Finished the an initial song and also onto the second. Any type of tips from any veterans who survived?

From a forum article i found, cant avoid laughing

Made the mistake of looking front at what Hand in Hand to be like, nope I'm done game is getting shelved. I'd quite attempt level 1 no struggle no melding no shotlock runs than this and I'm not going to perform that either. Because that those of friend who can overcome the struggle good on you, cause this is dumb.

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But really this is hard af.

EDIT: ns think ns have ultimately solved the problem to ice cream Cream Beat

Edit: Done gained the trophy will write-up the tip i used later on.


Its to be awhile due to the fact that I play that component of BBS. But I was something that a master ago in the work TBH. Friend must end up being one through the ice cream, don't clock the cues, feel them. Feel that ice cream beat. Remember you will not truly understand the ice cream cream till you deserve to do it remote folded. It is in edgy Riku. It is in edgy Riku and feel the ice cream beat. I leave you with this , imprint the in your mind, feeling ice cream. Great luck my friend. However seriously its to be awhile ns hated that mini game. Ns remember over there was some timing tirck that made lot easier but I forgot.

until you deserve to do it blind folded. Be edgy Riku. Be edgy Riku and feel the ice cream cream beat.

Actually, that really aided when i closed mine eyes... Therefore this can actually be solid advice. That course climate you'd need to memorize what the next couple of beats would be after friend closed her eyes, yet this was just much simpler than trying come play it right on.

I've heard muting it helps, if you're totally unable to acquire into it. I've always been able to perform pretty well by just remembering the it'll enhance up come the beat as soon as I'm actually pushing the buttons, though.

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(One of this days ns really need to take video clip of the vanilla JP-only 3rd difficulty...)

I never had actually a problem with it. Lots of civilization don't realize the you have to hit that on the circle and not simply inside that it.


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