I personally yes, really really carry out not favor her. That arrays from architecture to getting between the ship I prefer to just her in general. I recognize it has actually been a while due to the fact that I watched the very first 2 seasons however I feel choose she is versus everything I desire to occur like as an example right now Wiene gift there. I just like everyone else in the familia and most world outside of it an ext than her.

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So I simply wanted to know what most world think about her due to the fact that I am certain there are world who prefer her and also I want to recognize what about her civilization like. As an example I think she backstory is relatively nice. Oh and btw I'm anime only so you re welcome no spoilers

(I'm not certain weather come put conversation or inquiry as flair. Simply gonna placed discussion due to the fact that it's an subject purely around opinion)

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This is coming from an LN reader (don’t worry no spoilers), yet honestly Lili never really uncomfortable me or do me dislike she at all during the series. In fact aside indigenous a couple of antagonists, there hasn’t yes, really been a character ns really disliked. In terms of the anime only Hestia gave me part mild annoyances, and thankfully those grievances have been put to bed so much in season 3.

An vital thing to store in mental is that Lili isn’t being the devil’s support for the services of leading to drama in the series. She is pragmatic and calculating, and also is slow-moving to trust others as a an outcome of she backstory. She just says these points in order to look out for Bell and also the remainder of she Familia as she is by much the most experienced in exactly how adventurers and the world of Orario think. Bell is conveniently manipulated and also without her he would have actually been swindled and also deceived multiple times throughout the series. It’s likewise downplayed in the anime yet in the novels she is likewise responsible for the Familia’s finances and keeps Hestia in examine whenever she action crazy.

In regards come her gaining in the means of Bell’s ship, I only see her do that maybe a couple of times at most. Compared to Hestia who in the previous 2 seasons and also up to Volume 8 has actually been harassing Bell whenever that comes across any girl, Lily is a saint through comparison.

Also in regards to Wiene, look in ~ it from she perspective: monsters are humanity’s mortal enemy and also for the an initial time in history one is sentient and is able come talk. In spite of Wiene being a child, any kind of other adventurer would have actually reacted to Wiene’s appearance with distrust and also malice. Don’t forget the both her, Welf, and Mikoto were additionally highly reluctant to take in Wiene in ~ the beginning.

Furthermore Lili is more than mindful of the results of what would take place if information about Wiene obtained leaked. All other adventurers hate monsters, and there’s no way the Guild would offer Hestia a totally free pass if it was found out they harbored a monster, sentient or not. Hestia Familia would be ruined, possibly blacklisted, arrested, or worst instance exiled favor Apollo. Lili to know this and also is merely stating facts. Hestia Familia can’t save hiding Wiene in their mansion forever.

Remember, Lili never ever once considered killing Wiene and also only suggested to take it her outside of Orario wherein she is solid enough come hide indigenous people means weaker 보다 the adventurers in Orario and also the monsters exterior the Dungeon. Together of illustration 2 this is the only option they have. Also, once Wiene got caught and had human being pelting her with rocks, who was the one who got to her an initial and obtained her the end of there, evading lot of adventurers and also suggesting the hiding spot? Lili did.

IMO there’s to be a lot of unjust hate for Lili as soon as this season started. All Lili is law is simply being pragmatic around the situation Hestia Familia is in and is stating the obvious consequences if something went wrong. Of course Lili can never have actually predicted that Wiene would certainly overhear her and also run out, yet it’s highly likely that Wiene would have actually been captured anyway. Who would look at after Wiene in the house when everyone is in the Dungeon and Hestia working at Hephaestos’s shop? we don’t also know at this point if other gods would even aid the Hestia Familia.

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And let’s be real, any kind of other probe would have actually acted the same method Lili did, or many likely simply kill Wiene if they saw her, regardless of innocence or sentience.

I won’t spoil anything yet Lili has had actually a difficult life and also it shows in her actions. She does go through some significant character growth after that but now she’s just trying come look out for Bell and also the Familia