Joanna Jedrzejczyk had a an excellent opportunity to get some acknowledgment as a co-headliner in ~ UFC 193, and she did just that Saturday. The UFC women\"s strawweight champion successfully defended her belt against Valerie Letourneau in the co-main occasion in Melbourne, Australia, via unanimous decision. 

Ariel Helwani of Fox sports tweeted the end the official scores:

It wasn\"t a situation of complete domination because that the champion this time. Letourneau scored a knockdown in the at an early stage going that gave her part time in top manage in the opened round. However, she eventually let Jedrzejczyk work the feet ago to the was standing department, whereby the disparity in skill became evident. 

Jedrzejczyk to be unable to take it command in the second round, either. Letourneau proved that she was willing come exchange through the champion in the second round, and it paid off in a large way as the two continued to come up even on the feet. 


Bleacher Report MMA noted how exceptional it to be for Letourneau to make things amazing in the early going:


They're commerce jabs in the center. No fighter with a clear advantage, i beg your pardon in net impact is huge for Letourneau.

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The third round turned the end to be a big one for the polishing champion. A heavy focus on foot kicks paid dividends together she immobilized Letourneau by attacking the command leg while also landing shots come the head and body.

As the fight advanced into the championship rounds, the champion walk what champion do: pull away. Combinations began to find their house with regularity. 

Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports provided the difference Jedrzejczyk\"s kicks made on Letourneau\"s output:


Letourneau no throwing as lot this round and Jedrzejczyk is landing many kicks under the middle

The fifth and also final round turned out to be an ext of the exact same as the champion confirmed her method is difficult to beat over the course of a five-round fight. Mockery Gross of ESPN provided the technological nature the the success for Jedrzejczyk:

The success gave Jedrzejczyk her second consecutive effective title defense. While that\"s four brief of the six title defenses Rousey racked up before UFC 193, that has Jedrzejczyk on monitor to become one that the many recognizable stars in women\"s MMA.

She already has a style that\"s attractive to MMA fans. She elite muay thai skills led come knockouts end Carla Esparza and also Jessica Penne.

She has actually a marketable personality. Jedrzejczyk is naught if no quirky. Her extreme staredowns have already become a phone call card, together she has actually a background of getting in her opponent\"s grill leading as much as bouts.


#UFC193 installed | episode 5 complete episode:

She\"s also earned the prayer of Dana White and UFC 193\"s headliner—Rousey. 

\"I don\"t understand yet,\" White claimed per Michael Stets the MMA Mania when asked whether Jedrzejczyk would headline a card after her victory over Jessica Penne. \"I simply want to carry her here and make her component of a large fight. Human being love her, man. Ronda titled her the \"fighter\"s fighter.\" She\"s a fighter that all the other fighters prefer to watch and also are fans of. I believed that to be pretty cool. That\"s a cool title.\"

One difference in between Jedrzejczyk and Rousey the still remains is just how cleaned out each champion\"s division is. Rowdy is quickly running the end of challengers who pose also a theoretical shoot at acquisition the belt. 

For Jedrzejczyk, there are still part challengers the end there. For instance, Claudia Gadelha has currently fought the champion to a separation decision once. Through Gadelha because picking up an outstanding win end Jessica Aguilar, it\"s a matchup that the challenger thinks will happen sooner quite than later, per Guilherme Cruz the MMA Fighting:

I spoke v Sean (Shelby) and he told me in English, ‘I don\"t wanna Miesha Tate you.\" My instance is completely different than Miesha’s because she lost twice and they don’t desire to do a 3rd fight, and also my fight v Joanna was different. She didn’t finish me, and also she wants this hit too. It’s fully different. I believe this struggle will take place now.

There are other contenders waiting in the wings, too. Climbed Namajunas and Paige VanZant will satisfy Dec. 10 in a bout that could likewise produce a fighter who has actually a legitimate case for a location shot. 

With a handful of amazing contenders top top the rise and also a champion choose Jedrzejczyk, UFC 193 was a large win for the youngest division.

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