Thank you for joining us for LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders FC at Dignity wellness Sports Park. We"re delighted that you"ll be below for our an initial full capacity video game in over 15 months.

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When in ~ Dignity health Sports Park, every guests (except for children under the period of 2) are strongly encourage to be completely vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 within 3 days before attending this event. If you are not totally vaccinated, it is strongly recommended that you undertake a face covering. These referrals are compliant with present guidelines.

The stadium’s clean bag plan remains in effect. Us encourage girlfriend to avoid bringing a bag because that a an ext efficient and also contactless ingress experience. BAG plan | banned ITEMS


All tickets and also parking space digital and also will be obtainable through the LA Galaxy app or AXS application (swiping a credit transaction card or driver license will no longer be permitted). Fans must download and log into the LA Galaxy app or AXS application prior to showing up at the stadium to ensure that their pre-purchased parking passes and also tickets room accessible. For assistance, please speak to 1-877-3GALAXY.

The Galaxy Express shuttle will start at 4:00 afternoon on Saturday, operating about every 10 minutes and also running v the match"s 15th minute. Return trips will start after the game and will run for 45 minutes. Parking is free at our 2 Galaxy to express pickup/drop-off locations:

harbor Gateway Transit center - 731 W. 182nd St. Gardena, CA 90248Del Amo station - 20220 Santa Fe Ave. Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

We will host a Welcome residence Tailgate, gift by Modelo, scheduled to start at 12 pm PT. The tailgate will take ar on both the Northeast and Northwest Tailgate Pads, located behind GalaxyTV and adjacent to lot of 13. The tailgate will feature a special performance through Los Angeles native, recording artist and Galaxy supporter MURS, a pop-up shop orchestrated by artist Cousin Feo, fan photo booth, Michelada specials, a school-supply drive hosted by supporters’ team Galaxians and also more. WELCOME HOME

The Galaxy have planned countless matchday components to honor and also commemorate Juneteenth, the American holiday that observes the finish of enslavement in the joined States. JUNETEENTH


Fans deserve to enjoy a $2 pregame discount off of draft Modelos with the LA Galaxy application up till kickoff at was standing 7 (across from ar 135). Throughout the match, fans will be able to order concessions v the LA Galaxy App and have them ready for pick-up at designated concession stands. Separate concession stands will certainly offer walk-up purchasing.

The LA Galaxy Team Stores inside the stadium situated near the Northeast Entrance and also on the South end of the stadium and outside that the stadion in Legends Plaza will certainly be open up on gameday. Season Ticket Members can use their discount in ~ checkout through scanning the QR password at the enntrance gate of the LA Galaxy Team Stores and also logging in with the main email resolve on your account. The discount barcode will certainly then appear and can be included to your phone"s digital wallet.


The LA Galaxy are working to minimize contact as much as possible. Dignity health Sports Park has detailed reverse ATMs to transform cash come prepaid cards, which girlfriend will have the ability to use outside the stadium together well. Reverse ATMs are located in Legends Plaza outside of the stadium and on the East and also West Concourses within the stadium.

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Assistance is only a text away! Fans deserve to text 502-4ASSIST (502-427-7478) during LA Galaxy games for any situations requiring added assistance.

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