Justice league Action: What happened to the Cartoon Network Series? justice League activity aired ~ above Cartoon Network native 2016 come 2018. Due to the fact that then, no one has said a word about its status. So, what taken place to the show?

In 2016, Warner Bros. And DC envisioned Justice league Action as the next big animated hit focusing on kid-friendly action and humor over character advance and detailed plots, potentially providing healthy competition to Teen Titans Go!. Created by Jim Krieg, Alan Burnett and also Butch Lukic, and starring acquainted voices such together Kevin Conroy, mark Hamill, troy Baker and also Diedrich Bader, Justice league Action debuted that is pilot illustration in 2016 in ~ Comic-Con global in san Diego to largely positive reactions.

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"Justice League activity largely tote on the tone and style the Justice league Unlimited, however with a greater element of humor," Conroy said at in ~ the time. "It"s certainly a righteousness League activity show. It"s gained all the action and the drama that a Justice League episode."

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With buzz (and a Mattel-produced toy line) behind the show, Justice organization Action premiered on Cartoon Network in December 2016 before wrapping increase 52 episodes later on in June 2018. Due to the fact that then, no one has actually heard a peep about the show"s future, with also its voice gibbs in the dark about its present status.

When request by a Twitter user around Justice league Action"s future, Jason J. Lewis, who voiced Superman on the show, responded, "We haven"t heard anything sadly...but I likewise don"t desire to speculate since nothing has been said. Ns truly hope us come ago however. Save watching, and keep spreading the word."

After more than a year since its critical episode, it"s more than likely that the plug was quiet pulled ~ above Justice league Action. It"s unfortunate, however it didn"t have the ratings nor the momentum to get a second season.

If you analyze the ratings for Justice organization Action compared to Teen Titans Go!, the latter beat the consistently, v the previous struggling to pull 500,000 viewers for its last episode. Teen Titans Go! has also experienced a correctly dip in viewership lately; however, it"s in its fifth season and also that"s expected, as it"s no longer a brand-new series. But a show featuring Batman, Superman and also Wonder woman struggling to reach fifty percent a million people in its an initial season? Ouch.

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Of course, the start of Justice league Action to be calculated and meant come coincide through the run-up to Zack Snyder"s Justice League, as well as tide pan over till the meant sequel in 2019. Unfortunately, the autumn from the film"s crate office under-performance and also behind-the-scenes drama destabilized the whole DC prolonged Universe, doing the animated present no favors. Unsurprisingly, there doesn"t, at this time, seem to be any type of real journey to promote anything linked with the team.

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In numerous ways, Justice league Action is a victim that circumstance. V the success the superhero film franchises regularly dictating what wake up in the man world and also ratings being crucial, every the cards were stacked against this present receiving a second season. It"s a shame, really, because its quality had nothing to perform with that harsh reality. Hopefully, there"s a surprise around the corner and also the collection finds a method to continue.