5 ladies Eminem claims He date (And 15 Who claim They dated Him) anyone who"s ever before listened to Eminem"s lyrics has actually heard that trash talk his baby mama, so that possibly day a man like that?! Well, rather a couple of women.

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Eminem has kept a reasonably tight lid on his private life. The one girl he"s talked about the many - at least in his text - is Kimberly ann "Kim" Scott, who he to be married to... Twice. They met in high school, and when Kim and her twin sister Dawn ran far from home, they relocated in with Eminem and also his mother. The two had an on-and-off relationship starting in 1989.

Anyone who"s ever before listened come his lyrics has heard the trash speak his infant mama, so that in their best minds would possibly date a man like that?! Well, it transforms out fairly a few women have dated him... And also apparently, Slim Shady has acted kinda shady and also bragged about dating girls that weren"t walking out with him.

20 claims HE DATED: Nicki Minaj

In 2018, both Eminem and Nicki sustained rumors that they were covertly dating. Nicki Minaj claimed that they were a couple while Eminem kept the rumor going. Their chemistry top top "Roman"s Revenge" was undeniable and we to be kinda hope the rappers would obtain together/ transforms out that was every a public stunt and they weren"t actually together.

19 RUMORED TO have DATED HIM: Kesia Alvarez

Kesia declared to have had actually an affair v the rapper when he to be married to then-wife Kim and later went on come divulge exceptionally private details around the star. Few of the details she revealed sound false and also could perhaps simply be because of a desire to acquire her 15 minute of fame.

18 RUMORED TO have actually DATED HIM: Brittany Murphy

Eminem and Brittany Murphy co-starred in the movie 8 Mile and also rumors of romance followed. The so late actress go hint in ~ the two stars extending their onscreen chemistry off-screen too, however nothing was ever confirmed. Eminem continued to be mum ~ above this one too. So there space hookups with famed women the he keeps private after all. Shocking!

17 claims HE DATED: Mariah Carey

The songstress has actually vehemently denied cases that she date Eminem, yet a scorned Em went the end of his means to prove the insurance claims - he also played voicemails accused left through Mariah. The rapper said:” Yes, me and Mariah did have a partnership for about a good six, seven months, but it no work. Ns wasn’t really right into what she to be into; our personalities collided. She’s a diva, and I’m a little much more regular, i guess.”

16 RUMORED TO have actually DATED HIM: Gina Lynn

Gina Lynn has been rumored to have actually dated Eminem ever because she showed up in his “Superman” video. Because that those of girlfriend who room wondering that on earth this mrs is - problem not, we have actually you covered. Gina Lynn is an actress in the adult movie industry— she is no the only adult movie actress the rapper has actually been rumored come have acquired cozy with either.

15 RUMORED TO have DATED HIM: joy McAvoy

Actress and rapper delight McAvoy is alleged to have actually admitted come spending a night with the rapper earlier in the 2000s, however you guessed the - Eminem never shown these reports. Patience down... According to Joy, nothing happened - no adult funny times occurred and the rapper was a total gentleman. Okay, we believe you... Not.

14 RUMORED TO have DATED HIM: Samantha Mumba

The irish singer/songwriter rose to fame in 2000 through the relax of she debut solitary "Gotta tell You," which got to the top five in Ireland, the joined Kingdom, and the unified States. It"s throughout this period that she was rumored to have actually dated the rapper. Though again, it remained strictly together a rumor throughout the years with neither the the political parties confirming or denying the allegations.

13 RUMORED TO have actually DATED HIM: Geri Halliwell

Fans to be stunned once the duo was rumored to have actually been dating. Reports claimed that Eminem and ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell had actually been meeting up regularly for warm lunches and dinners after meeting by the swimming pool of the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles wherein they both stayed. This has obtained to be the weirdest couple of all time.

12 insurance claims HE DATED: Britney Spears

Eminem is rumored to have hooked up through Britney Spears during the early part of the 2000s. He maintained the rumor going by hinting at a feasible fling with the pop star. Some human being don"t kiss and also tell and also Em dropping clues of feasible adult funny times with Britney is a breach the trust... Suspect it"s true.

