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"Kiss and Say Goodbye" is a 1976 hit track worldwide, by popular American R&B vocal group The Manhattans. It was written by team member Winfred Lovett, the base singer and also songwriter that the group, who intoned the famous spoken voice that the song"s intro. The track was taped for the album The Manhattans, released in 1976 through Columbia Records, and also was released together a single in in march of the very same year. "Kiss and also Say Goodbye" ended up being a worldwide success, appearing in the musical charts of countless countries, a peak 10 fight in numerous countries, consisting of No. 1 in the US, Belgium, Netherlands, new Zealand, and in Europe (European warm 100 Singles). V the exemption of Adult contemporary Chart, "Kiss and also Say Goodbye" to be ranked number 1 in united state on all Pop Singles Charts and also on every R&B Singles Charts. The tune was among the best hits that 1976 and also of the 1970s.more »

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This has obtained to it is in the saddest job of my lifeI dubbed you here today because that a little of poor newsI won´t have the ability to see you anymoreBecause of my obligations, and the ties the you haveWe´ve to be meeting here everydayAnd since this is our critical day togetherI desire to host you simply one more timeWhen you turn and walk away, don´t look backI desire to mental you similar to thisLets just kiss, and also say goodbyeI had actually to meet you here todayThere´s just so many things come sayPlease don´t prevent me ´til I´m throughThis is miscellaneous I hate to doWe´ve to be meeting right here so longI guess what we done, oh was wrongPlease darlin´, don´t you cryLet´s simply kiss and also say goodbye (Goodbye)Many months have actually passed us by(I´m gonna miss you)I´m gonna miss you, ns can´t lie(I´m gonna miss out on you)I´ve obtained ties, and also so execute youI simply think this is the thing to doMaybe you´ll meet, you´ll meet another guyUnderstand me, won´t you try, try, try, try, try, try, tryLet´s just kiss and say goodbye (Goodbye)I´m gonna miss you, i can´t lie, (I´m gonna miss you)Understand me, won´t you try, (I´m gonna miss out on you)It´s gonna pains me, i can´t lie, (I´m gonna miss out on you)Take my handkerchief, wipe your eyes, (I´m gonna miss you)Maybe you´ll find, you´ll find an additional guy, (I´m gonna miss you)Let´s kiss and also say goodbye, nice baby, (I´m gonna miss out on you)Please, don´t you cry, (I´m gonna miss you)Understand me, won´t you try, (I´m gonna miss you)Let´s simply kissAnd to speak goodbye

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The manhattans The Manhattans room an American well-known R&B vocal group, with a cable of hit records spanning four decades.

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Their ideal known million-selling songs gift "Kiss and also Say Goodbye" and also "Shining Star" in 1980 (not to be perplexed with "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind & Fire, which was a totally different song of 1976). Much more »