1. I have actually hardly heard that this person since September 2019, as soon as I got off the regime I was working on. Nearly two years have actually passed, for this reason there were rumors that he to be preparing because that a comeback, however I didn't hear such a word.


1. I have actually hardly heard that this person since September 2019, as soon as I acquired off the broadcast regime I was functioning on.

Almost two years have passed, so there to be a rumor the he to be preparing for a comeback, yet I didn"t hear anything choose that.

Then i heard the this person had actually published a book, and I wondered exactly how he was living.

I asked to accomplish through an acquaintance.

I believed I would certainly refuse, however I gladly embraced the request.

He appeared to have actually a lot to say.

-Why haven"t you to be broadcasting?

"I didn"t want to hear that i was obtaining benefits. I didn"t want to be noisy because of me. Everything it is, as soon as it"s noisy, girlfriend don"t perform it. So, girlfriend can"t perform it. If it"s noisy, I"m very sorry to others. Because that example, in the instance of KBS, mine The patent fee walk up due to the fact that of the figure fee, so that"s what that is... Is that okay? Then ns just need to quit?

I to be a person who is great at observing various other people"s feelings, so i knew what I want to say simply by looking in ~ the eyes of the manufacturing team, and I can"t stand being uncomfortable v others since of him, so ns left the routine on my own before the other human being spoke out.

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He concentrated on lectures in direct contact with the public, however this was additionally stopped due to dispute over high great fees. Together the corona crisis damaged out, all 6 of the agency"s employee were sent out out. It is virtually closed for service now. The course, you journey yourself. I read and also write in my very own space. The most essential task is come walk a dog named "briquette" double a day. The is additionally a large deal to resolve three meals a work by yourself. Ns knit, examine English, and meditate. Occasionally, he access time the mountains and gives video lectures come young people with Zoom double a month. 2 months ago, I got my excavator and also forklift driving licenses. You say you"re very busy, but there will certainly be a most time as soon as you can"t perform anything.

-I heard the you execute 108 times every morning

. "I do 109 times. My mom is a member the the church, and also she said 108 times would certainly kill me, for this reason I stated 109 times, that"s okay... It began a year ago. The takes about 20 minutes, however then it"s fully on time. . All kinds of thoughts come up. I know that I have actually these thoughts. Together I bow down, mine mind likewise bows down."

His slim body, which appeared to have a belt of much less than 30 inches, was clear proof that this person was constantly moving his body regardless of his transfer activities. It was portrayed that he was training his body as if sharpening a sword.

I an initial met this human being who covered his face with dark sunglasses and a black color mask in the SBS lobby ~ above June 2nd. Broadcasters need to be the 2nd most comfortable space after home, and also since the meeting was made with the development of a trusted acquaintance, over there is a id that at the very least the various other party will certainly not attack him maliciously, but he was no slowing his vigilance. It was a gesture the caution and also caution that a celebrity with a known face could show, and also it was a gesture that vigilance the went far beyond that. He to be a human being who had the idea that he need to never it is in vigilant as soon as meeting strangers. The thought that some of the people he meets may come to his SNS account and comment more than filth, the assumed that he could suddenly come approximately him and also use abusive language, and that that is eating rice favor someday v a Taegeukgi. The believed that it could be pricey must have made the this way.

-When we very first met in the lobby, I acquired the impression that they to be wary of us.

"When they walk out, celebrities room working hours no matter how others check out them. It"s always a task where you have actually to set up tentacles like a gazelle, and there"s constantly the thought that if you record even a little pod, you"ll yes, really die. Probably that"s what taken place to you."

- friend seem come be an extremely afraid of getting hurt.

"Yes, I"m fear of acquiring hurt. Of food I"m afraid. My senior once stated that. "Cheer up. Cursing will come after you." That"s why i said, "Because I"ve tried mine best, I"m no immune come criticism. Ns think"

He said he hadn"t looked up his name on the internet for years.

"When I search for mine name, there are hardly any an excellent articles, and there are overwhelmingly poor articles. Once I read poor articles, i purposely execute not search because I think it will be an overwhelming for me to protect myself."

