In his an initial NXT Championship defense since winning the location at Beast in the East, Finn Balor effectively retained the strap Saturday night in ~ NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn in a ladder match versus Kevin Owens.

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After a physics back-and-forth contest, Balor had actually the NXT location in his grasp prior to deciding to complete Owens turn off for good. Indigenous the height of the ladder, he yielded the Coup de Grace, which bought him an ext than sufficient time to scale the ladder as soon as again and grab the belt.

Straight Shoot"s Aubrey Sitterson felt an ext than satisfied v the caliber that match yielded by the two NXT stars:


see some folks griping about balor/owens, but man…i preferred it fairly a bit. Whatever i want from a ladder match. #STRAIGHTSHOOT

The victory just cements Balor"s standing as the NXT peak dog, and it"s just a issue of time prior to he renders the jump to Raw and SmackDown. Wade Keller the the Pro wrestles Torch is already making bold proclamations concerning Balor"s run on the huge stage:

Wade Keller

Finn Balor
wwebalor is a marketable mix the Jeff Hardy and also John Cena. I predicted he'll be the babyface Cena turns heel versus in 2-3 years


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Balor was intended to construct into a WWE optimal star the 2nd he to be signed, and it take it him less than a year to come to be the challenge of NXT. Regardless of being a permanent Superstar ~ above the key roster, KO collection out to take ago the location he winner from Sami Zayn in just his third official match under the WWE umbrella.

Owens easily made a name for himself by beating man Cena at Elimination Chamber, and although the was never able to take the United states Championship away from him, he to be still i was sure entering TakeOver:

After dropping the title to Balor in Tokyo, the Canadian Superstar wanted to guideline the scale in his favor. Together justification because that that, he asserted that that felt together though NXT general manager wilhelm Regal was plotting versus him.

That caused Owens saying that the takeover main event should be disputed under a ladder-match stipulation, every WWE universe on Twitter:

WWE cosmos

"At #NXTTakeover Brooklyn ... What I desire ... Is a LADDER MATCH!" -

Balor and Regal eventually agreed come Owens" demand, and also despite the fact that KO has had much more experience in ladder matches end the years, The Demon was able to power supreme at the Barclays Center.

With Owens and also Neville on the key roster and also the likes of Zayn and Hideo Itami at this time out injured, Balor has become the go-to guy in NXT. Beating Owens because that a second time cements that, and it speak to exactly how much trust Triple H has actually in his capacity to bring the load.

Some might argue the KO losing again isn"t ideal due to the fact that his profile has actually dropped so much as of late, but if that is starting to obtain phased out of NXT, then it was just right for him to put the irish Superstar over.

One deserve to only assume that Owens will certainly be watched less regularly at full Sale Arena, which create some concerns with regard to that will be Balor"s next challenger. Based upon the stars that are at this time on the NXT roster, Tyler Breeze, Samoa Joe and perhaps also Baron Corbin was standing out together possibilities.

Apollo Crews additionally figures to be in the title hunt sooner quite than later, but because he just debuted Saturday night, he"ll have to wait in line.

Regardless of that is next for Balor, all signs point toward the 34-year-old star enjoy it a long and fruitful run with the title until he bring away his rightful place on the main roster.

Both Balor and also Owens placed on an awesome display Saturday, and also they proved once again why NXT is the hottest brand in skilled wrestling.

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