Fans of blues songs would surely love “Bright Lights, large City,” a popular standard tune in the at an early stage 1960’s. It was the American bluesman Jimmy Reed who first brought it to the radio. The has due to the fact that become crucial part that the typical blues collection. Jimmy and also his wife mar Reed composed the song together and also was later referred to as a “textbook Jimmy and also Mama Reed duet.”

Jimmy Reed/Photo credit: Youtube

“Bright Lights, huge City,” as the location implies, is a song focused on metropolitan life. It specifically recounts the sad story the a man who, unfortunately, shed his lover come the nightlife and also lure of one undisclosed city. That employs Reed’s signature style, steady-rolling, throughout the song. The song gotten in Billboard R&B graph peaking at No. 3 and also became one of Reed’s many successful records. “Bright Light, big City” was also a minor pop hit ranking at No. 58 on hot 100. Originally, the song was videotaped on Reed’s album Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall. It has additionally appeared ~ above the singer’s miscellaneous compilations. Moreover, the Rock and Roll room of Fame added the tune to its perform of 500 Songs the Shaped Rock and also Roll.

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Listen come Jimmy Reed’s recording of the track below.

Country Version

The standard blues hymn has appealed come country and rock music artists having actually several covers native them. Yet most probably, the most notable interpretations of the track was its country version. American nation music singer Sonny James recorded the track a te later due to the fact that its original release. “Bright Lights, large City” was James’ fifteenth No. 1 struggle on the nation songs chart. It was contained on his 1971 album called The Sensational Sonny James and shows up on his various other collections.

Below is a live performance of “Bright Lights, big City” by Sonny James.

Other renowned artists that covered “Bright Lights, large City” were Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Gary Clark, Jr., among others.

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