I didn"t want my living and also working room to be exposed. He stated it was due to the fact that he required a space totally free from the gaze and interest of others and also a an are where the could completely rest. Also when he showed his excavator license, the hid an individual information and showed it. He didn"t also give the end his contact information. Additional questions and answers to be also listed through a 3rd party in the interim. It to be uncomfortable, but it to be understandable provided what this person had actually gone through.

-Is it because you don"t like having actually your privacy attacked by blatant anti-fans?

"It has nothing to carry out with that. I believed that i should have actually my own private room unknown come others, whereby I can live totally as myself, not simply a celebrity, Je-dong Kim. Even if it is physically or psychologically…"

The photo of a human who is exceptionally sensitive and also cautious, with a clean boundary between the inside and also the outside, did not disappear even after the four-and-a-half hour conversation ended.


He was blacklisted by the national Intelligence organization during the Lee Myung-bak administration because he attended the funeral of former President Roh Moo-hyun. It was a clean persecution by power.

after ~ the progressive government came into power, the microphone had actually to be exit again amidst the conflict over even if it is the federal government received distinct favors. The current instance in i beg your pardon broadcasting tasks cannot it is in performed effectively under the conservative regime and also the steady regime is most likely to be unfair, but I struggled to stop from expressing that it to be unfair.

"Regardless of appropriate or wrong, the is the result of what ns did. As soon as what ns did was accepted as a politics act, symbolized, and also then, how could someone else have actually been created instead the the uncontrollable me… ns didn"t intend that, however someone I desire you to understand only my an excellent intentions. Ns can’t perform that either… I have to accept the aftermath of that.”

the was an overwhelming when he to be persecuted during his time in conservative power, but he had actually a cause and a cause. But it must have been even more painful for him in that the debate over the in the gradual regime evoked indigenous such together privilege, negligence, and hypocrisy.

Depriving celebrities the the opportunity to show up in public means more than shedding their jobs and losing your income. It way that there is no method to refer yourself. Revealing and expressing oneself come celebrities is favor confirmation of being alive. When such avenues disappear or are blocked, there is no way to confirm that they are alive. The previous 1 year and 9 months must have been a time of healing and reflection and a time that death. During this time, he seems to have actually thought a lot about the fate of gift a celebrity.

"Celebrities are among those jobs where you need to keep erasing yourself. If you say, "He doesn"t prefer that," delete that part, and if you speak "She likes that", climate don"t castle maximize that component and instinctively relocate like that. You"re no in an atmosphere where you can express yourself."

He stated that the many painful thing about dying is scare disorder, the suicidal ideation that wants to death me, and suicide is what kills me. These three symptoms are especially common amongst celebrities. This have the right to be said because he himself experienced such pain and is still no completely cost-free from it.

Born in Yeongcheon, phibìc Gyeongsang Province, he was the youngest child of a bad family.

Upstairs, over there are five in a row.

100 job after this guy was born, his father, who was the director of the Chosun Ilbo, died.

I prospered up hear to my mother"s deaf ear to hear that i was a boy who ate a father, and told me not to be told that ns was a bastard without a father.

He had actually been working hard on a building site because his sophomore year in high school, and also even now he to be thick enough to lug ten beer bottles in one hand as a part-time job at a bar.

My larger sisters operated in factories, and also my eldest sister and her husband, who worked for Daewoo Shipbuilding, passed away of an commercial accident.

He went to the army as a nationwide guard due to a absence of livelihood.

He was a good news Christian, however in 2014, that was i was baptized at the church using previous Doosan Chairman Park Yong-man as his godfather.

He said that he had actually a dream to become a korean language teacher, yet he couldn"t walk to college since his qualities were bad.

My best grade in school was 7th in my class.

Sungkonghoe university professor Kim Chang-nam selected this person as among the 4 genius candidates in Korea after singer Min-ki Kim, Professor Shin Young-bok, and comedian Yoo-seong Jeon, and I walk not know that this brilliant human being who memorizes the entire Constitution go not execute well in school. Considering the scenarios of the family, where he had to work at the construction stage and live in the same room with his 5 older sisters, it appears he was not able to concentration on his studies.

