Premise: While Hank is food preparation breakquick, he discovers Dale has created an underground tunnel beneath his residence. It just gets more infuriating once the residence is declared uninhabitable and Dale refsupplies to even be a good hold while the Hill family continues to be through the Gribbles. Can you really blame Hank if he purposely tried to cut Dale's finger off via a saw? Well, also if it was an accident, the State of Texas certain can. And as component of the courts judgment, Hank have to endure a restraining order and also attfinish anger administration course.

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Directed By: Shaun Cashguy and also Klay Hall

Written By: Alan R. Cohen, Alan Freedland, Wyatt Cenac, Mike Judge, and also Greg Daniels

Initial Date: 15 December 2002

Fun Fact: The episodes seen in Hank's flashbacks of his angriest moments are Pilot, Hank’s Got the Willies, Life in the Fast Lane; Bobby’s Saga, A Firefighting We Will Go, The Arrowhead, The Trouble With Gribbles, I Remember Mono, ‘Twas the Nut Before Christmas, and also Hank’s Unmentionable Problem.


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Bonus Fun Fact: This episode marks the fourth time someone has died in the series, the initially perchild to die was Buckley in "Propane Boom", the second was Debbie Grund in "Hanky Panky", and in Season 3, Chet Elderboy dies in "A Firefighting We Will Go". Interestingly, only Chet and the "junkyard dog" died of herbal causes (Buckley and also Debbie were "accidental")

One of my optimal episodes, many humor to discover from start to finish. That being said, it always stuck out to me just how Boomhauer seems to just go along with Dale’s tunnel setup, he appears to be the many cautious of the alley 2nd to Hank.

I also simply noticed on this watch through that Dale bites his finger out of anxiousness when Hank is first testing the witnessed, nice bit of foreshadowing tbelow.

I also just noticed on this watch through that Dale bites his finger out of anxiousness when Hank is first testing the saw, nice bit of foreshadowing tright here.

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Foreshadowing....perhaps... Or Dale made a decision (subconsciously perhaps) to sacrafice his finger so he wouldn't be shunned by everyone!

I love this episode. I just carry out. Mostly civilization thinking Dale and Hank are a couple. And I think bio and Boomhaur as mentally challenged (But that last one might be a various episode).