AKRON, Ohio -- This previous weekend, several of the nation's height high school basketball football player gathered in Akron for LeBron James' King James shooting Stars Classic. V April 25-27 gift the only evaluation duration of the season because that coaches, the was an important weekend because that players to present what they have the right to do.

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The class of 2016 was specifically strong end the weekend, and here is a look at just how some of those players looked in Akron.

- One player under the crosshairs all weekend was Tervell Beck. The talented sophomore said that he plans to continue to be at urbanbreathnyc.com main Catholic following season in spite of the resignation of previous coach Jonathan Harris in March. He included he to be confident that the Ironmen would hire a great coach.

Beck, who supplied to play because that All-Ohio Red, suitable up for the King James shooting Stars this weekend. While the still appears to be finding a groove v his new team, his versatility made him a mismatch ~ above offense and a great defender.

- Teaming up through Beck in the frontcourt for the King James shooting Stars is St. Edward sophomore Derek Funderburk. When he came off the bench for the Eagles critical season, Funderburk started for King James and looked excellent. He displayed a high motor and is a defender that always seems to be well-positioned and rarely gives up on a play.

- among the hidden gems in Northeast Ohio is Archbishop Hoban sophomore Anthony Christian. An additional member the King James, Christian is a talented wing who deserve to score in a selection of ways. He's drawing looks indigenous schools prefer Xavier, Cincinnati and also Dayton right now, and that list might grow if he shows development during the spring.

- Coming off the bench for King James is St. Vincent-St. Mar sophomore Henry Baddley, who provides instant offense. Last season, he was a streaky scorer because that the Irish, but he will certainly be one of the players the team watch to as soon as it make the efforts to replace Jalen Hudson.

The top local player because that All-Ohio Red is Garfield Heights sophomore Willie Jackson. There is a lot come like about Jackson, as proved he's an elite defender and also has a knack because that grabbing rebounds. He's likewise a an extremely fluid exterior shooter. Jackson has actually the tools to be one of Northeast Ohio's finest players, and also it's all around putting them together every game.

- Joining Jackson on All-Ohio Red this season is high institution teammate Frankie Hughes. The sophomore is still feeling his means with his new team, however his growth this summer will likely determine how good Garfield Heights deserve to be next season.

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