The Ancients alphabet is the created language that the Ancients (Anquietas), a race of highly advanced 'ancient' human beings who developed in this galaxy countless years ago. The initial version of the Ancients font was first seen in the SG-1 episode "Torment of Tantalus" and was conceptualized through Ivana Vasak. The heavy, block format was influenced by a font supplied on a 1940s Czech propaganda poster, and also the Ancients font was at some point refined and also alphabetized by Boyd Godfrey because that the pilot illustration of Stargate Atlantis. Much of the Ancients message seen ~ above the show includes 'in-jokes' not supposed to be read by the viewers.

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Notable features

The language is created in horizontal lines native left come right,top to bottom. In monumental and also decorative inscriptions and shortinformative signs, spaces are not used in between words and all attemptsare made come align the letters and also sentences in rectangle-shaped rows andcolumns for aesthetic reasons. Top top normal computer readouts, spacesare used between words. The letters can be stretched and also skewed to assorted widths,heights and font sizes.

Used to write

English and also the Ancients language (Lingua Anquietas), a conlang based on Latin.

Ancients alphabet


Sample message in the Ancients alphabet



All humans are born free and same in dignity and also rights. They space endowed v reason and conscience and should act in the direction of one another in a soul of brotherhood. (Article 1 of the global Declaration of human being Rights)

Download a Ancients alphabet font (TrueType, 7K)


Official websites

Ancients language

The details on this web page was placed together through Greig Isles. Girlfriend can contact him in ~ runiccode

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