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RemixWe loss asleep naked; us wake increase nakedYou know what the mean, pussy for breakfastAnd ns know exactly how she favor it, I\"m a psychicI eat the then ns go back to sleep, that\"s the itisAnd she it is in by it s her she a lonerTrukfit – I\"m the ownerI make her moan contact her MonaI have a threesome if they cloned herAnd me I\"m purple kush foreverI\"m violet drink foreverA penis make her feeling retarded, she say i make her feel specialWhen i ain\"t thinking \"bout them other hoesEver because you put that pussy on meI said her placed that pussy ~ above me rightAnd I\"mma change your lifeAnd don\"t sit on top of this prick if you fear of heightsAnd shawty be like...This pussy because that you, i ask she is that true and she say prefer a horseshoeShe gained that nigga name covered, that\"s a war-woundShe put me ~ above my earlier and journey this prick like VroomThen I revolve on the lights, yeah and also look in she eyesGirl that pussy too tight, you need a pussy massageShe got a body prefer a mermaid, she a plus first-aidThey asked me what\"s she race and also I say an initial placeTunechiTell her i skateAnd shawty down the earth, however bitch I require my spaceAnd she gon\" journey this dick, I had a lengthy dayShe speak c** anyway you want, I give a Santa Claus faceWe gon\" rotate up tonight, that pussy feeling newBut we been fucking method before I checked out Rikers IslandNow she gained a man I think that gayer than a stylistI wish we were both single like a pair dollarsAnd when we obtain together she it is in on that Miley CyrusSo us eat each other up, prefer some SomaliansShe understand I got a girl however she save this shit a thousandWhenever we with each other she don\"t ever before ask about usShe just be prefer – this pussy for youI claimed come and also eat this bone, and stop eating dog foodAnd she got that nigga name covered that\"s a battle woundAnd she place me top top my ago and climate she punch me like boomThen I turn on the lights, yeah climate look in she eyesGirl the pussy as well tight, you need a pussy massageShe got a body prefer a mermaid, she a to add first-aidI put her in she place and also that\"s an initial placeTunechiTell her i skateI ain\"t got no worriesNo Frank ocean I\"m straightTunechiTell em\" I\"m straightTunechi