There is no other method to explain the talent of this human who makes human being cry and also laugh other than the it is a gift from heaven. Based on his experience honed in ~ Moonseon university in the military, he made a surname for himself together a university festival and baseball field host in Daegu before entering the broadcasting industry in 2002. In just eight month after do his challenge on TV, he appeared on 6 entertainment program of the 3 terrestrial broadcasters and became a star well-known to all the people. After ~ 4 year of beginning broadcasting, he won the KBS to chat Awards and reached his heyday. It was a high-speed career the made you feeling dizzy.

3. If it was because of this person"s popularity the he held the pre-inauguration consciousness of chairman Lee Myung-bak in February 2008, it was his fate the he held the funeral for former President Roh Moo-hyun in 2009, the adhering to year. The couldn"t have known the political meaning of being on the stage, yet he wouldn"t have thought the it would be together a large deal. Amongst the countless people affiliated in the funeral in may of that year, ns remember this man"s voice and also appearance specifically clearly. This would have been a presence, but since then, this human being has come to be a symbolic existence.

It is not the an outcome of one"s own energetic choice, but by some opportunity it appears to be connected in the situation. It was not that he raised his hand to was standing on that stage, no one did he have a special connection with the deceased throughout his lifetime. It was daunting to humanly disapprove the inquiry of the bereaved family in grief, and also he only functioned harder than ever before at what that did ideal on the stage.

"It might seem choose I"m recorded up in a particular situation, but in fact, I need to make a personal choice. The old society also had actually a request from the bereaved family, yet if I claimed I wouldn"t go, i couldn"t go. Each year from the first to the fifth anniversary of president Roh, Bongha The points I did at concerts and performances were because I want to do it.”

This was not what that wanted, but he became a "political" figure. Politics is about belonging to one side and also being the enemy of the other. The enthusiastic cheers the one faction enraged condemnation close to the curse that the various other camp. It has gone from gift loved by all civilization to gift praised and criticized at the same time. From the view of the progressive camp, it to be a "concept entertainer", yet from the perspective of various other camps, it was the epitome of a "introvert" armed with an unripe idea. As soon as the university student tuition problem, the Sewol ferry, and the THAAD deployment problem broke out, i ran to the scene and also grabbed the microphone. If you offer him a microphone, he is a human who listens to thousands or tens of hundreds of people. He has actually his own thoughts and his very own philosophy, for this reason this person is the best agitator. Choose some celebrities, that was not someone that made a principle statement as soon as or twice, for this reason from the the contrary camp, he was an enemy that should be shot.

-Why perform you think the conservatives room attacking you intensively?

"My talent is too great to cause damage come me. (Laughs) No matter where girlfriend block it, the somehow division through. It breaks v at a speak concert and also comes out v the Constitution… The much more I acquire attacked, the more I take it one step further. I think I"ve get an impressive up. Looking back, I"m grateful, however I don"t want to go through that again."

No matter exactly how you look at it, he is not a person with nerves make of wire. Ns am no a human who specialization in fighting, and also I am not a human who enjoys fighting. That doesn"t also look choose they"ve been fighting a winning battle. The is true the this human is gift beaten even more in a instance where progressive pressures are dominant. The didn"t appear to be solid enough to stand firm ~ above his own. Ns wondered if there would certainly be any regrets for doing something ns couldn"t handle, however I stated there to be no such thing.

“Even if ns went back, i would have actually made the same an option because… i don’t think the influence would be too huge compared to what ns was doing. There may be unfortunately things…”

He claimed he didn’t remorse it, yet his voice did not sound resolute and also determined. Recently, the comment role on YouTube v interviews regarded the new book has actually been blocked. This is a difficult work to stop criticizing comments. This person says that he prevents the poop since it is dirty, not because he is afraid, but in a way, it have the right to be taken as providing up the fight.

"I told girlfriend to stop it. We have to open comments and also discuss, but coming here and also using dual swearing is prefer a bathroom. It"s not made for them come poop and also pee. It"s a location made for talk...This is communication. Ns think it"s different from that."

This man"s words obtained a bit harsh as soon as referring to the conservatives" assaults on him. Ns struggled to number out the place of those who attacked me, and also while they stated it was feasible and it was a matter of worths ​​that that was an overwhelming to to speak that ns was have to right and they were necessarily wrong, I might not manage my anger at those who struck me. Together for why the Moon Jae-in administration did not discuss the THAAD issue and also why did he remain silent in the country"s affairs, the dismissed the assault in one word. It was an attitude that i did not desire to mix v such people.

