Rory Feek of country music duo Joey + Rory has written about wife Joey's heart-wrenching goodbye to her daughters together she war terminal cancer.

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In a heartbreaking upgrade on his wife"s battle with phase IV cervical cancer, Rory Feek of nation duo Joey + Rory revealed that Joey has actually said goodbye to your stepdaughters and also that the household is act its finest to cherish every day.

Feek has actually kept fans apprised the his wife’s battle on his blog, This Life i Live.

Country singer Rory Feek has actually written touchingly about his wife and singing partner Joey, who is battling stage IV cervical cancer and recently said goodbye to their

In one Oct. 23 short article titled “enough,” Feek created that medical professionals told lock there to be nothing an ext they might do for she after a collection of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

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On Tuesday, the wrote touching post about Joey, 40, saying goodbye to their daughters, Heidi and Hopie.

"She told them exactly how much she loved them, and also how proud she is the them,"" that wrote. "And just how proud she is come be your mother. And then she talked with them about the one point that she didn’t think she would ever have come talk with them about: leave them."

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The pair had been married 12 years as soon as Joey, who is 40, was diagnosed through cervical cancer in 2014. Feek had two daughters from a previous relationship that the pair raised together, and also they likewise have a 1-year-old daughter, Indiana.

Joey Feek has been a stepmom to 2 of Rory's daughters indigenous a vault relationship, and the pair also have actually a 1-year-old daughter,

"I don’t think I’ve ever before heard the girls tell anyone that Joey is your step-mom,"" that wrote. "But I have actually heard them tell people numerous times that she is your mother.

“They nothing actually speak to Joey ‘mom"...But if friend look in your contacts on each of the girls’ phones, ‘Mom’ is just how Joey’s number is listed."

When the couple chose no to pursue any further therapy at the end of last month, Feek wrote around them coming home, "not to die, but to live."

"So us don’t have forever,"" the wrote. "We’ve acquired right now. And also that’s enough.

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"To speak my wife is broken-hearted is an understatement. And also to phone call you that we’re no scared would be a lie. This is the sort of point that wake up to somebody else, not us. However then I have to remember…we are somebody else to someone else."

Despite the heart-wrenching scene of the town hall Joey say goodbye to their daughters, Feek finished with an uplifting note about the family gathering ~ above the porch together, turning tears right into songs and laughter.

"From the porch we all smiled due to the fact that we knew in that instant, that no matter what happens, Joey will constantly be v us.""