The Minnesota Vikings room doing fine there is no running ago Adrian Peterson (knee), with Jerick McKinnon and also Matt Asiata choose up the slack in the backfield in the team"s 24-10 success over the brand-new York Giants on Monday night.

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While each has a role in the offense, you need to treat the two differently in fantasy football walking forward.

Asiata is managing the duty we meant from him, and it turns out he is greatly a nuisance.

Minnesota has actually used the 6"0", 219-pound running back for short-yardage plays, i beg your pardon doesn"t lead to an excellent efficiency, though it does cause touchdowns. He tape-recorded one in the first half against the Giants ~ above Monday.

With Peterson out in 2014, Asiata played a comparable role, finishing v nine rushing touchdowns.

It"s daunting to trust him to score ~ above a consistent basis, though, and also without far-reaching yardage, that won"t be a worthwhile starter in fantasy. Other than in the deepest the leagues, that isn"t even worth a roster spot until he shows he can be a bigger component of the offense.


Despite losing a scoring opportunity early on to Asiata, McKinnon obtained into the finish zone in the fourth quarter, showcasing a lot of upside in week 4.

He scampered because that a 25-yard gain early and continued come have crucial role in both the to run game and passing attack.

Chris Trapasso the noted the dimension the running back brings:


Jerick McKinnon adds a fun facet to #Vikings running game (mainly because of his springiness) that had been lacking recently w/ AP as optimal RB.

Although he couldn"t execute much versus the Carolina Panthers in mainly 3, record 16 carries for 45 yards in his first game without Peterson, the Vikings to trust him to obtain the bulk of the touches in the backfield. With his speed and agility, it"s just a issue of time prior to McKinnon"s methods turn into major fantasy production.

McKinnon must be own in all leagues and could end up being a top-20 fantasy running ago going forward. If you have a opportunity to include him, do it now, prior to it"s also late.

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