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Uh huhMarioAnd Young Weezy infant (Oh)So you know that only means one thingThis the remix baby-Lil" WayneSo i met this shawty the various other dayI obtained her numba referred to as her upLike what girlfriend doin" she to speak nothinI to speak what"s goodShe say no muchI to speak guess whatShe say what"s upI say i think we have to hook upShe speak uhI speak whatShe say butI say but why you stuckShe say fuckI speak whoShe say no youI stated then whoShe speak you knowI understand whatYou understand whoI claimed I doShe claimed you doI claimed I do but I really don"tBecause it"s girlfriend that ns really wantAnd we can do what you yes, really wantGirl we grown and if that ain"t gon treat girlfriend rightThen i ain"t gon treat you wrongThat"s mine wordAnd she done heard so plenty of liesShe don"t what"s true or notShawty prefer a sink serversI make an oath she been through a lotBut I placed her car in parkAnd never ever let she cry aloneI hear to she heart beatBecause it plays my favourite song(Chrous)I can hear your heart crying out for me (crying the end for me)I deserve to hear her heart crying out for me(And it keeps on saying) which in, which in which in and save me(And that keeps ~ above saying) come on in, which in come on in and save me(I deserve to baby) I deserve to hear your heart crying out for me-MarioBaby, ns should"ve never captured no feelingsBut baby having actually late night conversion on your sofaYou informing me exactly how he played you out over and over, over and overBut I"m grounding in the center of see you hurtI know when friend love himAnd girlfriend wanna make it workAnd ns can"t assist but think that i knew you firstIt"s obtaining louderGirl i can"t neglect it no more babyI don"t wanna confuse points (no)But I just can"t keep lying to myselfWhen you"re stop me (when you"re hold me)I deserve to feel your pain oh baby let me be your dreamI"m the answer come see me (see me)And you don"t need to cry no much more (you don"t need to cry)Girl I have the right to hear her heart babyI have the right to hear your heartGirl it"s cryingWon"t you listen to her heart, babyGirl I have the right to hear, hear it cry because that me, because that me, because that me, me, me, me(whoo)Ladies tide your hand in the airLadies wave your hand in the airOh oh babyIt"s crying because that meIt"s crying for me for me