"Because of those people"s stories, it"s also cheesy because that me to tell and also explain these kinds of stories. Historically, the newspaper that had the most selective anger assaults me by developing such selective anger. "

He defined that he did not want his explanation to be the start of an additional controversy, but that the was just answering once he asked because that confirmation, and that that was not silent on such matters.

He said that he had mentioned this issue several times, consisting of a visit to Seongju in September 2017, after taking office, and urging the the THAAD problem be resolved. Jung Yoo-ra claimed that the criticism the silence throughout the national crisis is no selective anger is additionally different indigenous the target truth.

"When us were doing , a lawyer that is currently a member of the autonomous Party (Rep. Kim Nam-guk) come out and also discussed the problem of the Minister of justice of the country. During the live broadcast, the protested, "What if Kim Je-dong is prefer this, too partial?" ns said, "I don"t understand anything else, yet I"m the justice Minister, so I need to ask," and I talked about it in both the opening and closing words, yet (the conservative media) doesn"t point out that."

Just saying something doesn"t typical you"ve done her job. There room not a couple of people who concern this guy whether he has done what he has to say come the steady regime as lot as the loudness that his voice shouting in ~ the conservative power. This male seemed come think that these world were swearing and trying to get pods no matter what the did, and he claimed he didn"t want to struggle them any type of more. That was daunting to fathom whether it was due to the fact that he walk not have actually the confidence to victory the battle, or because he knew the he might win, but in the procedure of fighting, he had actually no an option but to get hurt and exhausted.

4. Support and also support a party through a fairly unfamiliar name, the Future Party, i beg your pardon is no the autonomous Party no one the righteousness Party. The Mirae Party is a politics party founded by young world in their 20s and 30s. It has been actively encouraging young civilization to get involved in politics for the previous 10 years. He said that the age to be chosen should be lowered and that students should be provided a an option in the superintendent election.

“I’ve been saying because the time of the tuition struggle that the young generation have to be interested in politics so that political leaders will come front to fix the problems of the young. Now, the 20-30 generations room now coming to be the key pillars that politics. The votes, the reality that we have to listen come them, to be unimaginable 10 years ago.”

It is a party that has actually been supported and also supported for decades, but when this young people become established strength over their 50s, he claimed that that would prevent supporting and also support one more party.

The eyes of this not-so-great man twinkled as he recounted the constitution story line by heat while memorizing the provisions of the Constitution. The constitution essay composed by this human being was discussed at the listening of the candidate for the Prosecutor basic of the national Assembly, and also it ended up being a object of conversation to the allude of mentioning this person"s book, saying the we must not allow the progressives monopolize the constitution values.

"I don"t think Rep. Seung-Min Yoo stated this with malice. Ns don"t understand why they speak to me a progressive, but as Kim Je-dong and also other free publish and also lecture top top constitutional publications like this, the conservatives also need come talk an ext about constitutional values. I took it because that granted."

- do you uncover it fun and lucrative when you talk around the Constitution?

"Whether it"s insults or whatever, the Constitution has actually never been a object of discussion. I feel rewarded and happy. It"s not since of me, but young human being read the Constitution and also wrote a book containing your feelings. In fact, we met if dating and playing under the pretext that the Constitution. Then, if over there is a distinction of opinion, they look in ~ the Constitution and do so.”

At times, he looks choose a warrior who has actually lost his fighting spirit, yet when it concerns the constitution and also youth politics, that is unlikely the this person will advanced the object of "politics" easily. Because that this person, national politics is not a matter of power, however a issue of handling our lives and happiness. A yellow ring commemorating the Sewol Ferry to be attached come the bag that was claimed to store books and drink bottles.

5. He stated he had actually come too far to return. Once he stated that it would be an overwhelming to go ago to the past, this man"s expression looked a little bit lonely.

"It"s tough for me to go earlier to being simply a really cute, funny and funny person. The an initial thing that comes to mind once I look at myself is 50-60% leftists, then Chinese cabbage in boundless Challenge, or something. It"s not that lock overlaid it, but it"s difficult to go earlier to when these representations weren"t overlaid."

