The Legend the Legacy is a brand-new game v a classic JRPG feel. The graphic format is comparable to Bravely Default, but a different fight system. The game gives girlfriend a quick overview the what come expect, then throws girlfriend into figure the remainder out on her own.

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Important explanations that formations, elementals, and more are left out. That\"s wherein I come in, to assist explain it all. I\"ll get you started with The Legend the Legacy through explaining crucial details that the video game does not.

This guide will go over the basics and general assist in The Legend of tradition including:

Starting Character and also Basics - What the difference between each character is, your base stats, and also basics top top the game.Combat and Formations - Details ~ above the battle system and how formations work.

Starting Character and also Basics

Each the the 7 characters have their very own base stats and story. You can recruit everyone so in the long run the doesn\"t matter who you start with. The character you select determines the story, so that is much better to focus on the personality you desire to check out the most. I\"ll give a little description that each and also list your base stats.

Meurs, Elementalist

Age: 27The last of his kind, able to speak to elementals. Classic, all-around protagonist.

Base Stats

HP - 60SP - 6Attack - 4Guard - 6Support - 10

Bianca, Girl with Amnesia

Age: UnknownOptimistic girl that awoke with no memories.

Base Stats

HP - 40SP - 4Attack - 4Guard - 8Support - 8

Liber, endowment Hunter

Age: 18Idealistic, energetic, and also chivalrous. Always in find of treasure.

Base Stats

HP - 50SP - 7Attack - 4Guard - 5Support - 13

Garnet, Templar

Age: 20Knight of the divine Order sho is loyal to the church. She holds strong to she beliefs.

Base Stats

HP - 80SP - 8Attack - 8Guard - 9Support - 4

Owen, Mercenary

Age: 36Well well-known for his combat skills. Will certainly take any type of job if the price is right.

Base Stats

HP - 90SP - 6Attack - 5Guard - 14Support - 04

Eloise, Alchemist

Age: 24Her type nature may simply be an action to aid her find the mystery of eternal youth.

Base Stats

HP - 70SP - 10Attack - 7Guard - 10Support - 5

Filmia, Frog Prince

Age: UnknownCheerful heir to a lost kingdom. Will certainly randomly burst into song.

Base Stats

HP - 70SP - 4Attack - 10Guard - 4Support - 7



When friend start, girlfriend won\"t be able to open the menu, change, equipment, or usage items till the tutorial. You get a map the the area and also maps are necessary for more than just finding your way around.

Maps unlock areas, yet they are blank. As you walk through the area, you automatically fill in the map. When you get 100%, climate map filles in the corners you may not have reached.

If you get 100% because that every area of the map, you can sell it come the shop fora many money. Once you walk to sell the map, it tells you if the map is finish or not.


You can send pearls if you enable StreetPass because that The Legend the Legacy. There are 3 ships and each expenses a various amount come send and also take a particular amount of time to come back.

Cog - expenses 300 St to send and takes 1 hour.Caravel - expenses 1,000 St and takes 3 hours.Galleon - prices 5,000 St and also takes 5 hours.

When they return, you get items, based on the ship and how many civilization you pass with StreetPass. The higher the ship, the better the rewards. If you have the right to afford it, Galleon is the finest choice due to the fact that you gain amazing gear and also it just takes 2 much more hours 보다 Caravel.

Combat and also Formations

Combat in The Legend of Legacy looks basic at first, however there is complexity as you start to progress and get different stances/formations. The base device is classic turn-based JRPG style.

Whenever you use a weapon attack, you have the possibility to find out a new skill v that weapon. So be sure to try many attacks.

Each that the 3 characters in combat deserve to have a stance, i m sorry you pick by setup up a formation prior to combat. At first, friend only have 3 stances, Attack, Defend, Support, however you get much more later.


You must select a formation before picking an activity for every character. There are default formations, however you have the right to edit and create her own. In each formation, you pick the stance because that each character.

Every activity can be excellent in any stance, but the stances include benefits to particular actions. Because that example, assault stance add to extra damage to any kind of attacking actions. Support adds extra speed and also increases the potency of healing. This makes it so that you are more likely to usage support an abilities before the enemy.


It is crucial to have plenty of formations with different stances for each person, so that you deserve to adapt to any kind of situation. This is likewise important for elementals, but much more on that later.

You can level up actions in the 3 default stances. If you use an attack skill in support stance, the assistance level of that ability increases. You have to be in assault stance if you want to level the strike of a skill.


Elementals space what lock sound like, soul of either fire, water, or wind. Later in the game, you deserve to use elemental skills, but the device is complex.

You require to gain a charm, an item you equip, that lets you usage an elemental contract in battle. ~ you make a contract throughout battle, that element will be on your side and also you can use elemental an abilities of that element. There are various other charms you should equip that give you the actual element skills. Because that example, equip a charm that gives Water Contract to usage water element skills. Cast Water Contract during battle and also the water facet goes to your side.


While in combat you can hold \"Y\" to show which next the aspects are on. You have the right to only use an elemental skill if that facet is on her side. The difficulty is, your adversary can additionally call elements. The last human to contract one element, keeps the on their side.

This way if you usage an element skill, however the adversary calls that element to their side before your turn, your ability will fail.

If you use a skill inthe ideal stance sufficient times, you\"ll find out the skill. This permits you to use the elemental skill without the required charm. You will still require some kind of element charm, but not the specific skill one. If the ability is an assault skill, usage it in attack stance and you eventually learn it.

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That\"s it because that my beginning of the person Tips and Tricks because that The Legend the Legacy. Permit me understand if girlfriend have any questions! check my Elementals Guidefor more details ~ above them and also for the to sing Shard locations.