The british blues-rock symbol will limit himself come one-off shows and also events local to his California base


John Mayall has actually announced that he intends to retire from touring and also limit his live appearances in the future.

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In a statement made on his Facebook web page the brothers blues rock veteran said, “I have decided, because of the risks of the pandemic and my proceeding age, that it is time because that me to cave up my roadway shoes. As a an outcome I will certainly be radically reducing mine touring schedule and will it is in limiting mine performances to regional shows near my residence in California, and the sometimes concert further afield.

“My epic roadway dog days however have pertained to an end. I want to thank my audience for every the wonderful years of shows, your transmittable enthusiasm because that my music and for your support throughout my many musical incarnations. It has been a privilege to have actually spent my life doing what ns love and also having you along for the ride through me through every one of it.”

Mayall, who turns 88 this year, has been performing live for almost 65 years. He play his an initial shows earlier in 1956, prior to hitting his stride in the mid-"60s with his ensemble The Bluesbreakers, i m sorry famously featured Eric Clapton, Peter Green and also Mick Taylor at various points throughout the decade.

In the same statement, Mayall also reveals that he has actually a brand-new album on the way, The sunlight Is bright Down, i m sorry is set for relax on January 21, 2022.

“I’m proud the what we come up with and excited come share it through you,” says Mayall. “I look forward to see those of girlfriend who can attend my regional shows, and also I will miss all of you that cannot, but as always, keep loving the blues!”

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