Yoo Jae-seok, Kang Ho-dong, Shin Dong-yeop, and Lee Kyung-gyu, who were when shoulder to shoulder through this person, space still active at the optimal of the to chat industry. I want to asking if you space envious of together people.

"I think it"s complicated for me to keep up with the civilization who are broadcasting now. However, ns think that i performed a performance the is not shameful no matter where in the civilization it is presented at a talk concert. Ns think that I have done whatever that deserve to be done with broadcasting. In ~ the 3 broadcasting suppliers I"ve won nearly all the awards given."

Still, if there to be an opportunity, he did not hide his desire to broadcast.

“I desire to execute a program that suits me, such together Talk2U, ~ the corona virus is over. Of course, i think it will certainly not be straightforward in reality. There room so plenty of stories external of broadcasting… If there is a routine that we want to do together, we need to

do it.” over there is nothing much more terrifying 보다 being forget by a celebrity who resides on the love and interest of the public.

It has actually been less than 2 years since I left the show, but there are civilization who perform not know Kim Je-dong that the world.

"Sometimes in center school, people don"t understand me well. That"s the saddest time. When I fulfill something I want to aid with, there room times as soon as I think it would certainly be great if I had actually an influence."

There are those who say the the celebrity"s stagnation is no only due to the fact that of politics winds, but since his talent can"t keep up v the transforms of the times, but it is clear that this person"s current appearance has actually nothing to execute with politics winds. Maybe these words come and also go in the entertainment industry. "You have to construct a wall with politics, look at Kim Je-dong, that"s what happens once you gain on the wrong next of politics" That could be the most fearful word for this person.

After I acquired off the show, I began a talk concert. Ns couldn"t find a stage on the show, so i made the stage myself. Traveled about the country and also met people.

I met as couple of as 5,000 and as many as 20,000 people a month, and also I laughed with them and also made castle laugh. Through an ext than 500 talk concerts, the told his own story and listened come others.

Kim Je-dong"s true nature is more clearly revealed in this public performances than in broadcasting. Ns feel prefer I"m wearing clothes that fit my body and also enjoying the game that I can do best.

“I met and also talked to more people than anyone else and I think i learned a lot through those people. If you don’t know people, you can’t make world laugh, yet they tell the genuine story. It"s a job, but it"s a blessing to be able to meet so many people and also study."

Through together meetings, I was able to speak the language of the public and see the civilization from the perspective of the public. Even though the current case is unreasonable, the silence and self-reflection might be due to the fact that they understand what the public wants.

This person"s lecture is a performance. Just as a singer sings, a dancer dances, and also a musician plays, this person performs verbally. He described his performance as pansori without a melody. This man"s words are art performed on stage. The conflict surrounding the high expense of lectures bordering this human is no that daunting if we change the terminology. Once it comes to lectures, 15 million winner seems prefer a the majority of money, however when it concerns performances, the story is different. Considering that he is ready to pay hundreds of thousands of winner per ticket to see an art performance, it is questionable even if it is the lot is too much for one artist called Je-dong Kim.

He has actually written five books and has sold about 700,000 copies. The is not much from becoming a million-seller writer. If girlfriend look at this person"s book, you have the right to see the Kim Je-dong"s sayings room not the product of a celebrity"s wit, yet come from deep heart study, reading, and experience. If you read the transcript that the conversation with this person, the feeling you obtain when girlfriend speak and how you feeling in creating are fairly different. Talk to this person and also writing to him room two various things. While this person"s speak is largely done top top a publicly stage, composing is a work done alone in a closet. He likes to it is in alone and also thinks a lot, for this reason the location of a writer is no so awkward. The future the "Writer Je-dong Kim" is also promising as there space thoughts that have actually been forged with time of psychological in his natural sense of language.


Starting through the donation of 100 million won from MBC in 2006, he has donated a many money therefore far.

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When i asked the details amount, he said he did no know just how much it was. In 2015, once he established , he donated 100 million won as seed money and also donated all the proceeds native the books he had written so far. V 700,000 books sold, the royalties alone will more than likely exceed several hundred million. 114 laptops and 25 tablet PCs were ceded to the youngsters sponsored by Insero, the very first edition the .

“If friend buy a offered product, you deserve to send more, yet I called you to send a new one. Brands and also brands are important to children. No one knows except for the children who get them. If friend reply, they have to write an additional letter."

