“Kill Jay Z” is the opening track indigenous Jay’s 13th studio album, 4:44. In one iHeart Radio interview JAY-Z defined the tune as a death of his ego. Throughout the tune he… review More 

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Kill JAY-Z, they'll never ever love youYou'll never ever be enough, let's just keep the real, JAY-ZFuck JAY-Z, i mean, friend shot your own brotherHow can we understand if we deserve to trust JAY-Z?And you know better, nigga, I know you doBut you gotta execute better, boy, you fan it to BlueYou had no father, you had the armorBut you got a daughter, gotta gain softerDie JAY-Z, this ain't ago in the daysYou don't need an alibi, JAY-ZCry JAY-Z, we recognize the pains is realBut you can't cure what you never revealWhat's up, JAY-Z? You know you fan the truthTo all the youth that fell in love v JAY-ZYou got civilization you love you offered drugs toYou got high ~ above the life, the shit drugged youYou walkin' approximately like friend invincibleYou dropped outta school, you shed your principlesI know civilization backstab you, i felt poor tooBut this 'fuck everybody' attitude ain't naturalBut friend ain't a saint, this ain't kumbayeBut you obtained hurt due to the fact that you did cool by 'YeYou provided him twenty million there is no blinkin'He gave you twenty minute on stage, fuck was he thinkin'?"Fuck wrong v everybody?" is what girlfriend sayin'But if everybody's crazy, you're the one that's insaneCrazy just how life worksYou got a knot in her chest, imagine exactly how a knife hurtsYou stabbed Un over part recordsYour excuse was "He was talkin' also reckless!"Let go your ego over your right shoulderYour left is sayin', "Finish your breakfast!"You egged Solange onKnowin' all along, every you had actually to say you was wrongYou virtually went Eric BenétLet the baddest girl in the people get awayI don't even know what else to sayNigga, never ever go Eric Benét!I don't also know what friend woulda doneIn the future other niggas playin' football with your sonYou woulda lost it13 party of Ace of Spade, what the did come BostonNah, JAY-ZBye, JAY-Z