For kendal Jenner, acquisition a good swimsuit take self is simple. “Knowing your body and your angles,” the design says. Kylie zener agrees: “Angles room everything.” That, that course, and also a great swimsuit to present off. There room plenty that French cuts and also balconette top to select from in their 23-piece swim capsule, which launches solely on today—just in time for top beach season. To go with them, the sisters readily available a couple of of their finest poolside format tips to shot out this summer.

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The Jenners prefer a high-waist, hip bone–grazing cut. “We were inspired by old school ’80s shower suits like my mother used to wear,” Kylie says. “My mom has the many amazing ’70s and ’80s swim collection. I have worn some lately, so we were really motivated by the sexy sports vibe.” Indeed, the throwback cut has resurfaced both in your line and across Instagram, wherein the look at is trending. “We room loving every little thing high-cut since it looks amazing on every body types,” kendall says.

The pair firmly believes the note of a great suit comes under to the versatility; even much better if it recommendations lingerie, prefer the flirty bra tops in their capsule. “I’m definitely a fan of the ‘swimtimates’ trend!” kendal says, of taking swimwear and lingerie to the street. “I love layering lingerie and also swim into my day-to-day looks, especially throughout the summertime.” Kylie is likewise on board. “I think swimwear sometimes has a lingerie feeling to it, therefore it just makes feeling that human being combine the two clothes styles together,” she says. While kendal plans ~ above styling she bikini tops v overalls and also sneakers for the city, Kylie suggests layering a swimsuit separate under a crop top or a tank through denim brief shorts.

When it pertains to the all-important question—one-piece or two—the Jenners stay divided. “At the moment, i love a sexy one-piece. That classic and chic,” kendall says. Kylie begs come differ. “Two pieces room fun because I deserve to mix and also match the tops and also the bottoms,” she says. “It counts on my mood.” fear not: There’s lot of of time to explore both sides, before swimsuit season comes to a close.

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