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In Season 8 the “Little residence on the Prairie,” which ran native 1981 to 1982, we acquire to relive few of the most endearing moments and check out some far-ranging changes in the small town the Walnut Grove. Adam and Mary leave for new York wherein Adam intends to exercise law, Percival and Nellie go for brand-new York to take end his father’s business, Willie starts cultivation up and an altering his ways, and also Almanzo sick a punch and almost becomes permanently disabled. Season 8 is the last season with the emphasis on Charles and Caroline Ingalls and also their family’s life.


For the an initial time due to the fact that their initial TV broadcast, all twenty-two Season 8 episodes space presented complete and uncut and newly restored and remastered for optimal picture and sound quality! In this Season 8 episode guide, you will do it relive all of the heartwarming adventures and also learn some brand-new facts along the way. Several of our favorite facts and tidbits come from Alison Arngrim’s autobiography and Melissa Gilbert’s memoir. Listed below is a complete index with links to the Season 8 episodes:

Season 8, episode 1 – The Reincarnation the Nellie Pt. 1

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Description:Percival takes over the family business when his dad dies, which means that he and Nellie will remain in new York permanently.

Fun Fact!This is the first and only episode in i m sorry Harriet acknowledges out loud that her daughter Nellie had actually been mean, spoiled, and also conniving together a child.

Did girlfriend know?In Harriet and Nancy’s first scene together, as soon as Harriet is baby talking to her and also saying, “I’m your brand-new mommy!” the angry child punches her best in the nose. If friend watch and listen carefully, you can tell that the punching sound is heard a split second before Nancy’s fist touches Harriet’s nose.

More Trivia!In the scene where Nancy and Cassandra room at the water pump behind the school, notice how uneven Cassandra’s braids are. One is considerably thicker 보다 the other. Then, in her next scene v the household at dinner, her braids space normal again.

Season 8, illustration 2 – The Reincarnation the Nellie Pt. 2

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Description:Nels and also Harriet’s newly adopted daughter Nancy settles in quickly at her brand-new home. Harriet delights in spoiling her, yet the kid is a diabolical monster that creates major trouble anywhere she goes.

Fun Fact!This is the 2nd time the an Oleson daughter it s okay doused in a dunk tank. In Season 4’s “Meet Me at the Fair,” Nellie has actually her turn getting soaked in one of those tanks. Also, in both cases, Laura is responsible for setting the totality thing up there is no Nellie or Nancy’s knowledge.

Did friend know?After tending come Belinda, Doc Baker tells she parents the she’s awake, but she has difficulty talking. However when she parents walk in to view her, Belinda talks simply fine and also even manages to tell castle the entire story around how she happened locked in the ice house.

More Trivia!Nancy sings embarrassingly off-key in front of the mirror in one scene. Ironically, Allison Balson (Nancy) go on to be an accomplished musician, therefore this scene does no reflect her genuine singing voice.

Season 8, episode 3 – Growin’ Pains

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Description:After adopting two an ext children, Charles and also Caroline must readjust to managing five young children. The family members tension mounts once James operation away after getting into an debate with Albert.

Fun Fact!The abandoned home that Albert and also James uncover in the storm is the same house that Laura and also Almanzo later on own in Season 9. The very same sets were supplied for both instances.

Did you know?Charles makes an inconsistent comment to Albert as soon as he expresses resentment towards James: “I’m sure glad Laura and Carrie didn’t feel that method when you very first came to live through us.” However, in Season 5’s “Fagin,” Laura becomes jealous of the fist Albert receives native Charles, and it even prompts Albert to run away.

More Trivia!In Season 7’s “The lost Ones, part 2”, James shares the his organic father had taught him not to steal. Yet, James seems to resort to stealing when desperate or terrified of punishment. He plans to take Tompkins’ money before running away through Cassandra (but go not obtain the opportunity). In this episode, the steals a razor from the mercantile to cover up breaking Albert’s razor after making use of it there is no permission.

