Offline trophies: 48 (1/ 2/ 9/ 36)Approximate amount of time to : 80+ hoursMinimum number of playthroughs: 6Number of missable trophies: NoneGlitched trophies: NoneDo trophies stack: Yes, the PS3 and also 4 versions have actually their own lists. Also, the difficulty trophies stack in the PS4 variation but not in the PS3 release.

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Does difficulty influence any kind of trophies: Yes (All the difficulty connected trophies)Do cheat codes disable trophies: NoneMore accessories required: None

Introduction:Welconcerned Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories HD, the second game featured within the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Collection. This game takes place automatically after the occasions of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD and also takes location within Castle Oblivion. Sora has lost something dear to him and should venture with the castle to recase it, what he has actually lost though he has actually forobtained.Trophy-wise, the game have the right to be pretty tedious because the obstacle trophies don't stack in this one either, so you'll be looking at 6 full playthroughs; added to this you'll be maxing out Sora and also Riku's level and collecting all the cards for Sora's Library, making for fairly the grind. Difficulty-wise the playthroughs on Proud aren't as well difficult so lengthy as you have a appropriately made card deck and ultilize your sleights. Tright here are the majority of tedious various work, so it is safe to say the game is more of a grind than anything else.Warning:Before you have the right to acquire the Platinum for this game, make certain you completed Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days HD initially, as it will certainly be compelled for Card Master Sora. You can check out even more details under that trophy.Walkthrough:Step 1: Proud and also Typical Speedrun Playthroughs (4 Playthroughs (PS3) or 2 playthroughs (PS4))For this action you to go ahead and also just complete the Proud and also Regular playthroughs for Sora and also Riku (Riku unlocks after you have completed Sora's story once). For the PS4 version, you just should play as Sora and Riku twice (as soon as each on the highest possible difficulty).You will certainly probably unlock countless various trophies while speeding via the game, however don't make them your priority, just complete them so you deserve to get started on the playthroughs you will be spending the majority of of your time on. If you can or want to you can aim for Undefeated throughout one of your normal playthroughs if not on a Beginner playwith during the later steps; you have the right to likewise unlock No Escape also. When you have actually finimelted this action you will have actually the adhering to primary trophies unlocked: Proud Player Sora Natural Player Sora A Shardwood to Remember Proud Player Riku Natural Player Riku Road to Dawn Record Keeper Undefeated No EscapeNote: After completing among the Reverse/Rebirth Playthroughs be sure to keep one of the clear conserve file as you will certainly require it for Step 2.

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Step 2: Beginner Difficulty: Sora (100% Completion)For this playvia you will be aiming for 100%. Unprefer the previous speedrun playthroughs you desire to take your time going with this playthrough. Try to knock out more foe cards early as you naturally development rather of holding off on them for later on and also making use of a Calm Bounty card in each civilization which correlates to many type of different points you'll require for 100%. The greatest grind for this action will be unlocking every one of Sora's cards which will be in-depth under the particular trophy. When you have finimelted this step you will have the adhering to major trophies unlocked: Novice Player Sora Sleight Master Record Keeper Sora Level Master SoraIf you haven't unlocked any kind of of the assorted trophies such as the mini-game trophies from 100 Acre Woods, Spending 20,000 Moogle Points, 20 Premium Cards etc., then finish those currently as well.Tip 3: Beginner Difficulty: Reverse/Rebirth Riku (Level 99)Unprefer Sora you don't need to issue around the huge grind to unlock all of Riku's Cards as they are all unlocked naturally so that trophy should be long-before earned throughout one of the previous two Reverse/Rebirth Playthroughs. The just thing you have to have to concern about in the time of this playthrough is grinding out Level 99 and any kind of Reverse/Rebirth assorted trophies you could be lacking. After completing this step you have to have everything you require for Platinum: Natural Player Riku Hard Hitter Level Master Riku CHAIN of MEMORIES Master

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