the recent episode the Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, Ranbir screams as he hears the false allegations versus him through Mallishka. The referee asks the lawyer to take care of Ranbir.Vikas calls Ranbir come the witness crate for questioning and also begins taunting him because that his actions. Blaming him because that molesting Mallishka in ~ the party, Vikas brand him as a casanova. Ranbir defends himself and says Mallishka tried to take advantage of him.
Vikas climate quashes his claims and also attempts come prove the crime by presenting the hospital reports. The referee is ashamed to watch the evidence. Vikas also calls 2 witnesses, waiter and also Shilpa, Mallishka\"s sister. That smirks looking in ~ Ranbir and tells him to reap his critical days that freedom.Shilpa and the waiter both do false statements. Ranbir feel disheartened and also cheated. That looks in ~ Kritika and realises that he is in love with her.
The court hearing it s okay adjourned. This provides Mallishka upset. Kritika breathes a sigh the relief. Ranbir climate tells Kritika to meet him later on for coffee.

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Mahima is happy to check out Ranbir ago home. Ranbir hugs her and tells her that he was in love. Mahima is happy come hear this.
Kritika, too, return home and thinks about Ranbir. Pummy asks her and also Jiana to remain at house for a couple of days since of the weather. As they sit down to have actually dinner, Pummy asks her about the case.
Kritika defines her dilemma to her and also says the was hard for her to believe who the actual culprit was. Pummy advises her to listen to her heart. Jiana and Ishani also ask her to conserve Ranbir and also say he is various from the various other guys. Kritika gets confused.

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