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Are Po and the Furious 5 joining your following celebration? this 17 cool Kung Fu Panda party concepts will help you.

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Try your hand in ~ making panda cupcakes or DIY Kung Fu Panda masks and party supplies. Engage your guests by letting castle make record lanterns or a conical file hat or beat themed party games!

Your warrior party will be legendary…hi-yah!


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1.Panda Cupcakes

From Bakerella

Dress increase mini cacao cupcakes together the many adorable pandas friend have ever seen with sanding sugar, coco chips and a little bit of white icing! This step-by-step tutorial renders these small pandas super easy to recreate, too. They room the perfect treat for a Kung Fu Panda themed party, and your youngsters could even help you make them.

2.DIY Panda Shirts

From quando Fuori Piove

Spruce increase a level white t-shirt through a printable panda design and also black fabric marker to make this supervisor cute panda shirt. It would be a an excellent way to dress up your birthday young or girl ~ above their distinct day. This brilliant blogger came up through the easiest and also smartest method to create the perfect designs on t-shirts. Check it the end for your large day!

3.DIY Panda Balloon

From The DIY Fox via U-Create Crafts

Create a fun craft kids will love to aid make with this simple DIY panda balloon craft. Using a straightforward white balloon and a black marker, create a panda face. Add felt and also glue to create ears and also you have actually a perfect panda craft for your following panda party.

4.No bland Panda Mask

From Hey Let’s make Stuff

Skadoosh! If your kids are obsessed through sporting their Kung Fu Panda layout ninja moves roughly the house, these felt panda masks space sure to help them feel favor they are part of the kung fu magic. Printable animal mask templates do it incredibly easy come cut all of the pieces, and you can assemble the masks through sewing or warm gluing. Select from a bunch of mask designs including fun personalities like Tigress, Mantis, and Shifu.

5.Panda Craft

From Crafty-Crafted

There is naught that ns love much more than an adorable craft made from recycled materials! with an emptied and also washed out bottle and also a couple of other an easy supplies, you can recreate these cute small pandas come hide about the home plants or dessert tables. Girlfriend could also make this at her Kung Fu Panda inspired birthday party together a crafty task for the kids. Party guests would certainly love acquisition these cute small guys residence with them!

6.DIY file Lanterns

From Inner son Fun

Paper lanterns space often uncovered at Japanese festivals, and they are offered throughout various parts of the Kung Fu Panda series. I love just how festive these record lanterns look at hanging from the ceiling come decorate because that a birthday celebration. The best part is that they have the right to be do on a moment’s notification using usual household items friend probably have actually on hand. It’s additionally a great project for youngsters who are starting to master the use of scissors.

7.Asian file Hat Craft

From Cool Moms Cool Tips

Traditional conical Chinese hats are initially made of straw through a vast slanted brim made come protect versus the sun and the rain. A funny fact about these hats is the you have the right to submerge lock in water and wear it come cool down. This crafty variation of the classic Chinese hats is straightforward to recreate at house with construction file and ribbon.

8.DIY Panda Pinata

From youngsters are the Bomb Diggity

Piñatas space a funny birthday party task that is constantly a huge hit v the kids. Store bought execution can get pretty pricey, yet you can follow this straightforward tutorial to make your very own panda piñata ideal at home! The basic of the piñata is made v recycled cardboard, climate gets decorated v tissue document and repaint to make the adorable face. Add some googly eyes and stock the piñata with candy for part awesome DIY fun.

9.DIY Panda bear Headband/Ears

From an imaginative Green Living

These DIY panda ear headbands are way better than party hats and method more helpful than a bag complete of candy of tiny dollar keep toys. It would be so lot fun to make a bunch of these headbands for every one of your party guests, and also have a bunch of tiny panda bears running approximately the house! Plastic headbands from the dollar save are reinvented with felt or polar fleece ears and a period of hot glue. Her Kung Fu Panda loving children will walk crazy because that them.

10.DIY Panda Lanterns

From wherein Techy Meets nice + Etc

Panda-fy your record lanterns to cave from the ceiling at your Kung Fu Panda motivated birthday bash! this adorable decorations space perfect for indoor and outdoor party spaces, and can easily be collapsed and stored to use again. A white file lantern is decorated with two black yarn pom-pom ears and also black construction record eyes and also a nose. This blogger also included a comfortable dandy layout for the challenge pieces!

11.Kung Fu Panda Geometric Art

From every for the Boys

Using favorite characters is such a good way to get youngsters interested in art. Recreate this geometric panda encounters with your party guests to encourage creative thinking in a fun and easy street! The best part of geometric arts is the it doesn’t need to be perfect. Simply trim away until you obtain a form you like. To make Po native Kung Fu Panda every you will need is white, black, and also green construction paper along through scissors and some glue.

12.Kung Fu Panda Cake

From Sweet Jadrianna, as checked out on Flickr

Every birthday young deserves an epic cake at their birthday party. This 3D Kung Fu Panda Cake will be the speak of the party! Decorated come look similar to Po from Kung Fu Panda, this amazing cake is both delicious and adorable. I additionally love the cupcakes served with the cake decorated through black and white panda paw prints.

13.Kung Fu Panda colour Pages

From mother Junction

Coloring pages are basic activity for youngsters of any kind of age at birthday parties. Set them out at the table for kids to work on together your party guests arrive, or send them residence with partiers in their favor bags. This write-up includes ten awesome Kung Fu Panda colour pages the are prepared to be printed right now. Choose from her favorite Kung Fu Panda characters and different pictures of the well known Furious Five!

14.Kung Fu Panda DIY Masks

From Kersey Campbell, as seen on Fandango

We space all huge Kung Fu Panda pan at our house, so party or no party us are definitely going to make these panda masks. Po is more than likely the finest underdog hero ever! it is really straightforward to do these Po masks and the youngsters will love playing with at the Kung Fu Panda celebration. The products needed are easy to find. Every you require are some white document plates, black contact paper or duct tape, and also a plastic straw. Don’t forget to take it some images of the whole party with their masks!

15.Panda be afflicted with Marshmallows

From The Decorated Cookie

Marshmallows space a favorite treat among children everywhere. Make level marshmallows even far better by popping castle on a stick and including some adorable panda faces. This panda bear marshmallow pops space super straightforward to recreate and will definitely be a huge hit at her Kung Fu Panda party. Simply use a black color edible marker to attract tiny panda encounters on the front of a marshmallow and add a couple of ears to finish them off.


16.Kung Fu Panda Party Table

From Deliciously Darling

Your party doesn’t need to stop in ~ the dessert table. Bring you party in to the dining room with corresponding decor and elements come tie it every together. Kung Fu Panda personality masks are held on the back of every chair. Red and also white polka dot file is supplied as a table runner and red and yellow plates room stacked on optimal of each various other with a red plastic cups space at each place setting with red lanterns hang from above.

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Check the end these an excellent ideas because that your following Kung Fu party gathered by the crew in ~ Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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