11 RUMORED TO have actually DATED HIM: Tracy Mcnew

Rumors of this two covertly dating began way back in 2008, however the stars" rep said Mcnew was just part of his management team. It"s rather understandable why civilization would assume the these 2 were one item... We would assume that the duo more than likely spent long hrs together - in a professional capacity.

10 RUMORED TO have DATED HIM: Karrine Steffans

The former video clip vixen turned writer has been linked to numerous celebs and also rappers, and also has showed up in an ext than 20 music videos. Steffans Penned three new York times bestselling books, Confessions of a video Vixen, The Vixen Diaries, and The Vixen Manual: exactly how to Find, Seduce & store the male You Want. Eminem had a short encounter v Karrine Steffans in 2003.

9 RUMORED TO have DATED HIM: Skylar Grey

The talented singer, songwriter and the "rap god" rapper have been rumored to have actually dated. They have made beautiful music together and also have great on-stage chemistry. Through neither party commenting on the rumor, it continues to be pure speculation. This is one pair up us wouldn"t psychic though— it has actually us wishing they would certainly really acquire together.

8 claims HE DATED: Tara Reid

Eminem says he had intimate connections with Tara “before every the an illness and ingredient " and also did confirm their alleged connection on a pair of occasions. He even dropped part harsh lyrics about it on "Kamikaze". The rapper has actually been recognized to to express his displeasure with people through music, ~ all.

7 RUMORED TO have actually DATED HIM: Kendra Jade Rossi

Former adult movie star and wife the Rockstar Supernova frontman Lucas Rossi, Kendra Jade is rumored come have had a quick fling v Eminem back in the day. Neither party has evidenced the rumors though, therefore we space guessing that was relatively brief and also the duo didn"t think lot of it.

6 insurance claims HE DATED: Rihanna

Who deserve to forget the moment Riri was captured in the center of Eminem and device Gun Kelly’s rap beef? In his diss track, MGK insurance claims that Eminem is also “scared come ask Rihanna for her number,” come which Eminem responded through his own track “Killshot,” in which the raps: “Rihanna simply hit me top top a text/Last night ns left hickeys on her neck.”

5 RUMORED TO have DATED HIM: Marisa Cirillo

The two allegedly dated back in the day, and their relationship is chronicled in the Eminem song, “Spend some Time,” whereby Eminem, 50 Cent, and other rappers discuss heartbreaking relationships. Apparently, 50 Cent to be quoted as saying the “Marissa is Marshall’s one true love. Lock are heart mates, and are destined to be together!”

4 RUMORED TO have actually DATED HIM: Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews and Eminen room rumored come have had a brief relationship in the past, and it"s quickly believable seeing together the rapper has actually an affinity because that adult movie stars. Choose his entanglement through Kendra Jade, Em has never talked about his short fling with the actress. For someone so private, he sure has divulged exclusive intimate info about details women he claims to have been through in the past.

3 RUMORED TO have actually DATED HIM: Kaya Jones

It is alleged that the previous Pussycat Doll and the rapper briefly dated, though neither party confirmed or refuse the allegations. When the songstress take it a shot at Eminem via Twitter for few of his views, plenty of were left wondering whether it to be a instance of a romance gone wrong.

2 RUMORED TO have DATED HIM: Marni Bright

Music studio manager Marni Bright to be rumored to have actually been romantically connected to the rapper back in November of 2007. Neither party comment on this, though! and that"s probably why the rumor is still lingering— we store wondering "did castle or didn"t they?" us assume lock did and if that"s the case, us hope the rapper won"t drop a diss track about it under the line.

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1 RUMORED TO have DATED HIM: Kim Bessinger

When Bessinger and also Eminem starred in the movie 8 Mile together, rumors that a feasible hook-up stormed the internet, but he denied ever being affiliated with the actress when she stayed silent about the totality thing. It"s a wild ide considering Brittany Murphy revealed the the two of lock were date at the time.