Power 96.1, Atlanta’s #1 fight Music Station, this day unveiled the star-studded lineup because that its yearly holiday concert, Power 96.1 Jingle round 2019 Presented by capital One, following on Friday, December 20 at 7:30 p.m.

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at State farm Arena. power 96.1 Jingle round 2019 is part of the nationwide iHeartRadio Jingle round Tour presented by capital One, the season’s biggest yearly music occasion that records the holiday heart of the iHeartRadio app, in Tampa; Dallas/Ft. Worth; Los Angeles; san Francisco; Minneapolis/St. Paul; Philadelphia; brand-new York; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; Atlanta and also Miami/Ft. Lauderdale.

Power 96.1 on-air host, PK In The Morning, official announced the all-star performers for power 96.1 Jingle sphere 2019 which will include: Jonas Brothers, Khalid, Niall Horan, French Montana, Why don’t We, Lewis Capaldi and Zara Larsson.

For the 5th straight year, funding One will be the nationwide presenting companion for the iHeartRadio Jingle round Tour. Resources One cardholders will certainly be the first to acquire exclusive accessibility to high demand tickets v a special funding One Cardholder Pre-Sale. The iHeartRadio solder Ball funding One Cardholder Pre-Sale will begin Monday, October 7 in ~ 10:00 a.m. Regional time and will run through Wednesday, October 9 in ~ 10:00 a.m. Local time, or while offers last. Tickets will be obtainable at www.iHeartRadio.com/CapitalOne. Any type of remaining tickets will go on revenue to the general public on Friday, October 11 at 12 p.m. Local industry time and also will be accessible at www.iHeartRadio.com/JingleBall.

“Power 96.1 Jingle round is the many anticipated concert that the year in Atlanta,” claimed Dan Hunt, regime Director for strength 96.1. “This year’s lineup is even bigger 보다 last year, and I can’t wait for December 20!”

“Power 96.1 Jingle sphere at State farm yard Arena is walking to it is in amazing,” stated PK, Morning show Host for power 96.1. “Each year, the unbelievable how we space able to get so many stars top top one phase for one night. View you in ~ the show! as soon as it selling out, you know I’ll have actually your totally free tickets!”

Every year, power 96.1 Jingle sphere gives earlier to the ar to storage the vacation season. This year’s official charity for strength 96.1 Jingle round 2019 is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation – $1.00 of every ticket marketed will be donated come the non-profit organization, i beg your pardon is dedicated to motivating today’s youth with entertainment and education concentrated initiatives.

“The Ryan Seacrest structure is excited to team up through the iHeartRadio Jingle sphere Tour because that its saturday consecutive year, allowing us come build and maintain Seacrest Studios in children hospitals across the country,” claimed Meredith Seacrest, executive, management Director & COO the the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. “Seacrest Studios provides an uplifting and also entertaining atmosphere where children can organize their very own radio and TV shows, beat games, interview celebrities and forget they are in the hospital for a while. We’re incredibly grateful for our partnership with iHeartMedia, which has helped us create one-of-a-kind experiences and bring thousands of artists to patient nationwide.”

Proud partner of this year national iHeartRadio Jingle ball Tour presented by funding One encompass Aflac, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, The CW Network, Jumanji: The following Level and also Macy’s. Multimarket partners encompass American Girl, Delta Dental, Mercedes-Benz, and Powercrunch with much more to be announced. Strength 96.1 Jingle sphere 2019 is likewise sponsored in your ar by Coca-Cola and also District Atlanta.

For up-to-minute information on Power 96.1 Jingle ball 2019, log on to https://power961.com/jingleball or listen to Power 96.1 on-air or digital via the station’s website, as well as on iHeartRadio.com and the iHeartRadio mobile app.

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Power 96.1 is a top media outlet in the iHeartMedia Atlanta sector with lot of platforms, including its transfer stations; live events; data; and its digital businesses and platforms, including mobile, social and also its very own iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia’s complimentary all-in-one digital music, podcasting and live streaming radio service – with much more than 2 billion application downloads and much more than 130 million registered users.