Stephen Curry #30 the the gold State warriors Stephen Silas of the Houston Rockets (Photo through Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

Stop me if did you do it heard this before: a superstar NBA player is play at one insanely high level however it’s not specifically correlating come wins. Houston Rockets fans understand this story all also well, as they observed it v James Harden in lot of seasons.

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Harden led the NBA in full points in 2015-16, while also finishing third in 3-pointers, and sixth in assists, and also his initiatives barely lifted the Rockets right into the playoffs, together they finished v the eighth seed in the West, v a 41-41 record. Harden also had to will the Rockets in 2018-19, after ~ the team acquired off come a 11-14 start through the first 25 gamings of the season and dealt through a litany of injuries.

Harden went on a scoring tear, together he score 32 clues in 24 continuous games, which remains the longest streak the 32-point games because the 1983-84 season. Another player that is now on that list is gold State warriors star Stephen Curry, who has scored 32 or more in 10 games this season, as he’s unable to do supernova and also done essentially all the he have the right to to carry the Warriors right into the postseason.

Why is Stephen Curry being spanned so much differently than James Harden was together a member that the Houston Rockets?

Curry score 47 points in Saturday night’s prime-time game against the Boston Celtics, but it wasn’t enough, as the Warriors shed 119-114. That performance marked Curry’s seventh game of the season in which he is scored at least 40 points, and also the Warriors have needed every little bit of it, as they’ve unable to do 5-2 in together games.

Curry’s 31 points per game this season to represent a career-best, and the Warriors space 28-29 and also fighting because that a point out in the play-in tournament. This has been a surprise, as we’ve get an impressive accustomed to seeing the warrior rank in ~ or near the optimal of the west Conference.

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But this is much different, together the Warriors have actually been managing the absence of Klay Thompson and also now the season-ending injury to James Wiseman, who has actually played well together a rookie, v averages the 11.5 point and 5.8 rebounds. What’s also been much various has to be the media’s coverage that Curry’s scoring tear, as he’s received an countless amount that praise, i m sorry hails in comparison come the overall coverage of Harden’s scoring surges throughout his time through the Houston Rockets.

It to be constantly stated that the Houston Rockets had actually no chance of to win as lengthy as Harden was overcoming the ball and single-handedly transporting the offense, as this was described as the mere opposite of “winning basketball.” Harden was described as a “stat chaser” and it was believed that that was acquiring statistical milestones due to the fact that of former Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

We had likewise heard that Harden’s offensive display screens weren’t impressive since of the notion that he to be ” baiting adversaries into fouls”. This produced the narrative of “yeah he is getting good numbers yet how many of those points come from free throws?” However, what’s gone undiscussed is the fact that Curry has done few of the exact same foul baiting that drew the ire that the public.

We were additionally told to overlook Harden’s scoring and statistical achievements during the regular season and also to simply see if he keeps it increase in the playoffs. Therefore why not use this same logic come Curry, whose Warriors might not even make the playoffs?

Harden to be overlooked for the MVP compensation on plenty of occasions due to the fact that of said narratives. In fact, Harden wasn’t even a critical or All-NBA selection in the aforementioned 2015-16 season in which he to be the sole factor why the Rockets to be able to appropriate the delivery after beginning the season 4-7 and also firing then head coach Kevin McHale.

However there’s a faction the believes that Curry must receive MVP factor to consider for his offensive brilliance, and we’ve even seen chants of “Free Curry”, as countless have felt negative for Curry, as the Warriors have actually struggled in spite of Curry’s stellar play.

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At the end of the day, Curry is law the precise same thing that Harden walk on a number of different occasions, however somehow the coverage is lot different and also the bashing and downplaying of his power has additionally been weird non-existent.