Kokiri forest / shed Woods

Return come the Kokiri Forest and then ago into the lost Woods. Use the map included below to help you navigate:


Take the first left to where the Skull Kid provided to hang out. The creepy man from Kakariko town is currently sitting up against the tree stump. You can now finish another component of the Biggoron’s knife side pursuit if you have been following along. Use the Blue Cucco, Cojiro, to wake up the guy up. The male will ask friend to deliver some “stuff” come the old hag in the medicine shop in Kakariko Village. Agree to take the “stuff” which ends up being an Odd Mushroom. Girlfriend now have actually a time border for acquisition the weird Mushroom to the old hag.

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This is a continual run because that the many part, yet you will have to make use of Epona the end in Hyrule Field. Girlfriend can also use the Magic p Plant to speedily do it to the bridge to departure the lost Woods / Kokiri Forest. Simply drop off of the Magic p Plant as soon as it hovers over the bridge.

Ride ago to Kakariko town and get in the medicine Shop (the northernmost residence on the appropriate side, follow me the method to the fatality Mountain Trail) and also go through the passageway leading the end back. Rise the steps and enter the red house to find another Potion Shop through the “old hag” inside.



Head back to the shed Woods to where the weird guy was sitting. Instead of the man you will uncover a small girl. She will tell you the he is now lost and also has become a Stalfos. Usage the Odd Potion close to her (or if targeting her) and she will tell you the he left his saw and also that you should give the medicine back to her. Agree to offer it come her and she will provide you v the Poacher’s Saw.


From the enntrance gate to the shed Woods, travel right, climate left, then right and then left and you will certainly come across Mido again, that is blocking the pathway as with he go previously. He will certainly not allow Link to pass. Pull the end the Ocarina that Time and also play Saria’s Song and also he will enable Link to pass.

Go v the passageway and also then take the very first left. This will cause the area whereby the two organization Scrubs to be located. They are gone now, yet if you planted a Magic bean in this area you deserve to now drive the Magic p sprout to the top ledge wherein you will discover a yellow Skulltula. Kill it and also take the token (number 53 of 100). The next location is the Sacred forest Meadow.

Sacred woodland Meadow

Leave the area and take a left, adhered to by one more left and also then a right. Her Stone of Agony need to be resulting in the Rumble Pak come rumble as soon as you get in the area. Ar a Bomb right close to the entryway to reveal a an enig cave. Autumn down into the cavern to discover two Wolfos in this room the you have to defeat. Wait because that them to attack for them to “drop their guard” later on allowing you come hit them there is no defending themselves. A sweetheart chest will show up that has a violet Rupee (worth 50 Rupees).

Exit back out come the Sacred woodland Meadow. Navi will certainly interrupt you as you to walk forward and explain that there are some small passages and also that you may need to sneak up on some adversaries using Z or together Targeting. The opponents that wander through these areas are referred to as Moblins. Girlfriend cannot defeat them. Instead you need to dodge approximately them by sneaking into their sight and also causing them to run previous you.

There is an different to trying to traverse the narrow corridors in this area. Near the front of the Sacred woodland Meadow (where the hole to the an enig cave to be located) friend may have noticed Navi fly as much as the top of among the ridges. Stand on the cave, pull the end your Ocarina the Time and play the Scarecrow’s track to do Pierre the Scarecrow appear. Usage the Hookshot to pull link up come the upper levels and also then walk throughout the communication to the various other side the the meadow.

Once you acquire to the other finish of the grassland (using either of the two methods), search the wall surface on the eastern side for a gold Skulltula. Usage your Hookshot to damage it and also obtain the token (number 54 the 100).


Travel increase the stairway till you with the hallway with an additional Moblin with a substantial club. This Moblin will certainly swing its society at you leading to ripples to fee forward in ~ you with the ground. You need to dodge the ripples by strafing from side to side together they go past. You can ruin this Moblin when you get past that by transforming around and attacking him through your

understand Sword.

Continue down the pathway until you with the area whereby you met up through Saria as young attach only to discover that she is no there. Sheik will certainly hop under from the treetops and will teach friend the Minuet that Forest. You can warp back to this area at any kind of time by play the Minuet of woodland on the Ocarina the Time. Sheik will certainly disappear ~ that.

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The following dungeon is located up through the stony doorway on the north wall. Use the Hookshot to hook onto the tree branch over the communication as presented in the screenshot below. Walk v the doorway to go into the forest Temple.