Does anyone have any info about the dependability ofJohnson fast Strike motors, make in the mid 90"s?-Any details is appreciated

considered to be a an extremely reliable well v the typical oil injection system, not known for "killer" power and torque......the 150 need to be operation somewhere in the area the 5500 rpm"s.....some rotate them a bit faster.....great engine as soon as paired v the appropriate boat, such together an 18 or 19 foot Stratos a search

They are choose the "small block chevy" of boat motors. Very dependable and OMC marketed a ton of them so components are available. My 1993 Evinrude 150 is very reliable.

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Bought a brand-new stratos in 98 through the fast strike 150 ~ above it. People gasped as soon as I acquired it. They said "those points will blow in no time" and also "you"ll be lucky if you obtain 2 years prior to the oil injector quits." Well sold it to a girlfriend 3 years earlier and the still cranks increase in one rotate of the vital and operation well. Only problem was a fuel line valve damaged 6 months after I had it. From my perspective they are an extremely reliable, but I did monitor the rest in accuse by the book.

My brother has a "95 or "96 Stratos with a 175 fast Strike top top the back. That weighs 390 lbs and also my dad is 250 lbs....the boat will conveniently reach 65+ mph through both of them in it. Runs prefer a champ v no major issues.

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me too
I additionally had one, good motor, mine to be on a Stratos.The trouble motor because that OMC to be the Ficht, they were known to blow. Some also go as much to say it brought about OMC to walk under financially v all the guarantee work.Jr. B

Johnson quick Strike
I have a "96 on a Stratos 288 agree XL. Good combination. Very dependable and reliable motor. Not good on gas but OK.
Fast Strike
In "92 2 or three males in the Stephens county room bought brand-new boats with rapid Strikes on them. They were absolutely gas hogs. A girlfriend of mine could go twice the distance with his Mercury 150 than I could. The difficulty other than expense, was fishing night tournaments you could run out of gas. Ns traded my after 6 months for a Mariner 150 and also immediately doubled my mileage. One guy referred to as Johnson and was told the the usage was within specs. That told them they must be utilizing a 747 for their specifications!
I have a 96 version Fastrike 150, motor operation like new and tho maintains 120#s ~ above every cylinder,In mine opinion that the ideal motor Ive ever before had
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