I have actually received a lot from society, so ns think I need to pay back as lot as i received. Complimentary lectures, donations, and also volunteer work all occupational in the dimension.

- You when said that you need to pay back what you want to pay ago to society. Do you think you"ve nearly paid turn off now?

"I think I"ve paid off almost everything now. That course, I have actually to proceed doing what I"ve to be doing, however I don"t think it"s necessary to live v an extreme sense the debt and suppress me. Ns think there will certainly be."

Now the he has almost paid off, he also read the he has taken duty for the controversies led to by his words and also actions. After posting the book, i interviewed several media outlets. Now, ns wondered if he was going come prepare for a full-fledged return to the entertainment industry, yet he stated that the interview was taking the publisher"s position right into consideration.

Since girlfriend come from a an overwhelming family, you will certainly not have actually one or two family and relatives about you to help. An ext than something else, the more money girlfriend have, the much more you desire to have it, and this person must likewise be someone who cannot be freed from such desires, but this human being usually opens up his wallet. This guy"s donations aren"t the loud. The donations of so-called celebrities don"t feel favor a pre-investment come get an ext income or a quasi-tax request by our society on celebrities, yet this person"s donation smells much less like that.

There were things that money might help, but he seemed more interested in things that that could assist with his body. For totally free lectures, i am ready to run to wherever over there is a call, and also I shot to go to disaster sites that require their very own hands through the shoulder-to-shoulder members. There are 1,700 members that agree with this person. The reason I recently obtained my excavator and forklift license is because I have to drive an excavator and also forklift while doing volunteer work.

7. Count the breaths the everyone present at the interview site and eliciting responses, they answered the questions as if they to be performing. Almost every one of the answers included humor, so periodically the line between seriousness and also jokes to be blurred. That pierced the psychic of the human asking the question. He has a much better ability to listen 보다 to speak.

A famed producer claimed that this person"s face was a sad face, yet I felt loneliness an ext than sadness. The surname of the world that come out of this person"s mouth space brilliant, yet the familiarity that the brilliant stars and also celebrities walk not minimize this person"s loneliness. That is not to say that the friendship between this person and those human being is light. In fact, there space not so numerous burdens that world can share to reduce the weight. It"s no lonely without friends or family. It to be hard due to the fact that I had to tell mine friends to remain away indigenous me since if you hang out through me, friend too might be harmed. This human did not hide his regrets indigenous his friends who were assaulted just due to the fact that he wrote a reference for his book.

The difference between Je-dong Kim, a herbal person and also Je-dong Kim, a celebrity, is like a knife. Over there is no center ground, no gray area. It"s practically like a cliff cut. I recognize that it is an virtually instinctive action to defend Kim Je-dong, a herbal person, yet it did no seem comfortable. I need to say the it looked fairly dangerous. 7-8 years ago, I checked out a psychiatrist ~ above my own feet and studied ~ receiving counseling because that over 2 years. A human who knows exactly how to listen to the warning bells ringing native within.

When I saw the mountains, i got recorded in a rock beak and also I dropped absurdly, and also I often spilled food while eating.

We are 48 year old this year.

It need to be proof of getting older, however he stated he wished there to be someone who might talk about the sadness he felt at the time.

They stated that it doesn"t matter if they are married or living together, or if castle live together and also then go back to their own house.

Jukmagou, who knows his entire life, recently heard a late marital relationship song.

It seems that the felt more like the while city hall his friend"s wedding.

He claimed that the thing he wanted to execute the most was come laugh a lot v the person he loved, and also the following thing he want to do was to laugh a lot of with various other people.

Whether laughing v the people he loves or laughing with the public, this melancholic genius desire to laugh a lot.

He believes the in order come laugh a lot, there must be no irrationality and absurdity in society.

Even in order to carry out the funniest thing that other civilization do best, it doesn"t fit this person"s constitution, yet it seems difficult to protect against fighting.

*This interview was conducted in a two-to-one style with Man-Hee Yang, editor-in-chief, in ~ SBS headquarters in Mok-dong on June 2nd.

*The complete interview video clip will it is in released because that the first time top top SBS News YouTube in ~ 8:20 pm today (12th).