Also well-known As: Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde, Jasmine valve den Bogaerde

Born Country: England

Born in: Lymington, England

Famous as: Singer

popular music Singers British females

Height: 5'3" (160 cm), 5'3" Females


Birdy is a Grammy nominated brother singer. She started discovering the piano at the period of seven and began creating her very own songs in ~ the period of eight. She burst into the brothers music scene in 2008, at the age of twelve after ~ winning the UK talent contest, ‘Open Mic UK.’ She is well-known for she cover versions of songs by other major artists like Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran, Tracy Chapman, XX, Passenger etc. Her original songs have likewise been hits. She has completed phenomenal success in ~ a an extremely young age and also is claimed to be among the many promising young british singers of recent times.

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She to be born on might 15, 1996, in London, united Kingdom. Her birth surname is Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer valve den Bogaerde. She father is Rupert Oliver Benjamin valve den Bogaerde, one author, who has actually written the book, Daybreak into darkness, under the name, Rupert Bogarde. Her mother is Sophie Patricia (nee’ Roper-Curzon), who is a concert pianist.
Her parents were married in 1997 and also have two various other children, Jake, that was born in 1997, and Caitlin, who was born in 1999. She has two enlarge half-brothers, Moses and also Sam, from her father’s an initial marriage.
She prospered up in an old mill house on the estate of her maternal grandfather, lord Tyneham, in the brand-new Forest area of southern England close to Lymington, Hampshire. She learned in Durlston Court School, Priestlands School and also Brockenhurst college.
She started discovering the piano at the age of seven from her mother. She began writing her very own songs at the age of eight. In 2008 at the age of 12, she won the UK talent challenge ‘Open Mic UK’, which is a spin-off that the talent competition, ‘Live and also Unsigned’. She won in both the under-18 category and the cool Prize, against ten thousand competitors. She sang her very own song ‘So be free’, in the competition, in prior of two thousand people.
She performed live top top piano because that BBC Radio three’s pianothon in London in 2009. In 2011, she exit the cover variation of the song ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver. The song came to be her very first hit ~ above the UK singles chart and also debuted at number seventeen. The song was certified Platinum in Australia 6 times. The tune was featured on the illustration of TV series ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ and, ‘Being Human’.
In July 2011, she perform In BBC Radio 1’s ‘Live Lounge’ programme. In this conference she sang covers of various songs consisting of ‘Shelter’, and also ‘A Team’. She cover rendition the the track ‘Shelter’ in this session, was later featured on The Vampire Diaries’ episode, ‘The end of the Affair’, i beg your pardon aired in September 2011.
She released she debut album title Birdy, in November 2011. The album featured eleven tracks, the end of which, ten to be cover versions and one, ‘Without a word’, to be original. The album peaked in ~ number one in Belgium, Netherlands, and also Australia, number thirteen in the UK, and also at number fourty in Ireland. Two cover tracks from the album, ‘Skinny Love’ and ‘People aid the People’, got to number two and also number ten respectively, in Australia.
In June 2012, she recorded the tune ‘Learn me Right’, v the British tape ‘Mumford & Sons’. The track was featured in the soundtrack the the man movie ‘Brave’, developed by Pixar studios. For this song, she along with Mumford and Sons, was nominated because that a Grammy compensation in 2013 in the ‘best song for intuitive media’ category.
Her song ‘Just a game’, to be featured in the soundtrack that the 2012 movie, ‘The Hunger Games’. In august 2012, she released the EP, ‘Live in London’, which had eight tracks including the song ‘Just again’, and also her covering of the Ed Sheeran song ‘A Team’. On respectable 29, 2012, she perform in the opening ceremony that the London Paralympic Games.
In February 2013, she performed in ~ the Sanremo Music Festival in Italy. In July 2013, she announced the release of her 2nd studio album titled ‘Fire Within’, Via a YouTube video. The very first single native the album, ‘Wings’, was released ~ above July 22, 2013 and was featured in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ episode home on may 15, 2014. The album to be released in the UK and adjoining countries, in September 2013. In phibìc America, the album was released in June 2014.
In September 2013 she appeared on the BBC Radio 1 present Live lounge, in i m sorry she sang a cover of the song, ‘Let her go’, by the English singer, songwriter, and also musician dubbed Passenger. The track was featured on the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 2013 album. She exit an EP titled ‘Breathe’ in the UK in October 2013.
In October 2014, she sang a cover version of Madonna’s song ‘Lucky Star’, which showed up on BBC Radio 2’s ‘Sounds of the 80s’ album.
She contributed three songs for the soundtrack that the 2014 romantic tragedy movie, ‘The fault in our Stars’. She featured as a guest artist in the tune ‘I"ll keep loving you’, in French DJ David Guetta’s 2014 album, ‘Listen’.
In august 2015, she co-wrote the track ‘Let it all go’ v English singer and songwriter Rhodes. The solitary was exit in the UK in September 2015 via digital download. In October 2015, she performed a cover variation of the song, ‘Firestone’ through Norwegian DJ Kygo, featuring Australian singer Conrad Sewell, in the BBC Radio 1 routine Live Lounge. This cover version was featured ~ above BBC Radio 1’s ‘Live Lounge 2015’ album.
In march 2016, she exit her third studio album titled ‘Beautiful Lies’. In April 2016, the Japanese version of the album ‘Beautiful Lies’ was released special a bonus track title ‘Lights’. In April 2016, she performed a cover version of Tracy chapman"s song fast automobile in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. In may 2016 she perform in the opened ceremony the the brothers Academy of Film and also Television arts (BAFTA) awards night.
In June 2016, she exit three instrumental piano albums titled ‘Ornithology’, ‘Vogelfrei,’ and ‘Nightbird’. This albums to be released digitally and also were available for commercial download on Amazon and Google play Store. In September 2016, she collaborated v Passenger ~ above the track ‘Beautiful Birds’. In November 2016 she collaborated with the brother DJ duo Sigma top top the song ‘Find Me’. The song peaked at Number thirty-six top top the UK singles chart and number one ~ above the Billboard Dance society Songs chart.

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In December 2017, she signed a worldwide music publishing attend to Warner / Chappell Music, the music publishing arm of Warner Music Group. Together of 2018, she has sold end 10.5 million records worldwide and has released three studio albums, four EPs, three critical albums In MP3 format, 7 singles, and six music videos.