Season 8, illustration 4 – Dark Sage

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Description:When Doc Baker’s workload i do not care too much for one person, kinds are created an African-American doctor and also his mam to sign up with the community.

Fun Fact!The an initial names that Dr. Ledoux and his wife space Caleb and Mattie. These space the exact same very first names the the married pair that Johnny Cash and also June Carter Cash pat in the Season 3 opener, “The Collection.”

Did girlfriend know?If you clock closely, in ~ one point, you will notification that Doc Baker picks up his phone to speak, and yet the base is not wired to the wall. The just wire is in between the base and the earpiece.

More Trivia!In this episode, before meeting Dr. And Mrs. Ledoux, Harriet Oleson ignorantly assumes the they room French. You’d think she would have actually learned she lesson in Season 5’s “Blind Journey” as soon as she failure Hester-Sue Terhune.

Season 8, illustration 5 – A Wiser Heart

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Description:At the invitation of Eliza Jane. Laura attends a creating seminar in Arizona, yet the endure is marred by a crude professor who cuts her under at every turn.

Fun Fact!When Eliza jane asks Laura if she believes in love at an initial sight, Laura hesitates prior to saying, “I suppose.” In Season 6’s “Back come School”, she takes one look in ~ Almanzo and also immediately to know she will certainly marry him one day.

Did you know?This illustration marks the very first of Laura’s somewhat strained relationship with her brand-new sister-in-law, Eliza Jane, that is clearly bitter end her own unhappy life and is eager for control. This attitude is revealed below for the very first time (remember the Eliza woman is quiet and also self-sacrificing in Season 7’s “Laura Ingalls Wilder”), and also she only gets worse in Season 8’s “Days of Sunshine, work of Shadow“.

More Trivia!When Laura pushes Mrs. Pierce, she floor in a pail of water, and also her hair stays dry. Two shots later we check out Mrs. Pierce still sit in the bucket, only now her hair is soaked. Because she landed on her behind, she hair must not have obtained wet, and there to be no time because that anyone to have poured water over her head, realistically.

Season 8, episode 6 – Gambini the Great

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Description:Aging circus daredevil Gambini the an excellent has a hypnotic result on the children of Walnut Grove, specifically Albert and also Willie. A tragedy during one the Gambini’s stunts will carry out a chilling class in hero worship.

Fun Fact!When Gambini escapes from gift tied increase in the creek and is underwater because that over a minute, he finally breaks the surface and also walks as much as the praise of the on-lookers. Friend might an alert that he isn’t breath hard, no one does he appear overexerted in any type of way.

Did you know?Actress Martha Nix plays a sweet, quiet brand-new student called Amy in this episode. Amy is never ever seen again, however Nix additionally appears together a girl name Holly 3 years earlier in Season 5’s “The Sound of Children”. Ironically, in that Season 5 episode, Nix’s character was a little girl who had actually a huge crush top top the older Albert who is not interested. Now in this episode, that is Albert who really likes her, however though she is nice come him, she is no lovestruck.

More Trivia!Stephen Manley, who portrays Marco here, went on to play a teenaged Mr. Spock in the movie “Star Trek III: The find for Spock”.

Season 8, episode 7 – The Legend of black Jake

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Description:A pair the bumbling crooks kidnaps Nels and also holds him for ransom. However, Mrs. Oleson refuses to salary the $100 ransom required to complimentary her husband, so Nels decides to occupational with the crooks to get his revenge. In the process, practically everyone in Walnut Grove find themselves ~ above the wrong side of the criminals.

Fun Fact!Harriet has a document of four fainting spells in this episode, and Nancy has actually one, her first and only one, in the whole series.

Did you know?When Charles puts a lock top top the door, Caroline claims they never had actually to do that before. In Season 1’s “Harvest that Friends”, however, Charles gives Caroline a crucial to their front door, and she specifically mentions the feeling of protection that it gives her.

