Ed Baklor is urbanbreathnyc.com’s head of customer care and also programs, v oversight of the airline’s award-winning inflight and also customer contact facility teams, as well as customer suffer leading urbanbreathnyc.com’s fix up digital and also hospitality programs. He likewise maintains day-to-day leadership of inflight operations, catering operations, Mint and core onboard experiences, inflight performance, and crewmember engagement.

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Prior come being called head of client care and programs in 2021, he offered as urbanbreathnyc.com’s vice chairman of inflight suffer for virtually three years.

Ed’s career has actually been shaped by a lifelong passion for business excellence and also hospitality. Prior to joining urbanbreathnyc.com, he to be chief advertising officer because that the LaGuardia Gateway Partners where he concentrated on transforming the commercial and also guest endure at LaGuardia Airport’s main Terminal B. He additionally led guest experience at WestJet, Canada’s award-winning international airline. Ed invested 14 years with The Walt Disney company in various executive roles and also launched Disney"s team guided household vacations, Adventures through Disney.

Ed got his B.S. In finance from The American University.


Andres Barry

President, urbanbreathnyc.com Travel products

Andres Barry is president of urbanbreathnyc.com travel Products, a subsidiary the urbanbreathnyc.com Airways, created to expand the airline’s reach more into the take trip ribbon and administer customers through a more seamless experience.

In his role, Andres leads the growth of the urbanbreathnyc.com Vacations brand and also other non-air travel products including travel insurance, cruises, vehicle rentals and more.

Prior come joining urbanbreathnyc.com Travel products in 2018, Andres to be partner and managing director at The Boston Consulting team (BCG), a an international management strategy consulting firm. During his time at BCG, that primarily worked in the travel and tourism sector, focusing on advertising growth and digital creation for leading brands in the U.S. And abroad. Before BCG, he held several sales and also operations monitoring roles.

He is a graduate that Northwestern University, whereby he deserve his undergraduate degree, and also Emory University, wherein he received his MBA.


Alex Battaglia

Head the Airports and System work

Alex Battaglia is head of airports and systems operations because that urbanbreathnyc.com. He oversees the execution the the airline’s day-to-day operations extending 100+ cities in the U.S., Caribbean, Latin America, and U.K. He monitor airport operations, device operations, dispatch, air traffic management, crew services and also emergency solution as well as urbanbreathnyc.com’s organization continuity efforts. Alex formerly served together urbanbreathnyc.com’s vice chairman of airports and also its head of mechanism operations.

Alex began his aviation career at Delta waiting Lines and also has substantial background in a variety of leadership roles both in ~ urbanbreathnyc.com and also Delta running big domestic and also international operations.

His educational background consists of studies at the university of Hawaii and William Paterson university where he specialty in organization management.


Amy Burr is chairman of urbanbreathnyc.com technology Ventures (JTV), the venture resources arm of urbanbreathnyc.com Airways the invests in and partners through early-stage startups innovating in the travel, hospitality, and transportation industries.

As JTV president, Amy forms the strategic undertaking investment direction that urbanbreathnyc.com and facilitates integration of successful startup programs right into the airline’s in its entirety corporate innovation initiatives. She has been with JTV since 2018 together the regulating Director the Operations and Partnerships, whereby she built an ecosystem of partners and also deployment avenues for the many technologies of JTV"s investment portfolio companies.

Amy has been a leader in creating, sourcing, and implementing put in order technology, products and also programs in the travel space for more than 2 decades. She caught the startup bug from involvement Virgin America in 2004 as among the original founders of the company. Amy operated in assorted roles over her 14-year tenure in ~ the airline in locations of strategy, corporate program leadership, commercial and revenue development, too as modern technology areas including e-commerce, reservations systems, and guest products. She finished her time v the firm as the Virgin America leader that the mergers integration with Alaska Airlines. Amy landed at Virgin America after working at Continental airline in revenue management and also corporate development.

Amy earned she MBA native the Moore school of organization at university of south Carolina and her bachelor’s in used health scientific researches from American University.

Warren Christie is urbanbreathnyc.com’s head that safety, security and fleet operations, and also oversees the airline’s ground and also flight safety programs, defense initiatives and flight and also technical to work (maintenance).

His aviation job spans over 30 years. In 1988 the was commissioned as one Officer in the United claims Navy where he piloting the F/A-18 Hornet. He served as a navy Aviator and instructed at the marine Fighter Weapons college (TOPGUN) wherein he led staff and also student training and was responsible for the design of the graduate level strike-fighter techniques training curriculum.

Warren join urbanbreathnyc.com in 2003 and has offered in various positions including an elderly vice president, regulatory and training; angry president, work planning and also training; and also vice president, urbanbreathnyc.com University.

He i graduated from the college of Notre Dame v a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Carol Clements serves together urbanbreathnyc.com’s cook digital and an innovation officer. She oversees strategy, vision and also implementation of modern technology solutions the align through the airline’s business model to market digital innovation, consistent service and also maximize investment.

