Kentucky will not take it on the Texas A&M Aggies ~ above Tuesday evening, man Calipari announced ~ above Saturday.During a postgame interview v KSR's own Matt Jones on ESPN Radio, the UK head coach stated the team's game versus Texas A&M has actually been canceled, marking the seventh straight postponement and/or cancellation for the Aggies.

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“Now the game got canceled Tuesday, therefore we’ve gained a couple left," Calipari said. "I’m hope the adhering to week we get a couple of our league games that have been canceled in ~ home.”

https://twitter.com/KySportsRadio/status/1363253851139305480?s=20Going right into the weekend, Texas A&M had actually been compelled to postpone six consecutive games, with five delays coming together a result of optimistic COVID-19 test results, call tracing and also subsequent quarantining of individuals within the program.Following Kentucky's victory at Tennessee Saturday afternoon, Calipari didn't seem positive that Tuesday night's video game would be played, including that UK will likely play 3 SEC games the final week the the season.“Yeah (we could add new games), however the gauntlet the these youngsters have simply been through, ns not certain we don’t take a couple days and also catch ours breath,” Calipari said. “Then shot to play both A&M and also South Carolina both that last week where we get three games. Play at Mississippi, then two home games before our conference tournament. That’s what I’d prefer to do. These kids need a breath, come on. They’ve been through a gauntlet.”Should Calipari's proposal concerned fruition, Kentucky will certainly not play until Saturday as soon as the Wildcats take on the Florida Gators in ~ Rupp Arena, followed by the team’s expedition to Oxford, MS because that a fight with Ole miss out on on Tuesday, march 2. Then, follow to Calipari’s suggestion, UK would fit in the Texas A&M and South Carolina make-up games between March 3-7, giving Kentucky four more games on the schedule.And then from there, UK would certainly head to Nashville the complying with week for the SEC Tournament.Gonna it is in a busy pair of weeks.

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