More Trivia!This is certain the very first and just episode whereby we hear anybody refer to Nancy as “darling” (except her parents, the course, mostly her mother). Charles calls her “darling” once she is fearful around her parents’ lives. Friend will an alert that Nancy is arguably an ext scared and also empathetic 보다 she’s ever remained in the series.

Season 8, episode 8 – Chicago

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Description:Charles travels to Chicago to comfort a deep grieving Mr. Edwards, whose child John Jr. Had passed away in a catastrophic accident. But that grief shortly gives way to rage when it becomes apparent John Jr.’s death was no accident.

Fun Fact!When Callahan take away the ledger from the pawn broker’s he put it under his arm. Outside, it is quiet there together he chats come Charles and also Mr. Edwards. All the rain in the at an early stage 1880’s and also no plastic cover because that the book! Wouldn’t one investigative journalist v such crucial records, at least put that under his rainproof coat?

Did girlfriend know?Charles tells Laura that he will certainly take her and also John Jr. Fishing and that he will surely end up being jealous due to the fact that she will capture the bigger fish. However, Laura greatly spends time v Carl and also it is clean from Season 2’s “His Father’s Son”, that john Jr. Go not prefer to injury animals. John likewise prefers safety time through Mary.

Season 8, illustration 9 – for the Love that Nancy

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Description:A young, overweight boy named Elmer miles is mercilessly teased in ~ school. However, Nancy – the all world – goes basic on him because she actually appears to choose him. Of course, she has plenty the ulterior motives up her sleeve as soon as she benefit Elmer’s trust.

Fun Fact!In the emotional scene where Elmer reads his essay, announces his withdrawal from school and also runs the end of the classroom, Laura doesn’t budge from she desk. ~ hearing something favor that indigenous a student, a teacher should have at least called out to him or operation after him.

Did girlfriend know?Nels Oleson is commonly the voice of reason throughout the series, particularly in comparison to his wife. In this episode, however, once Elmer is over because that dinner at the Olesons, Nels permits Willie and Nancy come laugh in ~ Elmer’s voracious eat stunt and doesn’t tell them to stop. It’s as if Nels doesn’t know what to say, whereas in various other episodes once Harriet is away, Nel normally jumps at the opportunity to technique his children.

More Trivia!In the step after Elmer quits school, the is having actually dinner through his family. Over there is a shoot of their residence from the outside, and also it’s clear the the sunlight is almost completely down. However, in the following scene, as soon as Elmer and also his father are outside and the school children come to talk to Elmer, the is full daylight. These two scenes were obviously filmed at very different times.

Season 8, illustration 10 – wave of the Future

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Description:Mrs. Oleson decides that reopening Nellie’s Restaurant and Hotel as a franchised restaurant will an outcome in large profits for the fledgling business.

Fun Fact!In this episode, Charles strategically makes his dinners taste horrible so the children will complain and also he can force them to cook the next night, but the arrangement backfires. This isn’t the an initial time Charles tries to outsmart his children and ends up v the hoax on himself. This likewise happened in Season 5’s “Men will Be Boys”.

Did friend know?It is unlikely the the human being of a Midwestern town in the 1880’s would have tolerated a restaurant operating on Sundays. Additionally, it is unlikely that either Caroline or Hester-Sue would have actually consented to job-related on Sundays. In fact, during “Back come School, part 1”, Caroline refuses to cook even one meal on Sunday together a donate to Harriet.

More Trivia!After the first day of organization at the much faster pace the ‘Mrs. Sullivans’, Caroline and Hester-Sue leave. The Olesons then calculation they have made virtually $25 the day. In the next scene, Caroline speak Charles around the $25, yet how would certainly she know? it was only totaled ~ she had left.

Season 8, episode 11 – A Christmas They never Forgot

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Description:An unrelenting blizzard ~ above Christmas Eve pipeline friends and family snowbound in ~ the Ingalls homestead. Caroline, Laura, and also Hester Sue re-publishing memories of Christmases past.

