This L-shaped workdesk is spliced by 2 boards, basic to place various office supplies. It permits you to define your workspace, saving the room of your home office maximumly and providing many of surface an are for writing, computer work, handcraft, gaming, and other residence office activities. Extra CPU stand helps to avoid your computer system host moisture.

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Top Material: manufactured WoodBase Material: SteelAdult Assembly Required: Yes

L-shaped design, perfect to ar it top top the edge or minimal space in the bedroom, living room, study room. Office or where you like, save an ext space for her home, office. Featuring on wood desktop computer and solid metal frame, to ensure supervisor durability, stability, and also rust resistance.

Top Material: made WoodBase Material: SteelAdult Assembly Required: Yes

This L-shaped computer desk creates plenty the workspace in the edge of your living room or home office. One end to the other, it steps 66'' wide, with room because that a monitor and keyboard, books, occupational light, laptop, and also mugs that tea or coffee. The black steel scaffolding base supports the solid and also engineered timber surfaces that have a organic wood grain finish. Plus, the comes v a different shelf to protect against your computer system tower native hosting any kind of moisture.

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Top Material: produced Wood + hard WoodBase Material: MetalAdult Assembly Required: Yes

2 styles in 1 switchable design? Their computer system desk can be an L-shaped workdesk or a 2 person long workdesk just depends on what friend want. Change it come an L-shaped desk when you need it fit because that a edge only acquisition up a little space. Friend can also turn it right into a 94.5’’ extra-long 2 human desk. The course, girlfriend can specify your very own functional partition, a fifty percent for working, a fifty percent for gaming, dressing, vanity, etc.

Top Material: manufactured WoodBase Material: Stainless SteelAdult Assembly Required: Yes