We help buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, developers, builders, and also lawyers in real estate transactions. Together a title Insurance and Abstract Company, we have actually been offering unequaled business for end 35 years in Northeast Florida.

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Stephen Collins supplies a knowledgeable voice in a dynamic sector — real estate — a market that affects united state all. As President and Owner that Land location of America, Inc. In St. Augustine, the presents skilled insight, and also an open dialogue for real estate connected questions and comments.Stephen"s alter Ego

Land location of America, Inc. Is a location insurance company that fulfills the title insurance and closing requirements of the genuine estate sector within the guidelines set forth in the Florida bureaucratic Code chapter 4-186 and also Chapter 626, part V of the Florida Statutes.

Our current and also potential client are most valued in our company. There is no them, we space not. Because of this, we are reliable, courteous, accurate, and really service oriented. We identify the definition of client input. Us know exactly how to properly use your innovative ideas and also constructive criticism.

We are honest in all our dealings. Us uphold, sustain, and obey all the legislations of the land. We execute not damage our values and standards for money.

We worth the best to own real property, and desire to protect that right. We recognize that our forefathers and also our friend of this century have actually fought and also died because that this right. We perform not take for granted the good cost of our freedom.

Want to record up on whats to be happening lately? take it a look in ~ the recent goings on at Land location of America.

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Liens, Mortgages, and Branding

Stephen Collins and Rusty Collins talk around Liens and Mortgages and the current passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. Guest speaker Jonathan Collins weighed in top top rebranding Land location of America.

history SURPRISE?

Guess who a loyal British colony during the American Revolution? FLORIDA! All that messy company at sink Forge, the Boston Tea Party, the explanation of Independence—all that occurred while Florida was good Brittan’s 14th American colony. Isn’t the a funny fact? Via the contract of Paris, Florida is peacefully ceded from Spain to good Britain

MURPHY’S regulation

Anything that have the right to go wrong will go wrong, specifically in real estate, which is why you should take suitable precautions to minimization financial risk, whether you’re to buy a house to live in or an invest property. Murphy was a compete mudder, had actually him the more quickly four-wheel-drive on semi-dry land—‘Murphy’s mud Bucket.’ Like most of us,

SHE might OWN her HO– usage

Isn’t she cute? go you understand this little girl can own her home, evict you, and also throw out all your stuff? In the State the Florida, if a human being lives in a home and also has a boy child, that kid inherits the house. What if the ahead homeowner had a girlfriend you didn’t know about?