Swallowed Whole¶

Set a food from Agrabah to one of two people world, but the fight LV 5 civilization is the less complicated course. After a little you’ll at some point be swallowed up by Monstro, it’s unavoidable. Once you arrive within Monstro just swim in the direction of the ago of Monstro’s mouth come start much more scenes. You will certainly be facing a couple of new opponents in the following area.

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Search Ghost¶

Search Ghosts aren’t the toughest Heartless you’ll find. They often just charge and flail to transaction damage. They have the right to phase in and also out to appear behind you but otherwise they don’t pose much of a threat. If you defeat a search Ghost while the is glowing you will certainly receive additional green and clear orbs which somewhat promotes making use of magic because that a faster and much more efficient kill. In groups just use Blizzara to obtain them all at once.


Search Ghosts flail around and glow yellow once they are around to disappear (left). Barrel Spiders (right) space barrels the grow legs.

Barrel Spider¶

Barrel Spiders are just like the Pot Spiders girlfriend encountered while in Agrabah except they room in barrels. They perform pose a better threat however, because they can charge in ~ you and also explode to deal a the majority of damage. The upside is the this deserve to be dodged and the short HP of the Barrel Spider provides it easy to take the end quickly.

Like the Pot Spider, the Barrel Spider fall a many of environment-friendly orbs and Munny once beat so even if you take it some damages it’s not immediate to heal. An abilities like Stun affect and Ripple journey are an excellent for maintaining the Barrel Spiders number in check.

Playing Games¶

Enter room 1 to trigger one more scene. Defeat the find Ghosts and also enter chamber 3 via the lower exit. Clear the end the Fat Bodies and also Search Ghosts in right here then open the Chest because that a Mega-Ether . Return to Chamber 1 and take the other exit to with Chamber 2. There space Air Soldiers and also other Heartless in here, just kill them and also loot the Chest for a Cottage . Head top top to chamber 3 again, however this time you will be greater up. Shot not to loss or break both the the barrels.

Use among the barrels to with a platform over you. It has a Chest through Dalmatians 55, 56 and also 57 inside. From here you have the right to jump across the gap to a Chest v an Osmose-G and also use the barrel on this next to with the Chest that’s greater up, it has actually a Flare-G inside. Run back throughout and go into Chamber 2 again from the various other entrance. Clear out the Barrel Spiders and also jump from one platform to the beside reach the Chest v a Megalixir inside.

Hes not Lying¶

Jump back throughout and fight v Chamber 5 to room 6. Clear out the Heartless and also turn left to a Chest v Dalmatians 76, 77 and also 78 inside. There is an leave right here earlier to chamber 5, take it it. Loss the waves of Heartless, numerous Shadows, climate loot the Chests because that a Mega-Ether and also Thundaga-G . You can also use Trinity jump #13 to receive a Cottage and also some Munny.


Clear the end the Heartless and use a barrel in ~ the peak of the last step to with a Chest top top the upper platform, it contains a Torn Page . Rise up utilizing the barrel and defeat the search Ghosts the appear.

Grab the barrel and also move it towards the exit. Press Circle to drop it instead of throw it and you can leap native the barrel come the ledge v a Chest that includes a Mythril . Jump throughout to the new area and also break the barrel come gain access to the Chest v Dalmatians 79, 80 and also 81 inside. Jump ago to the area you begin at and enter room 4. Conserve your game after the scenes then proceed into the Bowels for a ceo fight.


The Parasite Cage basically flails around swinging its functional arms about to deal damage and prevent you from using melee combat to your advantage. You have the right to just north a bunch the Fira into it from a distance and also then acquire in nearby to restore some HP and also deal a small bit that damage. Once you have some HP back, return to firing off Fira spells indigenous a distance. The battle isn’t too daunting especially v Riku helping you out. In the worst case, just use Ethers and cast Fira until it dies.

Reaching new Heights¶

After the fight Goofy will discover Cheer . Jump into the hole and open the Chest close to Geppetto to learn High Jump , a Shared capability that girlfriend should instantly equip. Jump on the ledge that the ship then jump atop that to with Trinity Ladder #7 and a Mythril Shard from the mast. Jump right into the water indigenous here and swim end to Trinity run #14 i beg your pardon yields 2 Potions and also a Cottage . Jump up the communication from here to with a Chest through the Watergleam inside.

Swim end to the communication in prior of Geppetto’s Ship and also climb increase to another Chest to obtain a Scan-G . From here jump come the central stack climate to the back end of the one girlfriend were simply on. Climb up to the top for a Chest that contains a Cottage . Currently from whereby you acquired the Blue Trinity, do a long jump end to a short platform. Climb as much as the peak to find a Chest the is hiding Dalmatians 73, 74, and 75 . Head ago to chamber 6 whereby you acquired the torn Page and also make a jump and slash to with a Chest with a Megalixir . Do another similar jump come the ledge surrounding to a Chest that consists of a Mythril. there is an exit earlier to chamber 1.



This time around the stakes are greater and the Parasite Cage is walk all-in. Riku isn’t there and your adversary has a lot more health this time around. Parasite Cage can now shoot environment-friendly gas in ~ Sora and even lunge it’s body for massive damage. Girlfriend will want to get right in it’s face and also deal a lot damage fast. Keeping Aero top top is a an excellent idea due to the fact that you can parry v it.

When the Parasite Cage is knocked under it’s mouth opens up revealing one orb of darkness. Strike this for double damage and also green orbs to aid your healing rather of stopping to actors Cure.

After the fight you find out Stop and are released from Monstro. Uneven the original game, friend can constantly return come Monstro. There room several factors you could want to return, one would certainly be come fight a cool Ghost.

BOSS - grand Ghost¶

The cool Ghost shows up in the Stomach the Monstro and is among the an ext annoying new Heartless because it just takes damages from the use of curative items. Acquire close to it and use an object to “heal” it.

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Mega-Potions have actually a 5% possibility of make the article drop, Mega-Ethers are 10%, Elixirs are 35%, and also Megalixirs space a 100% drop possibility in enhancement to death the grand Ghost in a single use. Making use of Megalixirs space the best method to guarantee an item will drop so just use those, yet you can obtain 3 Frost Stones if you space lucky through using Elixirs.