Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald may be in the final stretch the his illustrious career. Regardless, it is clear he still has a couple of spectacular records left in the tank come make.

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Fitzgerald somehow managed to carry down a spectacular one-handed grab for a very first down against the Tampa only Buccaneers in week 10, via NFL Twitter:


— NFL (
NFL) November 10, 2019

Fitzgerald is recognized for having some that the many secure hand in NFL history and records like this only assist to solidify that notion. His grab also came ~ above a critical fourth under to keep the journey alive and also the Cardinals to be able come capitalize after ~ quarterback Kyler Murray found large receiver Christian Kirk for a 33-yard strike to take a 13-10 lead.

Having Fitzgerald offer as a safety and security net because that Murray in the passing video game has plainly paid huge dividends for the offense. The ageless wonder proceeds to show why that is considered to be one of the biggest wideouts of all time.

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