Fun Fact!The star on peak of the Christmas tree in ~ the Ingalls’ home is no the star that little Carrie buys in ~ the mercantile in Season 1’s “Christmas in ~ Plum Creek”, back Carrie stares in ~ it through wonder in the exact same way.

Did you know?Almanzo’s story revolves roughly his belief in Santa Claus at the period of six. In 1863, Santa to be still referred to as Saint Nicholas. The surname “Santa Claus” emerged in the next decade.

More Trivia!This is the very first Christmas episode in i beg your pardon the entire Ingalls family members isn’t together in the final scene. The critical scene belongs to Charles and Caroline alone.

Season 8, episode 12 – No Beast for this reason Fierce

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Description:A timid young boy named Gideon with a stuttering problem arrives at Walnut Grove’s school and is ridiculed by the various other children. James get out and befriends him, but their budding friendship stands to be ruined when James provides a foolish mistake best in former of Gideon.

Fun Fact!In ahead episodes, a trip to Sleepy Eye by wagon was about a day’s journey, and also three days come Mankato. Now, Charles and also James it seems to be ~ to acquire to and from Minneapolis – almost double the street to Mankato – with simply one overnight prevent each way.

Did friend know?Gideon has actually been missing for days, yet when Caroline finds him, his apparel are spotless and also his hair is neatly combed. It is tough to think that a child would remain that clean for that lengthy while sleeping in the woods.

More Trivia!Do you acknowledge the young Peter Billingsley, who went on come fame through his lead function in “A Christmas Story”, one of the most commemorated holiday movies of every time?

Season 8, episode 13 – stone Soup

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Description:An expecting Laura has actually a tough time caring for the Wilder farm once Almanzo and also Charles space away top top a expedition to Arizona. Laura has actually a heart-to-heart talk with Willie around responsibility and also being a role model.

Fun Fact!After Charles and Almanzo leave for Arizona, Caroline tells Laura, “Well, at the very least Charles and also Almanzo don’t have to put up with this heat”, however why would certainly Caroline expect it to it is in cooler in Arizona 보다 in Minnesota?

Did friend know?When Willie approaches Laura’s desk to speak v her about history (after the other youngsters have left the classroom), he shows up to it is in dripping v sweat. The camera cut to Laura because that a moment, climate switches ago to Willie, whose skin is suddenly completely dry.

More Trivia!Charles tells Almanzo the they will certainly be make their distribution to northern Arizona. Arizona didn’t come to be a state until 1912. The real-life Laura Ingalls was 45 year old by the time.

Season 8, illustration 14 – The Legacy

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Description:A present-day pair buys an antique table v a large “I” branded on it and also are curious come learn about its origins. The story concentrates on Charles’ initiatives to patent the table and have it mass-produced.

Fun Fact!Claude Earl Jones, that plays Jack Prescott in this episode, appears again in Season 9’s “Home Again, part One” as a compassionate store owner who drops shoplifting charges against Albert in Burr Oak, Iowa.

Did you know?This illustration is distinct to the collection in the it opens up up in a futuristic time (1982) and shows a couple bidding ~ above a furniture item that bears the initials “CI.”

More Trivia!Why would Caroline should hire a farmhand if Charles is away once her son Albert is nearing young adulthood and also pre-teen James is living at home? even Mary knew how to plow a field at age 14, together she demonstrates in Season 4’s “To Run and Hide”.

Season 8, illustration 15 – Uncle Jed

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Description:Charles and also Caroline are around to embrace James and also Cassandra, but their Uncle Jed come forward demanding custody the the Cooper children.

Fun Fact!Early in the episode, Jed talks about how he struck that rich, panning for gold. Ironically, the exact same actor showed up as a character named Zachariah in Season 3’s “Gold Country”, wherein he was living ~ above a bed the gold and hated the method money readjusted people.

Did you know?Audiences might be surprised just how well-written young Cassandra’s essay is. Because that an 8-year-old, her composing is well past her years, much better than many older students space able to produce.

