Hard to think that Johan de Meij’s first symphony “Lord the the Rings” to be premiered end 30 years ago. Because of Johan’s terrific support that music education, he developed a unique excerpt native the fifth movement, “Hobbits,” for our urbanbreathnyc.com readers. Us hope you gain the “Hobbit’s Hymn” from Johan’s award-winning composition.

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Synopsis the the item from Johan’s WebsiteJohan de Meij’s an initial symphony “The lord of the Rings” is based upon the trilogy of the name by J.R.R. Tolkien. This book has fascinated numerous millions that readers due to the fact that its publishing in 1955. The symphony consists of five separate movements, each portraying a personage or an essential episode from the book.

The motions are:I. GANDALF (The Wizard)II. LOTHLORIEN (The Elvenwood)III. GOLLUM (Sméagol)IV. Trip IN THE DARKa. The Mines the Moriab. The bridge of Khazad-DûmV. HOBBITS

The symphony was written in the duration between in march 1984 and also December 1987, and had that première in Brussels on 15th march 1988, perform by the “Groot Harmonieorkest van de Gidsen” under the baton that Norbert Nozy. In 1989, The Symphony The lord of the Rings to be awarded a very first prize in the Sudler worldwide Wind tape Composition competition in Chicago, and also a year later, the symphony to be awarded by the dutch Composers Fund. In 2001, the orchestral version was premiered through the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and also recorded through the London Symphony Orchestra.

Although that is not basic to summary such an extensive and complex work, the key outline is als follows: the main theme is the Ring, do by primaeval forces that decision the security or devastation of the World. For years it was the possesion of the biology Gollum, but when the Ring drops into the hands of the Hobbits the evil forces awake and the battle for the Ring commences. Over there is yet one solution to save the people from disaster: the Ring need to be destroyed by the fire in which it was forged: Mount doom in the heart of Mordor, the country of the angry Lord Sauron.

It is the Hobbit Frodo that is assigned to lug out this task, and to help him a company, the Fellowship that the Ring, is developed under the management of Gandalf, the wizard, which contains the Hobbits Sam, Peregrin and Merin, the Dwarf Gimli, the Elf Legolas, Boromir and also Aragorn, the later King. The Companions space secretly complied with by Gollum, who does no shun any type of means, but perfidious, to recoup his priceless Ring. However, the Companions soon fall apart, after numerous pernicious adventures and a how amazing dénouement Frodo and also Sam can at last go back to their familiar home, The Shire.

Explanation of the five movements:

I. GANDALF (The Wizard)The very first movement is a musical portrait of the sorcerer’s Gandalf, one of the principal personalities of the trilogy. His wise and noble personality is expressed by a stately motiff i m sorry is provided in a different type in motions IV and V. The sudden opened of the Allegro vivace is indicative of the unpredictability of the grey wizard, followed by a wild ride on his beautiful steed “Shadowfax”.

II. LOTHLORIEN (The Elvenwood)The 2nd movement is an impression of Lothlórien, the elvenwood with its beautiful trees, plants, exotic birds, expressed v woodwind solo’s. The meeting of the Hobbit Frodo v the Lady Galadriel is embodied in a charming Allegretto; in the winter of Galadriel, a silver basin in the wood, Frodo glimpses 3 visions, the last of which, a large ominous Eye, considerably upsets him.

III. GOLLUM (Sméagol)The third movement defines the monstrous creature Gollum, a slimy, shy being represented by the soprano saxophone. The mumbles and talks to itself, hisses and also lisps, whines and snickers, is alternately pitiful and malicious, is continuous fleeing and also looking because that his cherished treasure, the Ring.

IV. Trip IN THE DARKThe fourth movement explains the laborious journey the the Fellowship of the Ring, top by the wizard Gandalf, through the dark tunnels that the Mines that Moria. The slow walking cadenza and the fear are plainly audible in the monotonous valuation of the low brass, piano and percussion. ~ a wild persuit by enemy creatures, the Orks, Gandalf is engaged in battle with a dreadful monster, the Balrog, and crashes indigenous the subterranean leg of Khazad-Dûm in a fathomless abyss. To the melancholy tones that a Marcia funèbre, the bewildered Companions trudge on, trying to find the only method out that the Mines, the eastern Gate the Moria.

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V. HOBBITSThe fifth movement expresses the carefree and optimistic personality of the Hobbits in a happy individual dance; the chant that adheres to emanates the determination and also noblesse that the hobbit folk. The symphony walk not end on one exuberant note, however is finish peacefully and also resigned, in keeping with the symbolic mood of the last chapter “The Grey Havens” in which Frodo and Gandalf sail far in a white ship and also disappear slowly past the horizon.