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Looking ago at few of the biggest moments in Bellator MMA, it would certainly be tough to controversy that numerous were bigger 보다 Bellator 138’s main event in between Ken Shamrock and also Kimbo Slice. It was a fight almost a te in the making, and maybe one that shouldn’t have even happened. Nevertheless, let’s take it a look back at a minute that Bellator capitalized on being in the tendency in a large way.

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The day was June 19, 2015, and also the venue to be the Scottrade facility in St. Louis, Missouri. After ~ a short promotional stint that concerned an finish after UFC 113, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson was as soon as again a cost-free agent. The previous king that backyard brawls invested a few years knocking the end hand-picked adversaries in boxing rings, but when Scott Coker came calling in January, part was suddenly ago in the blended martial arts (MMA) company once again.

Kimbo score an exceptional six million viewers ~ above The can be fried Fighter (TUF) 10 versus “Big Country” Roy Nelson ~ above Spike TV, however to draw those type of numbers again he’d require the right foe ... In ~ the appropriate time. That turned out to be an additional UFC veteran, albeit one with lot more background in that company — “The World’s most Dangerous Man,” Ken Shamrock. The two had been set to meet in 2008 prior to Shamrock experienced a deep cut hours prior to the fight. Replacement Seth Petruzelli finished part in simply 14 seconds. After more than a half-decade since their hit (and EliteXC) dropped apart, it was time to offer both guys a 2nd chance to make points right.


Coker: Friday Night ... It"s walking To it is in "Huge" Shamrock ~ above Kimbo"s "Battle v Negativity"

Slice turn 41 ~ above June 6 and also sported a professional MMA document of 4-2. Shamrock was 28-15-2 and also had turned 51 on February 11. This brought on questions around whether two men that age should yes, really be getting into a cage, but an audience the 6,724 in the building and also a record-setting 2.4 million at home were ready to clock it on Spike TV.*

There was part other company to attend to first, though. The fighters sharing the key card through the two draws definitely made the many of your spotlight. “Iron” Michael Chandler perfect Derek Campos with a rear-naked choke in ~ 2:17 of ring one. Daniel Straus provided a guillotine choke to complete Henry Corrales in ~ 3:47 the the 2nd round. Previous WWE star Bobby Lashley scored a technological knockout end Dan Charles at 4:14 of ring two. In the co-main event, Featherweight champion Patricio “Pitbull” Freire virtually got perfect in the opening frame, just to roar earlier and knockout Daniel Weichel 32 seconds into round two. Four fights, 4 finishes. Would certainly the main event be a clean sweep?

Covering this occasion for MMA Mania, I have the right to tell girlfriend firsthand the the building was buzzing even prior to both of these guys made their method to the cage. The “King the Pancrase” versus the “King that the Streets” — you might literally feeling it in the air. When the bell ultimately got the action underway, it wasn’t surprising to view Shamrock automatically go for a takedown. That’s because 23 the Shamrock’s 28 wins come via submission. His heel hooks and also kneebars were the stuff of legend. Can he take the large bruiser 10 year his junior to the mat and make that tap?

Although Shamrock gained the takedown, the difficulty was keeping part down, together he proved to be just too solid for Shamrock to organize in place. They acquired up and also shoved every other across the cage, Shamrock cram knees, trying his ideal to bust up his opponent. Shamrock went for a single-leg takedown and also took Slice’s back, and also for a minute it seemed favor Kimbo Slice would certainly pass out fairly than tap the end to a rear-naked choke.

Slice survived the squeeze. Placing his all right into the complete proved to be Shamrock’s downfall. He had actually no energy left to survive the onslaught the strikes that come roaring ago his way on the feet, and also when Shamrock crashed come the mat at 2:22, “Big” john McCarthy stepped in between them and also would not permit any additional strikes. Game over. Slice confirmed in his post-fight interview the he would have actually gone out prior to submitting.

“First thing I wanna do, i wanna give thanks to mine lord and also savior Jesus Christ, St. Louis ns love you, and a happy date of birth to mine daughter. I trained because that the ground. Tapping is no an option. The was no an option.”

Armchair quarterbacks dubbed it a freak show. MMA analysts called the a work. You can speak to it something you like really, but when two guys with the aura the a superstar was standing toe-to-toe and also go punch for blow, you certainly can’t call it boring. It was a fun night all around.

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*The Bellator 138 card peaked at 2.4 million viewers during the key event in between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock and also averaged 2.3 million viewers end the fight’s entirety.