During the period of isolationism, why were the Chinese effective in imposing new rules governing trade through foreigners?

Chinese items were in high demand.

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What ultimately caused the Ming dynasty to collapse?

Manchu tribesmen and government protesters rebelled against the dynasty.

What occurred after the please of the Ming dynasty?

The Manchus take it over and created a brand-new dynasty referred to as the Qing.

What go it typical when the netherlands "kowtowed" come the Chinese emperor or his representatives?

It expected that the Dutch recognized the superiority that the Chinese emperor.

After granting trading rights to the Dutch, China permitted them to

set increase trading articles at harbor in China.

Under Hongwu, what device of federal government was reintroduced?


When to be the Ming dynasty established?

the 1300s CE

Europeans were encouraged to trade with China because

they to be interested in the high-quality finished goods China produced.

Whose expeditions contributed to the accomplishments of the Ming dynasty?

Zheng He’s

Hongwu adhered to the teachings that Confucius by helping the economic climate grow and

by making sure that everyone could earn a living.

What to be Zheng He’s most vital accomplishment?

Zheng He spread Chinese ideas and also brought riches to China indigenous his travels.

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To keep order amongst the Chinese people, Hongwu created

a considerable code that laws.

Limiting call with foreigners was the key goal the Chinese


In chronological order, which determinants led come the Ming dynasty’s decline?

ineffective emperors, famine, declining trade, financial problems

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