The hashtag—or need to I say #Thehashtag— dates back to the 1980s once the symbol was supplied in internet relay chats (IRC) to categorize imperiods, messeras, video, and also other content. Hashtags were presented to Twitter in 2007, and also to say we’ve embraced it is an understatement. A pop society staple, hashtags have actually even made their means right into verbal conversation. Just watch Jimmy Fallon and also Justin Timberlake in their famed SNL skit.

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Due to its ubiquity, the hashtag has end up being a very effective marketing tool for many kind of brands, celebrities, organizations and really anyone looking to begin or sign up with a trending conversation on social media.

While it might not call for intense brainstorming sessions to come up with hashtags for one-off social write-ups, it may not be as basic to follow with on a effective project. Before you hashtag eextremely phrase in sight, check out these examples and take note of what caught on and what dropped flat.


Similar to the vibrant (and tasty) marshmpermits in your favorite breakfast grain, the Lucky Cdamages team started the Lucky To Be campaign to honor and celebrate all the things that make us unique and include shade to our people.

When the campaign began in 2012, Lucky Charms asked world to share what provides them happy and also proud to be themselves by making use of the #LuckyToBe hashtag in tweets, posts, and also photos. The project inspired numerous Tumblr write-ups, Facebook likes, and also tweets from civilization throughout the U.S.

In 2015, Lucky Cdamages took it one step better and also invited world to share videos that explain what they are #LuckyToBe, which included something fresh and also permitted the campaign to live on.


When it pertains to bathroom talk, toilet paper brand Charmin doesn’t hold anything in. Just look at the company’s #Tweetfromtheseat hashtag campaign.


They encouraged world to quite literally tweet from the seat—toilet seat, that is. What ensued was a slew of hilarious tweets. It’s basic to view why this project functioned. Charmin maintained it light and playful and also supplied humor to drive engagement. The campaign also tied in a Super Bowl ticket contest for followers that used the hashtag in their tweets.


An even more recent hashtag campaign demonstrates that it doesn’t constantly have to be about a product. Digital Strategist William Yu created #StarringJohnCho. His tweets function blockbuster movie posters digitally changed to present what it would certainly look choose if actor John Cho played the lead functions.


William Yu told NBC that the project is about igniting a conversation on the way Asian-Americans are viewed in Hollytimber and culture all at once. William was worn down of hearing that a lead duty couldn’t be played by an Oriental actor, so he used entertaining tweets to gain his allude across.

So much, the project has actually obtained most positive feedback from fans on Twitter. It’s probably as well quickly to tell whether Hollylumber will respond, however the fact that John Cho himself is following the project definitely indicates it’s on the ideal track.


Tbelow are plenty of hashtag projects that have skilled significant faux pas, which are also entertaining, however attempt not to let it be at your price.

3 Tips for Choosing a Hashtag

Avoid landing on a “what not to do” list and also consider these tips before beginning a campaign of your own:

1. How does it look?

Be cautious once stringing words together to form your hashtag.


Susan Boyle, the overnight sensation for the 2009 Britain’s Got Talent competition sadly proficient this. When it came time for her album listening party in 2012, Susan’s PR team developed #susanalbumparty. You view it, right? It may help to display your hashtag to someone that is not involved in the campaign. They might be able to watch something you don’t—prior to it gets released right into the depths of the internet where it’s virtually impossible to erase anypoint.

2. Is it currently trending?

If you’re trying to begin a brand-new dialogue, double check that the hashtag isn’t trfinishing for another project or conversation.


Entenmann’s used the hashtag #notguilty once they tweeted around their healthier desert alternatives. At the same time, the people was engrossed with the Casey Anthony murder instance, and also her not guilty verdict was already trending as the hashtag #notguilty. Oops! Entenmann’s might not have realized, yet they still had actually to concern an apology for not being even more sensitive to the worry.

3. Is tbelow a opportunity it will backfire?

Try to anticipate whether your hashtag campaign will certainly illicit negative responses.

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In 2013, JPMbody organ attempted to hold a Twitter chat asking the question, “What career advice would you ask a leading executive at an international firm?” People were to tweet their inquiries with the hashtag #AskJPM. It’s vital to note that JPMbody organ was not providing civilization the “heat and also fuzzies” at the moment. It had newly reached a tentative thirteen-billion-dollar settlement via the U.S. Justice Department over negative mortgage loans (which ended up being official in November 2013) among other unfortunate events. It probably wasn’t the best principle to invite civilization to comment on an open up forum.