THIS IS one ANIME ONLY conversation POST. Perform NOT discuss THE MANGA beyond THIS EPISODE, DON'T ASK because that SUBS, dont TALK around SUBS.----------------------------------------Ha, Kazuma misunderstanding situations as usual.This episode/finale to be alright with some action and magic. Quite to watch Wiz again also though she isn't in the finest of atmosphere lol. They also had one last battle against a monster together. Ns think it's becoming an recurring layout for the OP song of anime come play during the finale so go figure.Overall, ns think this season was fun as the first season. EXPLOSIONNNN

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It already ended it seems which is such a shame.That slime was on interesting guy still and an extremely funny, everyone calling him Hans while the didn't prefer it.The fight this time was pretty nice and Kazuma had an additional visit to Eris.Anyway i hope we have a 3rd season.

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Well dayum, us actually saw Wiz angry! and that to be a an extremely visually impressive last blow ceded by Aqua and the people. Of course it wouldn't it is in Konosuba if castle weren't compelled to leave city the means they were. Now following week...oh goddamnit really? only 10 illustration again? male that's disappointing. Well at least it was another very solid season. The same good story, humor and also characters/interactions(with my favourite Darkness leading in the greatness category. :D) as the very first season. Ns really would say this was together good, which considering what a surprise hit season one was for me i sincerely mean as praise. Come the degree that the fely prefer all 20 episodes might have aired back to ago and they'd have actually flown well enough to feel choose their wasn't a break in between them. That isn't constantly true the anime sequels. Honestly the only difference I assumed I noticed early on was the art/animation appeared a bit sketchier 보다 in the first season. Yet as time passed and I got an ext used come it i think it's an ext likely i was simply misremembering the watch of season one because now I've got no complaints on that front. I have actually no problems giving this series a strong 8/10 and also title of third best anime the the Winter 2017 season. Currently all that's left is to expect we acquire more...again! XD