Kenny Albert Biography

Kenny Albert (Kenneth Gary Albert) is one American sportscaster. That is the single sportscaster right now doing play-by-play for every four significant professional leagues in the U.S and also Canada (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL).

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Kenny Albert Age

Albert to be born top top February 2, 1968, in new York, U.S. That is 53 years old as of 2021.

Kenny Albert Height

Albert stands in ~ a elevation of 1.76m.

Kenny Albert Family

Albert was born to his parents, Marv Albert and Benita Oberlander. His father was also a sportscaster along with his uncle Al Albert and also Steve Albert. Top top his 5th birthday, his parents provided him a ice recorder to practice his broadcasting.

Kenny Albert Wife

Albert has been married to his mam Barbara Wolf due to the fact that 1996. The couple is blessed through two daughters Sydney Albert and also Amanda Albert.


Kenny Albert Photo

Kenny Albery Education

Albert attended brand-new York university where the graduated v a degree in broadcasting and journalism in 1990.

Kenny Albert Career

Albert handled TV play-by-play because that the Washington Capitals and also Washington Bullets and also was a part-time announcer top top Washington Nationals telecasts in 2005. Afterward, he ended up being the radio voice the the new York Rangers, and a play-by-play announcer and also field-level reporter for Fox’s coverage of major League Baseball, the NFL.

He walk TV play-by-play for Washington Redskins preseason games in addition to Joe Theismann. In the 1990s, Albert worked on Fox NHL Saturday telecasts, when Fox had actually the network contract for the national Hockey League. He currently does play-by-play because that the NHL ~ above NBC and NBCSN.

Albert is a substitute play-by-play announcer for television new York Knicks games on MSG Network and also has additionally covered university basketball because that ESPN Plus. He likewise announced the play-by-play because that the 2015 American League department Series in between Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers.

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He to be nominated for the sports Emmy award for exceptional Sports Personality, play-by-play in 2016. Albert referred to as the play-by-play the the Minnesota Vikings- Pittsburgh Stealers NFL game for Fox on October 25, 2009. The later organized the new York Yankees’ locker room celebration ~ clinching the American league Championship series that night.