A black woman has filmed herself paint her body white together a protest versus the recent police shootings in the joined States.

Tashala Dangel Geyer, who\"s indigenous Daytona Beach, Florida, follow to reports, filmed the 40-minute facebook Live segment in her house Wednesday. Snippets have since been uploaded come YouTube and also Instagram.

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During the clip, Geyer paints many of she body excellent white using products from house Depot, when satirically advising various other black people to execute the exact same to ensure their very own safety.

\"This is the finest shit i ever might have thought of, it\"s conserving my life,\" she states at the begin of one clip. \"The lord woke me up and also sent me this sign,\" she adds.

\"If you want to survive, go white,\" she says later in the video, a clip of i beg your pardon was likewise posted come Instagram.

\"Ronald McDonald on their ass; friend won\"t gain shot.\"

The footage has been gotten rid of from YouTube and Geyer said that it was originally taken down from Facebook prior to being reinstated. Urbanbreathnyc.com has reached the end to on facebook for comment.

The clip top top her facebook page has actually garnered 26 million views at time that writing.

Two black men have been shot by police in the U.S. In the critical week. Terrence Crutcher to be fatally shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, top top Sept. 16 if Keith Scott was eliminated in Charlotte, north Carolina, on Tuesday.






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