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"Don"t take it Your firearms to Town" is a 1958 single by Johnny Cash. The solitary was his 5th release to with the number one place on the nation chart, whereby it continued to be for 6 weeks. "Don"t take Your firearms to Town" was likewise a crossover hit peaking in ~ number thirty-two ~ above the pop chart. The tune is likewise included in the live album VH1 Storytellers: Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson. The tune was extended by U2 together the B-side of their 2001 single "Elevation". Members the the Western authors of America made decision it as one of the height 100 Western songs of all time. Much more »

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A young cowboy called Billy Joe grew restless on the farmA boy filled with wonderlust that really expected no harmHe readjusted his clothes and shined his bootsAnd combed his dark hair downAnd his mother cried as he walked outDon"t take your guns to town sonLeave your firearms at house BillDon"t take it your guns to townHe laughed and also kissed his momAnd claimed your Billy Joe"s a manI deserve to shoot together quick and also straight as anybody canBut ns wouldn"t shoot there is no a causeI"d gun nobody downBut she cry again as he talk awayDon"t take it your guns to city sonLeave your guns at residence BillDon"t take your weapons to townHe sang a track as on the rodeHis guns hung in ~ his hipsHe rode into a livestock townA laugh upon his lipsHe stopped and also walked into a barAnd to adjust his money downBut his mother"s indigenous echoed againDon"t take it your firearms to town sonLeave your weapons at home BillDon"t take it your guns to townHe drank his an initial strong liquor then to patience his shaking handAnd tried come tell himself he had at last he had become a manA dusty cowpoke at his side began to laugh that downAnd the heard again his mother wordsDon"t take your firearms to town sonLeave your guns at house BillDon"t take your firearms to townFilled through rage thenBilly Joe reached for his gun to drawBut the stranger drew his gun and firedBefore he also sawAs Billy Joe fell to the floorThe crowd every gathered "roundAnd wondered at his last wordsDon"t take it your guns to town sonLeave your weapons at residence BillDon"t take it your firearms to town

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Johnny Cash man R. "Johnny" Cash (February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003), was an American singer-songwriter, actor, and author, who has actually been called one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Although that is primarily remembered together a nation music icon, his songs and also sound spanned many other genres including rockabilly and also rock and roll—especially at an early stage in his career—as well together blues, folk, and gospel.

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This crossover appeal caused Cash being inducted in the nation Music room of Fame, the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame, and also Gospel Music hall of Fame. Much more »