On Saturday, a nine-year-old bat boy named Kaiser Carlile to be struck in the head through a bat while working a nationwide Baseball congress World collection game because that the free (Kansas) punishment Jays that the Jayhawks Collegiate League.

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On Sunday, the team passed along the heartbreaking news that little Kaiser has actually passed away.

With the permission that the family, and also with much sorrow and also a an extremely broken heart, i regretfully educate everyone that…

Posted by Liberal bee Jays onSunday, respectable 2, 2015

According to witnesses, Kaiser acquired too close to a player in the on-deck circle and was win in the head by a practice swing.

Home key umpire note Goldfeder, a firefighter-paramedic indigenous Tarpon Springs, Florida, tended to the boy until the neighborhood paramedics landed on the scene.

“I didn’t view the actual incident happen,” Goldfeder said USA Today. “What ns did hear was the call of the hit and also then ns heard him hit the ground. I turned around, experienced him ~ above the ground. He acquired up and was hold his shoulder, took a few steps and also then collapsed. Obviously at that suggest I well-known there to be a an ext serious problem than just being hit potentially in the shoulder.”

The player who bat win Kaiser has actually not to be named. Offered the remarkable grief he must be dealing with, the last thing he demands is to be pestered by members of the media.

For punishment Jays basic manager Mike Carlile, this tragedy is a family members matter. Kaiser was his cousin’s son.

“We simply lost a little, 9-year-old punishment Jay and also it’s extremely sad,” he told The Wichita Eagle. “No one wrote us a book to tell us how to execute this. We’re just handling it the best method we know how, and also that’s to keep coming out and keep honoring Kaiser ~ above the field.”

The other Bee Jays players, who space all college kids, have been struggle pretty difficult by the tragedy, too.

The Liberal punishment Jays kneel in prayer after discovering the tragic news of Kaiser Carlile’s passing after ~ the game. Pic.twitter.com/OEMrHXiQrU

— Taylor Eldridge (
teldridge24) respectable 3, 2015

Heaven’s baseball team just got the ideal bat young ever. The was constantly able to placed a laugh on every solitary one of our faces. RIP Kaiser.

— Lee Busto (
LiberalBeeJays player gets emotionally sharing memories of bat boy, #KaiserCarlile that cheered the up. #KSN pic.twitter.com/ya0y3TNCqx

— Brittany Glas (

With the blessing the Kaiser’s family, the bee Jays decided to honor Kaiser by playing their game on Sunday. Lock won, proceeding to the semifinals the the NBC civilization Series.

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A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Kaiser’s family with medical bills and also funeral costs. In ~ time the writing, it has raised $97,662 the it’s $100,000 score in just one day. Click here if you’d prefer to contribute.