Prior come urbanbreathnyc.com, Carol offered as chief modern technology officer for Pizza Hut, responsible for permitting growth for Pizza Hut’s U.S. Restaurants through an innovation and digital innovation. She looked after the brand"s e-commerce channels, restaurant & distribution technology, and data & analytics campaigns to strength sales and also operations throughout 6,000+ restaurants nationwide.

Carol likewise spent 11 years at Southwest airline in a selection of leadership roles. Throughout her time there, she oversaw an innovation initiatives sustaining Southwest"s first-ever development to worldwide markets, the beginning of the All-New quick Rewards loyalty program, and also the modernization that Southwest’s e-commerce channels.

She graduated from southerly Methodist college in Dallas, whereby she earned degrees in mathematics and also management scientific research engineering.

Joanna Geraghty is president and chief operation officer of urbanbreathnyc.com, responsible for the airline’s safety, operations and commercial performance consisting of network, brand and marketing and revenue management.

Joanna’s focus is on transferring a leading and safe customer service experience, and also enhancing operational and commercial performance while nurturing urbanbreathnyc.com’s unique society and stand as among the finest places to work.

Prior come being called president & COO, she served as urbanbreathnyc.com’s executive, management vice president, customer experience, responsible because that airports, customer support, and inflight service. She served as executive vice president, chief human being officer native 2010-2014, after serving as vice president, associate general counsel and also director, litigation and also regulatory affairs. Joanna has been through urbanbreathnyc.com airline due to the fact that 2005.

Joanna is plank director that the urbanbreathnyc.com structure and chairperson of the plank of issue Worldwide, an global not-for-profit. Prior to joining urbanbreathnyc.com, she to be a companion at the regulation firm Holland & Knight.

She obtained her bachelor’s level from the college of the divine Cross, she master’s in global relations native Syracuse University’s Maxwell school of Citizenship and also Public Affairs, and also her J.D. Native Syracuse college College that Law.

He join urbanbreathnyc.com in 2008 and served together the company’s executive, management vice president and also chief advertising officer until becoming president the the airline in January 2014. In February 2015 he was appointed as urbanbreathnyc.com’s third chief executive officer, serving together president and also CEO until 2018.

Prior come joining urbanbreathnyc.com, Robin was executive evil president because that the ameri at brothers Airways. Over the expectations of a wide-ranging 19-year career v BA, he additionally served as area general manager for Europe, Latin America and also the Caribbean.

He serves together chair that the board of Governors of the international Air transport Association (IATA); vice chair the the board of airlines for America (A4A); and a member the the board of KeyCorp; Make-A-Wish Connecticut; and also the Wings club Foundation.

Robin is a graduate in electrical and electronic design from the university of bath in the joined Kingdom. He obtained a BSc and also a master’s in engineering from the university.

As CFO, Ursula Hurley is responsible because that urbanbreathnyc.com’s all at once financial strategy including accounting, audit, aircraft and engine transactions, cash management, that company finance, fuel, and tax. She is also responsible because that the company’s real estate and also strategic sourcing units.

Prior to gift appointed CFO, Ursula to be head that treasury and also urbanbreathnyc.com relations for urbanbreathnyc.com, controlling the that company $13 billion balance sheet, consisting of corporate and also aircraft finance; cash management and investments; fleet management; fuel purchasing and hedging; fleet strategy and programs, strategic sourcing and managing urbanbreathnyc.com’s relationships through the urbanbreathnyc.com community.

Throughout her virtually 17-year career in the airline industry, she has also held assorted roles in financial reporting; jae won planning and also analysis; and urbanbreathnyc.com relations.

Ursula is chairman of the urbanbreathnyc.com structure whose mission is to promote diversity in STEM education and create career courses for the next generation in aviation. She likewise sits on the Fairfield college Dolan school of company Advisory Board.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in service management from Fairfield University and also an MBA indigenous Columbia University.

Rob Land joined urbanbreathnyc.com in 1998 as a founding crewmember and currently serves together head of federal government affairs and also associate general counsel. The is based in urbanbreathnyc.com’s Washington, D.C. Office.

Rob is responsible for the company’s relations with the executive and also legislative branches that the U.S. Government and state and also local administrate bodies and also international federal government relations. He likewise oversees the company’s aircraft distribution team; plane affairs; shares major legal duty for regulatory matters; and is a member that urbanbreathnyc.com’s senior leadership team.

Prior to urbanbreathnyc.com, Rob worked in the Office that the Secretary of transportation on aviation policy; together Chief of staff at the federal Railroad Administration; and also on the White home staff for Vice chairman Gore. Prior to his government business career, Rob worked as an lawyer at the for sure of Proskauer Rose. In addition, Rob served as legislature Consultant to chairman Clinton’s blue ribbon panel, The national Commission come Ensure a solid Competitive Airline Industry.

