I just spent 12 paragraphs bitching about the ending, i know. Yet you understand what? As much as ns was disappointed by the final episode of Life is Strange, the didn’t damage the in its entirety experience because that me. The last illustration can’t change all the good memories I have actually with Chloe, or the time I spent with my Blackwell friends. That can’t readjust the fun hours I invested coming up with theories as to what really happened to Rachel Amber. And also it can’t change how much I love Hawt Dog Man. God, execute I love Hawt Dog Man.

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Even as soon as I hated illustration 5, i cherished having actually the opportunity to suffer something prefer it. Couple of games have actually the guts come tackle several of the ingredient Life is Strange did. I’m so glad it exists. I want an ext games choose Life is Strange. But much more importantly: A game is much more than one ending.

Maybe this sound absurd to some of you—how might I permit a game gain away v so much? however y’all require to inspect yourselves. I’m not a part of the team who decided to kiss Warren at the end:


I chalked the “going ago to the first rewind” ordeal together the beginning of the game’s butterfly effect, therefore by no taking part in that you never started the “ripple”, so come speak.

I likewise felt the game banked tough on the player picking to conserve Arcadia Bay. The ending was more emotional, explanatory, and thought out. Where saving Chloe yes, really is nothing an ext than you explained—the finale that Fight society reenacted v Max and also Chloe before driving off with smiles on their face. A totality fucking town is DEAD and they nothing speak a single word prior to driving off.

I likewise might have actually missed the completely, yet they never describe why Max was offered this time bending power. A huge component of the game went unexplained.

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Still, ns thoroughly enjoyed the series and i was crushed through the save Arcadia ending. I just wish it to be a tiny more financially rewarding had ns gone the other means instead.