Sometimes, I gain curious about what lies beyond the horizon. The price is constantly a thrill when the view transforms out to be one more country, like seeing Russia native Alaska. Cuba is located opposite Florida across the Strait of Florida.So, deserve to you view Cuba native Florida? You cannot see Cuba from Florida. Cuba is 90 miles from Florida, i m sorry is too lengthy for the human eye to watch at sea level. To check out that far, you need to more than 5000ft (1524m) high, i beg your pardon is not possible even through the tallest skyscrapers.

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This post features the point of Florida closest to Cuba. I have actually indicated how much apart the locations are and also why friend cannot watch Cuba from Florida. Further, I have actually highlighted the tasks that make key West a popular location for tourists from everywhere the world.

How far Is Cuba native Florida?

Cuba is about 90 miles south of Florida. This is the shortest distance in between Florida’s crucial West Island and Cuba’s capital, Havana. The water distance throughout the Strait that Florida is offered in nautical miles for the function of sea navigating by big ships. The actual distance is around 103 miles.

Florida is a state in the southeastern part of the US. The state owns thousands of miles the beaches thanks to the Atlantic ocean on one side and also the Gulf that Mexico on the other.The state is residence to Miami, one of the most popular vacation point out in the world. Did you understand that you can see the Bahamas native Miami?Cuba is top top the southerly side that the state that Florida. It is the largest island in the Caribbean and also is one archipelago, or a arsenal of islands, with about 1600 islands. The nation is situated at the suggest where the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf that Mexico, and also the Caribbean Sea meet.Cuba’s coastline stretches because that over 3500 miles and is one of the ideal countries to visit for a brief vacation.Cuba and Florida have actually the Strait the Florida in common. The strait runs between the Gulf the Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and also between the Florida Keys and also Cuba. The Florida tricks are islands stretching along the southern guideline of the state that Florida.Key West Island is among the Florida Keys and also is the closest to Cuba at 90 nautical miles away. If you might have an chance to check out Cuba indigenous the US, this would certainly be the location to be. Unfortunately, the street is tho too lengthy for you to watch across.

Key West Island – friend Can nearly See Cuba indigenous Florida

Key West and the other Florida keys is located in the Strait the Florida within the united state state that Florida. The island extends over a soil area of 4.2sq mi and is top top the southernmost finish of the US.While you cannot view Cuba from the US, setup foot on the US’s southernmost part can be a tremble adventure. Also, crucial West Island is a famous tourist destination. This is as result of its numerous watersports, vivid nightlife, beaches, and also historic sites.Would you prefer to walk to the allude where girlfriend can nearly see Cuba from Florida? You can reach vital West by driving, flying, or sailing. Alternatively, you deserve to ride a spaceship or a train.Below, I have actually highlighted the best tasks you can engage in while in crucial West.

Things come Do and See in an essential West


Visit the fort Zachary historic State Park

This is a good place to integrate watersports, picnicking, and also exploration. Because that starters, the beach below is clean, and also the water is clear, making the the perfect website for snorkeling.Do you have actually the right snorkeling set? i recommend you gaining a collection that is adjustable and is do of premium materials.If you love to grill, the beach has plenty the space, barbecue grills, and also rental grilling equipment. Girlfriend can also indulge in part civil war history on a guided tour in the park’s historic fort.

Capture the Sunset at the Mallory Square

Watching the sunlight disappear into the Gulf the Mexico from Mallory Square is one of the highlights of key West. Located at the northwest tip of the island, the square has end up being a renowned place because that tourists. They converge right here every day for the ritualistic setting-of-the-sun festival.While you wait because that sunset, street performers of all kinds will keep you entertained. You can additionally take the time to sample some delicious foods and drinks native vendors anywhere the square.Since the task is popular, be prepared to mingle with huge crowds and, if friend can, discover your spot early in advance.

Explore Ernest Hemmingway Home and also Museum

If you love come read, you could have check out or come across some of Ernest Hemmingway’s work. A literary icon and a journalist, Hemingway own a home in an essential West from whereby he wrote several of his finest works.The house later ended up being a united state National historic Landmark. That is a an excellent place to get in touch with the memorabilia that Hemmingway’s life and also work. Just in situation you hear around Hemmingway because that the first time, there space tour guides to help you out.

Take a picture With the Southernmost allude Buoy

At the intersection of Whitehead and South highways in key West, yes a vibrant concrete buoy the is 12ft (3.7m) high and 7ft (2.1m) wide. The Buoy was created in 1983 and also has survived number of hurricanes.According to Wikipedia, it is one of the most visited and photographed attractions in the US. The Buoy is significant as the southernmost allude of vital West. However, the true southernmost component of the island is top top the Truman Annex property. That is unmarked since it is united state Navy property and is inaccessible by civilians.Are you prepared to take a take self alongside the Buoy? therefore is everybody! Head out early in the morning to prevent the crowds and also get a high quality snapshot.

Enjoy a Panoramic check out From the vital West Lighthouse

The lighthouse is situated in an essential West’s Old Town and has to be standing for practically 200 years. Originally, the lighthouse guided ships come the nearby Naval Station however has since become a historical site.If you nothing mind climb the 88 actions to the top, a sweeping watch of the island awaits you in ~ the top. At such times, a Camera comes in handy.Next to the lighthouse, the keeper’s quarters have now to be turned right into a museum. The soldier still have actually furniture and also other items dating back to the early 20th century.There are likewise photographs and memorabilia of keepers who maintained the lighthouse because that over 100 years.

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Dive and Explore the USNS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg

This is a massive world War II ship the is sunk around 7 mile from the coast of an essential West. Follow to NBC News, the ship is the second-largest man-made reef in the world. The largest is the USS Oriskany.The shipwreck is ten stories high, offering you lot of of areas to explore. You should be prepared to dive 140ft underwater, though. If you space a experienced diver, then just time will certainly limit exactly how much that the delivery you have the right to explore. ~ above the brighter side, divers that all ability levels will reap the dive.Would you favor a sneak peek into what diving the Vandenberg would be like? clock the video below for inspiration.