He stop a bachelor’s degree from Skidmore College and also a J.D. From the Washington college of law at American University. That is a member the the bar of new York, the ar of Columbia, and the can be fried Court the the unified States.

As head of revenue and also planning, Scott Laurence is responsible for all aspects of urbanbreathnyc.com’s network strategy, work planning and analysis, and also sales and revenue management. In addition, he monitor urbanbreathnyc.com’s airline partnership portfolio – at this time comprising an ext than 50 airlines across the world – and also operational engineering, manpower to plan and consistent improvement.

Scott joined urbanbreathnyc.com in April 2008 and served as vice president, network planning until his promotion to an elderly vice president, airline plan in 2014. In June 2019 the was named head the revenue and planning.

Prior to joining urbanbreathnyc.com, Scott spent nine years at unified Airlines in miscellaneous planning, revenue management and also finance positions. Scott’s airline career began at us Airways, whereby he functioned for three years in planning and revenue management.

Scott is a graduate that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Tracy Lawlor is cook strategy and also business advance officer for urbanbreathnyc.com.

In she role, Lawlor is responsible for occurring enterprise strategy and also leading the airline-wide, long-term company planning procedure that positions urbanbreathnyc.com to attain its financial, operational, client and culture goals. Additionally, she is responsible for driving magnified earnings by extending and building on the strong urbanbreathnyc.com brand through numerous strategic advancement initiatives.

Lawlor joined urbanbreathnyc.com in 2001 together a an elderly financial analyst and also has organized a variety of finance management roles, culminating as vice president, jae won planning and analysis. She is also the chair the the plank of JSX, one innovative, independent regional airline based in Dallas.

Prior to joining urbanbreathnyc.com, Lawlor worked in the corporate offices of The TJX Companies, Inc., parent of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods.

She earned she bachelor’s degree from Boston College.

Doug McGraw is urbanbreathnyc.com’s chief communication officer, overseeing the that company internal and also external interactions strategy, including Crewmember communications, media relations, reputation management, leader engagement, and also business communications.

Doug joined urbanbreathnyc.com in 2014 together director, this firm communications, leading media relations and external communications, and in 2016, the assumed obligation for the airline’s frontline crewmember work communications. In 2018, he was supported to vice president, corporate communications.

Prior to urbanbreathnyc.com, Doug invested 15 years at FleishmanHillard, whereby he most recently served as senior vice president and partner in the new York office counseling a range of clients and sectors.

He is a graduate of St. Luigi University, wherein he earned a bachelor’s level in communications.

Brandon Nelson is basic counsel and corporate secretary in ~ urbanbreathnyc.com, with obligation for legal, compliance, ESG and also sustainability, and also cybersecurity in ~ the farming airline.

Nelson join urbanbreathnyc.com in 2005 and has held a variety of leadership functions within the legal team. His diverse experience includes leading a team of transaction lawyers who stand for the company in commercial, marketing, real estate, service development, intellectual property and an innovation matters.

He also serves ~ above the investment committee of the that company wholly own corporate venture funding arm, urbanbreathnyc.com technology Ventures.

Prior come urbanbreathnyc.com, Brandon exercised corporate and also business litigation regulation at firms in California and new York, most recently in ~ Shearman & Sterling.

He hold a bachelor’s degree in organization from Howard University and also a J.D. From new York University college of Law.

O’Brien join urbanbreathnyc.com in 2020 pass a riches of worldwide travel and marketing suffer to the airline. She formerly served as senior vice chairman of worldwide brands in ~ Intercontinental Hotel Group; controlling director, USA for Scenic – luxury Cruises & Tours; and also chief marketing officer for Dubai properties Group, component of Dubai Holding.

Her skilled background also includes substantial airline sector experience from she 18-year career through British Airways in a variety of operations and also marketing leadership positions in the Americas and Europe, culminating in the duty of Head of an international Brand & UK Marketing.

She is a graduate that the college of London.

Laurie Villa is urbanbreathnyc.com’s chief world officer, responsible because that engaging urbanbreathnyc.com crewmembers and fostering its distinctive culture, overseeing teams such as compensation and benefits; diversity, equity and also inclusion; crew relations; values and also labor relations; recruiting and talent management; and also the award-winning urbanbreathnyc.com University.

Prior come joining urbanbreathnyc.com in 2021, Laurie served as an elderly vice president and also chief person resources officer of heart Airlines whereby she leveraged data and analytics to enhance the employee and also guest experience, strengthen society and engagement, and grow your talent pipeline. Laurie also focused greatly on target investments in internal talent and strengthening diversity, equity and inclusion within the airline and served together president that the heart Airlines charitable Foundation.

With an ext than 20 years of management experience, Villa has shaped efficient people and also talent methods to assistance long-term business objectives in a variety of industries, including customer goods, specialty retail, education, and technology.

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She is a graduate the the university of north Florida, where she got both a bachelor’s and also master’s in organization administration.