I would not it is in married to my husband this day or be in to adjust if I had not well-known the voice of Jesus and also listened to Him speak to me!

While the Lord regularly uses sermons, books, Scriptures, movies, songs, rather . . . To inspire and convey a article to believers, which i’ve experienced plenty of times, I’ve additionally had the exceptional experience of hearing Jesus speak come me loud and also clear. I’ve told my testimony on countless occasions, and unlike delight Behar and the liberal women on The View, no one has ever referred to as me mental. They call me blessed!

I’ve had the exceptional experience of hear Jesus speak come me loud and clear.

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Let’s earlier up a bit. Critical week a conversation on The watch went something prefer this as reported through Brandon Showalter’s short article in The Christian article ‘The View’ host Joy Behar cases Mike Pence hear Jesus Is ‘Mental Illness’:

“Some of the women on “The View” Tuesday mocked Vice chairman Mike Pence’s Christian faith, saying they don’t desire a leader who ‘speaks in tongues’ or supposedly hears the voice that Jesus, which pleasure Behar said was tantamount to “mental illness”.

It started when they to be discussing former White home staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman’s comments, that is now a contestant ~ above the reality TV show “Celebrity big Brother” “I to be Christian, i love Jesus, yet he thinks Jesus speak him come say things,” she said, calling that “extreme.”

Co-host clear Hostin stated she to be a Catholic but, “I don’t understand that I desire my vice president, girlfriend know, speaking in tongues and also having Jesus speak to him.”

Joy Behar chimed in: “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing as soon as Jesus speak to you. That’s called mental condition if I’m not correct, listening voices.”

“My concern is, deserve to he talk to mary Magdalene without his mam in the room,” Behar joked, making a recommendation to the now widely known truth that Pence does no dine alone through women or consume alcohol at occasions without his mam present, for which he to be mocked in the secular press last year.

Guest co-host Sherri Shepard, who additionally says she’s a Christian, defined that talking through Jesus is “just par for the course,” because that Christians. “You speak to Jesus, Jesus talks back. What concerns me is how long is the conversation through Jesus?” Laughter!

You have the right to watch The watch mocking Jesus and also prayer segment in Brandon Showalter’s article .

Here’s the clues I want to do from their mocking of Jesus and also the Christian faith and also those that laughed together with the view women:

 Mocking Jesus violates the 3rd Commandment: “You shall not misuse the surname of the Lord your God, because that the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.” (Ex 20:7) and also that’s no joke! The one Conservative ~ above the show, Meghan McCain, did finally interject the she talks to Jesus every morning and also He speak to her. The rest have actually no idea what a relationship with Jesus means.They automatically assumed the VP Pence is “talking in tongues” since he speak to Jesus. He’s never ever said the he talks in tongues! much more evidence they’re clueless about prayer. I talk to Jesus all day long, as numerous of friend do, and I don’t speak in tongues.No one deserve to talk to mar Magdalene. she’s dead. Jesus is alive.They represent a large segment that the populace who are crucial and demeaning that evangelical Christians due to the fact that they’re ignorant of what Christianity means. Any type of yet, they’re tolerant that other religious beliefs and also would never ever mock them, together they shouldn’t. But Jesus and Christians room fair game.They’re lost and also have no idea who Jesus is or what it way to pray. Or they claim to it is in Christians but don’t recognize prayer or what it way to have a connection with Jesus. Castle don’t know exactly how to act and also speak like a Christian who honors Jesus together your Lord and Savior.“Christians” attacking and also making fun of various other Christians need to ask forgiveness that Jesus and also those they’ve attacked, repent, and mature in their infantile faith. The others require our prayers.

For the sad souls mocking and laughing at Jesus, if you only knew that you’ll someday confront the after-effects of Jesus speak He never ever knew you either. “Then I will tell castle plainly, ‘I never knew you. Far from me, girlfriend evildoers!’” Mathew 7:23.

“Christians” once you deny who Jesus is, you will challenge the exact same consequence.

I’ve Heard Jesus, Listened, and Followed

But earlier to my opened of the distinct times i’ve heard Jesus clearly.

After gift a single mom for seventeen years, i surrendered my date life to the Lord and prayed for Jesus to carry a godly man into my life. Number of months later, ns met Dave in a little group at church. We dated for a few months and then I broke up with him. He convinced me to walk to church through him, and also I said we walk to a Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade ~ church. I rededicated my life to the Lord that night. As Dave and also I sat in the automobile talking until the parking lot to be empty, i distinctly heard the lord say, “You asked because that this godly man. I gave him come you. Now rededicate yourself to this relationship.” I heard, listened, and followed. Dave and I were married 5 months later. That was twenty-five years ago!


Several years later, ns felt the mr calling me into ministry, however I didn’t understand where. Ns attended a females in Ministry management Conference wherein I heard the lord say, “Feed my sheep.” i asked “What sheep, where, and what will I feed them when I find them.” ns heard again, “Feed mine sheep.” I heard, listened, and followed. That was the start of the woman to mrs Mentoring to adjust twenty-three years ago.

Jesus talks to every Christian in a means that will gain his or she attention. It might not it is in a clear voice, and I’ve just heard that that way several times, although i pray every morning: “I declare myself—spirit, mind, emotions, body, will—totally open to your voice and also totally easily accessible to carry out your will alone.”

In the The Believer’s Code, O.S. Hawkins writes:

“We who are Christ’s sheep know His voice, and also of course we follow Him: he is ours shepherd. We have a God who speaks come us. carry out you hear His voice speaking to her heart through his Word and also by his Spirit even right now? God’s voice is recognizable to His sheep. Ask that to help you listen it.” (Emphasis added)

Are you listening? have you followed? please share with us a time girlfriend heard and also obeyed the voice the Jesus.

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