017 small League World series in Williamsport, Pa. Groups from Japan and also other nations outside the the United says won’t have the ability to participate in this year’s little League people Series.

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Lufkin and North Carolina acquire ready because that the United claims Championship in front of 26,593 pan at the 2017 little League World series in Williamsport, Pa.


Fans indigenous Mexico get ready because that a video game in the 2017 tiny League human being Series. Teams from Mexico and other nations outside the the United says won’t have the ability to participate in this year’s little League civilization Series.

Sporting occasions of every kinds were either canceled or changed in 2020.

The little League World collection fell into the canceled category.

Thankfully, the tiny League World series is returning this year, albeit in a different format than usual.

The small League world Series, played in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is among my favorite occasions each year, and also I was fortunate to be able to attend the in human in 2017 when Lufkin winner the United says Championship and progressed to the World collection final versus Japan.

Speaking that Japan, watching them, Mexico, Chinese Taipei, Canada, Australia, Curacao and also the other international teams is part of what renders the tiny League World series so great.

However, because of COVID-19, while the event can return this season, there will certainly be no worldwide participation. All 16 teams will come native the united States, so 2 teams room representing each region this year come fill out the bracket.

Though it will certainly be different, it will still be an excellent to watch this 16 teams throughout the next 11 days, starting Thursday.

I’ve watched every 16 groups play in their regional tournaments, some more than others, and there room some great teams and good players.

Abilene Wylie (Texas) and also Lafayette (Louisiana) are the to represent from the Southwest.

Needville, which won the Texas east title on July 21 in Tyler, would have had actually a shot come be one of the two representatives for the Southwest, yet was eliminated from the local tournament as result of COVID-19 protocols complying with a 13-0 victory over Arkansas in its opened game.

Louisiana was exceptional in the Southwest local behind six-footer Isaac Boudreaux. Louisiana’s very first game comes versus South Dakota, which is led through ace pitcher Gavin Weir, who struck the end 17 batters in a no-hitter in the Midwest regional.

Texas battled ago from an early loss to Louisiana to earn a spot in the little League world Series. Dylan Regala is the team’s optimal player. Ella Bruning is a good catcher, and also she likewise pitches some. Texas will open against Washington.

A familiar name to tiny League World collection fans is Toms River, brand-new Jersey. And also one name connected with Toms flow is MLB veteran Todd Frazier, who played for Toms river in the 1998 small League people Series. Toms flow is back, and there’s one more Frazier, Todd’s nephew, Carson. Carson is the kid of Charlie, that pitched come Todd as soon as he won the 2015 home Run Derby.

New Jersey will certainly open against Nebraska, which provided a diving catch in the bottom the the 6th inning to earn its clues in the small League human being Series.

Hawaii teams have a background of doing well in Williamsport. This year Hawaii team has Tyler Shindo, one ambidextrous pitcher. However, because of a front commitment, Shindo will not be play in the tiny League world Series, as was report by Honolulu TV terminal KHON. Hawaii will confront Connecticut in the opening round.

Tennessee, led by Nolan Brown, will open versus Ohio.

New Hampshire, which has actually the power-hitting twin duo of Tristan and also Calen Lucier, will take ~ above California — led by give Hays and Gibson Turner.

Pennsylvania and also stars Jalen Bowman and Tommy Sergio will meet Oregon and Chase Kelly, who taught self to pitch left-handed by watching videos of former University of southern Carolina star Michael Roth.

Another first-round matchup is Michigan vs. Florida, which sounds favor a new Year’s Day college football key game, however should also make for a good Little league baseball game.

An amazing take ~ above this year’s event is the there will be two brackets named after Hank Aaron and Tom Seaver.

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So if you require something come do during the next week-plus, rotate on the TV and watch this youngsters play part baseball.