Ten years ago, rookie Laurel Stucky debuted on The Challenge with a dominating performance. Even though Laurel had actually an intimidating attitude and also got average when she drank, there to be a strength about her the went beyond her years and also past she athletic abilities.

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Recently, Laurel took to Instagram to disclose a tragic story around her previous to raise awareness the the prominence of consent.

Laurel Stucky | Kevin Mazur


Laurel Stucky ‘The Challenge’ history

In 2010, climate 25-year-old Laurel Stucky do her Challenge debut in the 19th season, Fresh Meat II, as Kenny Santucci’s partner. The duo finished as runners-up, and also Laurel obtained $30,000.

She reverted for the following season, Cutthroat, and again put second, this time receiving $20,000. Laurel came earlier in Rivals for the win however finished second, earning $26,000.

In Free Agents, she competed for the an initial time without a partner and also finally won the competition and also $125,000. After acquisition a break for four seasons, Laurel changed for Invasion the the Champions but shed to Camila Nakagawa, barely absent out on third place.

Cara eliminating Mandi in Cutthroat and also Laurel's top reaction/soulless confessional afterwards? us STANNNN #TheChallenge pic.twitter.com/N5GrohGwTP

— plunder Romeo (
RobbyIsAFreeElf) January 3, 2020

Five periods later, Laurel came earlier but lost in the prove Ground come Natalie “Ninja” Duran in the 4th episode. A few months later, she appeared on MTV’s Ex on the Beach: height of Love as Nicole Zanatta’ ex, the an initial show she has actually done external of The Challenge.

The Michigan-native finished up not finding love top top the show as she ex-girlfriend had moved on, so she housemates voted she off the peak.

Laurel Stucky revealed she to be sexually attacked at the period of 21

On January 28, 2020, Laurel post a snapshot of herself to her private Instagram account attract a hoodie at the beach and also detailed a horrific suffer she went v in her caption to share the “importance that consent.”

She began by admitting she had not common her story v anyone “outside her close one of friends.” Laurel climate admitted who sexually assaulted her together a virgin in ~ the period of 21.

She continued and also explained what consent looked like and revealed she life was “critically altered since someone couldn’t have actually just made sure I to be okay v what was happening.”

I really think you deserve to never go wrong by share the reality – no matter what it is.

— Laurel Stucky (
laurelstucky) January 28, 2020

The Challenge star likewise said she would’ve stated no if the human being would have actually asked her and consequently struggled v “taking control” that her options afterward.

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Now that Laurel has her platform, she wanted to share her story and also promote rather who think the exact same thing “to compensate for a really important choice being taken away from me.”

Several the her Challenge co-stars applauded her courage for coming forward, consisting of Dee Nguyen, Ashley Mitchell, Jemmye Carroll, Devyn Simone, Aneesa Ferreira, and Jennifer West.

via Laurel Stucky Instagram Story

A few days later, Laurel shared a straight message she got from a follower who had a comparable experience and advised, “When this happened to me, I believed if ns tried to pretend favor it never ever happened, I could erase it. Talking around how you feeling is for this reason important. Try not to make the very same mistake as me – tell your friends, tell a stranger, a therapist, write. Talk so you have the right to release the pain.”