More Trivia!In this episode, Cassandra (Melissa Francis) i do not care the only Ingalls boy (other 보다 Mary) to success a prestigious compensation at institution in Walnut Grove.

Season 8, episode 16 – second Chance

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Description:Hester Sue’s ex-husband, Sam, come in Walnut Grove, stating that he is reformed indigenous his days of drinking, gambling and also wild living. Sam appears to it is in reformed and also Hester Sue to trust him enough to agree to re-marry him.

(Not so) funny Fact!It is very unlikely that Hester Sue, a black color female, might have purchase land and also concluded the transaction therefore quickly. Complying with the civil War, 19 the 24 northern states still did not permit black civilization to vote, and women to be generally taken into consideration the residential property of their husbands.

Did you know?Up till the very last scene, there are absolutely no youngsters who appear in the episode. They appear briefly in ~ the end with no speaking lines, yet that’s it. The exact same goes because that Laura and Almanzo.

More Trivia!It is really out of character for Harriet Oleson come grab Sam (a black man) through the hand in excitement after the job-related he does for her, then insist he eat at the restaurant for half price a pair weeks in a row. Based on her background of stinginess and racist behavior, she seems out of character in this episode.

Season 8, episode 17 – job of Sunshine, job of shadow Pt. 1

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Description:The marriage in between Almanzo and Laura encounters its very first test as soon as he drops seriously ill with diphtheria and also later ill a crippling stroke. Eliza Jane arrives to aid care for she brother however makes matters worse through babying him.

Fun Fact!In this episode (as well together “A Wiser Heart”, i m sorry aired previously in season 8), the audience really gets to see an ext of the form of connection that Laura and also Eliza Jane had actually in real life. Top top the TV series, the 2 of them were close for the most part, yet in episodes like this, Eliza jane is rude, disrespectful, and also not always kind come Laura, i beg your pardon is just how Laura shown her in genuine life.

Did girlfriend know?Laura offers birth in this episode after announcing her pregnant in the previous season. She is the just character top top the display who ever has a baby and also goes v the yes, really nine-month pregnant on the show. Through Charles Jr. And also Grace Ingalls, and Laura’s 2nd child baby Wilder, lock were all born in one episode, and Mary’s 2 pregnancies took their full course within just a couple of episodes.

More Trivia!This episode marks the first time that we view Charles Ingalls hold one of his grandchildren–Rose, that is his third grandchild. Mental that mary miscarries her first son and her 2nd infant kid is killed in a fire throughout Season 6, and we never ever see Charles in reality hold and enjoy him.

Season 8, illustration 18 – work of Sunshine, days of zero Pt. 2

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Description:The arrival of her first child must be a beautiful time because that Laura, however it is tainted by Almanzo’s increasingly bitter attitude, and also the opportunity that Laura and Almanzo can lose their home. Disappointed meets v anger as Laura feels the her marital relationship is slipping away.

Fun Fact!According to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s posthumously-published book, The first Four Years, the last installment in her 9-book series, that was actually a fire that damaged her and also Almanzo’s home. Also, the distinct “Give us now our daily bread” plate yes, really did exist, and also it was among the few things that survived the fire. In fact it did no belong to Caroline; the plate to be purchased by Laura and Almanzo come commemorate their first Christmas together. After their daughter rose Wilder Lane died in 1968, the plate to be discovered among her possessions and placed in the Laura Ingalls Wilder house Association in Mansfield, Missouri, whereby it continues to be today for tourists to see.

Did you know?Did friend notice, ~ Laura angrily smashes the distinct plate come pieces, Caroline magically presents it to her later, and it look at as great as new.

More Trivia!At the finish of this episode, Lucy Lee Flippin (Eliza Jane) flubs her lines briefly once she says, “I’ve forgotten how much ns missed being far from every one of you.” offered the tone of the scene, this is clearly incorrect!

Season 8, episode 19 – A Promise come Keep

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Description:Mr. Edwards return to Walnut Grove harboring some disturbing secrets, namely that his marital relationship was ruined due to the fact that of his alcoholism. His i can not qualify to stay off the bottle almost destroys his cherished friendship through Charles when he reasons an accident that practically kills Albert.

Fun Fact!Corinne Camacho appeared in two small House episodes: this one, and also Season 4’s “My Ellen”. Ironically, in both shows, she bakes a cacao birthday cake through white candles, is grieving the fatality of a child, and also has a strained partnership with she husband.

Did you know?The first few scenes the the episode, which space filmed v Grace, Isaiah, Carl, and also Alicia in their house, provides the exact same home sets used for Laura and Almanzo’s residence (before that was ruined by the tornado a couple episodes earlier). If friend look closely, they room all sit at the table and eating cake in what would certainly be Almanzo’s parlor.

More Trivia!This is the second time one Ingalls family member asks Mr. Edwards to it is in the godfather to your baby. Charles and also Caroline asks him to perform the honors v their newborn son in Season 1’s “The mr is mine Shepherd”, and also Laura requests that he be that special human to baby climbed in this episode.

Season 8, illustration 20 – A Faraway Cry

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Description:A longtime friend of Caroline writes come her and asks because that help. Her friend is pregnant and lives in ~ a gold prospector’s camp whereby there is break out of influenza.

Fun Fact!The blood pressure machine that Doc Baker offers in the Camp Hospital was not designed until the 1920’s.

Did girlfriend know?This episode is the only mention of Dr. Ledoux (though that is no seen) due to the fact that the illustration of his introduction.

More Trivia!Did you notice that due to the fact that this story takes place greatly away from Walnut Grove and also involves a medical story, the just towns person in the opening credits is Doc Baker.

Season 8, illustration 21 – the Was only Twelve Pt. 1

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Description:Tragedy strikes once James, who is traveling v Charles, Albert and Mr. Edwards to Sleepy Eye, is shot during a brutal bank robbery. When James slips into a coma, Charles goes through Mr. Edwards and also Albert to track under the criminals and also bring them to justice.

Fun Fact!The first part of this two-part story is a re-write of the 1972 “Bonanza” episode, “He Was just Seven”.

Did you know?When Charles is recruiting human being in Sleepy Eye to assist him hunt down the criminals, why doesn’t he seek out Jonathan Garvey? It’s possible that Jonathan has actually left Sleepy Eye in between his critical appearance and this episode, yet nothing around it is ever before mentioned.

More Trivia!Hal blacksmith is best known together Otis Campbell, the town drunk, top top “The Andy Griffith Show” that ran native 1960-1968.

Season 8, episode 22 – he Was just Twelve Pt. 2

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Description:As James lies in a coma in ~ the Ingalls’ house, Charles boosts the distress of his family members by his refusal to expropriate the child’s brewing death. Angry that nobody – not even Doc Baker – offers any type of hope because that James’ recovery, Charles bring away his kid away come the mountains, whereby he build a temple and also prays fiercely for a miracle.

Fun Fact!Charles’ personality goes under a road that we have not watched in vault episodes, at least not in this way. Though devout, Charles likewise knows as soon as to expropriate reality and understand that not every little thing can it is in made far better simply with prayer. In this episode, however, Charles detaches self from every reality and also clings solely to his faith, depending wholly and completely on a wonder to save his son.

Did friend know?This illustration marks the last appearance the Bandit the dog. He is watched for a few seconds external the tiny house throughout Cassandra’s final scene.

More Trivia!Notice the the past 4 season finales the the collection have associated characters dying or being close to death. There to be leukemia-stricken young Dylan in Season 5’s “The Odyssey”; diphtheria-stricken Almanzo in Season 6’s “He Loves Me, the Loves Me Not, component 2”; the wagon accident that eliminated James and also Cassandra’s parental in Season 7’s “The shed Ones”; and also now James is near fatality from a gunshot wound in this episode.

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